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Read the text given below. For questions (1–4), choose the best answer (A, B, C or D).


The pretty mermaid looked up from the golden sand and the world fell in love with her. The film was Splash, and the mermaid was the famous actress, Daryl Hannah, who has also starred in such films as Roxanne and Blade Runner.

Daryl is tall and slender. She has got long blond hair, large blue eyes and stunning features. She looks fantastic in expensive clothes, but she prefers casual clothes which show off her natural beauty.

She is more than just another pretty face, however. She is a complicated person whose character has many sides. She is often in the public eye, but she is actually a very shy person who dislikes the crowds and noise of Hollywood parties. Her shyness is a problem which she is trying to overcome with her friends’ help. She is not the sort of person who expects help without giving anything back, however. Daryl is an extremely caring per- son, and she says that she forgets her own problems when she is helping others. She is also a romantic who believes in true love, so she wants to find someone very special before she starts a family.

Daryl’s lifestyle is quite simple. When she is not working, her favourite activities are gardening, playing the piano and making pottery, all of which reveal the creative side of her character.

Daryl may prefer to sit in the shadows at parties, but when it comes to her beliefs she is not afraid to speak her mind. She has strong views on the environment. She believes that our modern lifestyle is destroying the environment. For this reason, she is currently looking for a place in the countryside where she can build an environmentally-friendly house. She says that she feels most relaxed when she is close to nature.

Underneath the success, shyness and simple lifestyle are Daryl’s very strong views on life. As she says, “Find out what is important to you – and don’t be afraid to live it! It is a pleasure to meet an actress who remains down-to-earth and sincere in a world where fame and success can often harm one’s character.

1. In her everyday life, Daryl Hannah .....

§ Ais successful and selfish.

§ Benjoys big parties.

§ Cnever goes to parties.

§ Dfeels uncomfortable in large groups of people.

2. One of Daryl’s outstanding characteristics is that she .....

§ Ais always asking her friends for help.

§ Bis willing to help others.

§ Cdoesn’t pay attention to her friends.

§ Dgets others into trouble.

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