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What is the basic element of the idiom's semantics?

$$ the figurative meaning

$the correct equivalent

$ non-equivalent

$ a word equivalent

How do we call idioms that include words with the mark of a certain nation product?

$$ nattionally colored

$ correct national equivalent

$ the non- national equivalent

$ a word national equivalent

$$$ 65.Every word in the text is used in a particular grammatical ......?

$$ form

$ mean

$ equivalent

$ term

What is an important characteristics identifying the genre of the text?

$$ the syntactic structuring of the text

$ translation of technical texts

$ the translating process

$ a word equivalent

What does the importance of the grammatical aspects of the source text often reflect in?

$$ the choice of the parallel forms and structures in TL

$ the correcting equivalents

$ finding non-equivalents

$ translatiing fiction or poetry

$$$68.The English Past Indefinite forms may correspond to the Russian......?

$$ perfective or imperfective forms

$ correct equivalent forms

$ indefinite forms

$ continuous forms

$$$69.The translator should consider the pros and cons of the possible translation........?

$$ equivalents

$ translatings

$ non-equivalents

$ words

How is called a semantic category indicating the degree of factuality the speaker ascribes to his message?

$$ modality

$ spoken language

$ non-equivalent

$ equivalent

What are the three main types of language units to express modal relationships?

$$ modal verbs, modal words, mood forms

$ modal translation, modal texts, technical texts

$ modal translatings, process, foms

$ modal word, modal equivalent, nouns

Modal verbs are widely used in English to express various kinds of.....?

$$ modality

$ modals

$ models

$ modules

What modal verb can express obligation or a high degree of probability?

$$ must

$ can

$ need

$ may

What modal verb denotes physical or moral possibility?

$$ can

$ need

$ must

$ may

The language users select words of different stylistic status. What are they?

$$ bookish, colloquial, neutral

$ translation phenomenon, a means of interlingual communication

$ combination of acts, neutral

$ special translation theories, a means of interlingual communication

How is the principal stylistic effect of the text created ?

$$ with the help of special stylistic devices

$ with the help forms and levels of responsibility

$ with maintenance instructions and after-dinner speeches

$ with taking the necessary notes

How can the speaker qualify every object he mentions in speech?

$$ giving his utterance a specific stylistic turn

$ describing the predominant features

$ the most general idea of the meaning

$ general philosophical principles

Conventional indirect names of various objects?

$$ paraphrases

$ forms

$ speeches

$ necessary notes

What is meant by “the three R's”?

$$ reading, writing, math

$ translation, writing, reading

$ combination, translation,factors

$ translation, theories, math

What is meant by “the Land of Cakes”?

$$ Scotland

$ Wells

$ Irland

$ England

What is meant is meant by “the Empire City”?

$$ New York

$ Washington

$ Chicago


What stylistic device asserts the resemblance between two objects or processes?

$$ simile




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