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Special interview with Alexander

loud is a modern term that relates to virtual form of the product or service. Having a look at how products or services have been developed, it is seen a trend that these products or services initially appeared in physical form but then became virtual with the aim to be more convenient in all senses. In this regard, cloud consulting should be a service that is provided flexible, fast, at the right moment, with the right competences and with the right pace. Thus, it is necessary to build business model, which can provide this improvements. However, it contradicts with the traditional form.

The idea involves three parties: client, platform, and expert. We are the platform and we earn royalty because we are intermediary. Two other participants are a client, who has a problem and an expert, who solve the problem and get a reward. Every expert has a profile with important information describing who he or she is, desired reward, and other important information. Clients, in their turn, can find a proper expert. The platform ensures that all obligations will be met by two other parties. There some examples of experts network, where it is possible to find an expert. In addition, the similar approach is used by Airbnb, YouDo.

However, the traditional form of consulting is a little bit different. Traditional consulting means a complicated contract and strict compliance with the all provisions of the contract. Moreover, there is also a physical contact between client and consultant. Sometimes, this is not so flexible, fast and cheap. Hence, the main idea here is two mix these two approaches. The last half a year, Alexander spent on this issue.

There are no B2B examples today in Russia. There are some freelance networks in Russia today but it is almost the same as collaborating with the individuals. Although, an expert can rise his or her place in the overall ranking for additional payments or publishing additional material, it does not provide all the guaranties. There are still some risks, which discourage the parties to communicate.

The problem here is that a few companies are ready to pay substantial rewards for unknown person in advance. On the other hand, experts want to receive some payments in advance. There must be some guarantees. The guarantees that expert is an expert and that the client will pay at the right moment: after, in advance or in process. The client also wants to enter into a contract with an entity to ensure that the work will be done. The expert wants to have long relationships with the platform, to get work constantly. At the same time, the client also wants long relationships with the platform and be flexible with the opportunity to use the right expert in a right time and give them tasks. The client want to choose different form of collaboration.

To strengthen these guarantees, the platform can operate with project management and quality control. This is important. Moreover, the platform get a right to manage cash flow. One good example is Airbnb.

The controversial issue here is about electronic signature. The question still is not settled by the law. We can understand this issue by reviewing cases.

There is also a substantial problem of the consumerism culture and perceptions that were formed during prosperity years. Clients expect to receive high-quality services fast and almost right away ( ). To target multiple clients, various electronic platforms providing minor services occurred. Nowadays, the culture and perceptions are transforming towards willingness to participate in and use the more advanced platforms for more complex tasks.

Experts are ready to use the cloud consulting services due to increase of outsourcing and freelance services in modern Russia. However, it might be very difficult to convince businesses and their lawyers to trust and work with cloud consulting company. In case of establishing cloud consulting services it would be quite difficult to expand internationally, because of language barriers, low level of trust to non-Russian experts, and no understanding of the concept and benefits of cloud consulting for local businesses.

The most reliable level of control of working process is constant and continuous communication and feedback during the process of providing cloud consulting services to keep clients and experts in touch, showing that neither party will leave or deceive, and there always must be a legal entity ensuring the quality and actual fulfillment of work.


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