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How did Thackeray call his “Vanity Fair”?

$ a systemic educational novel,

$$ a novel without a hero

$ setbacks in farming

$ feudal political forces

What work by Thackeray was autobiographical?

$$ Pendennis

$ Henry Esmond

$ Vanity Fair

$ The Newcomers

Which of the following novels by Thackeray was the finest one?

$ The book of Snobs

$$ Vanity Fair

$ Henry Esmond

$ The Newcomers

Who was the oldest of three sisters Bronte?

$ Jane

$$ Charlotte

$ Emily

$ Anne

Where were Sisters Bronte born?

$$ England

$ Scotland

$ India

$ Norway

What were their works associated with?

$ social pretentiousness

$ corruption of society

$$ the lonely moors

$ manipulation of government

The early development of their imagination was caused by………..?

$$ their isolated life

$ generosity and modesty

$ shyness and poverty

$ religious descriptions

Villette” is based on Charlotte’s unhappy experience as a ……… in Brussels?

$ writer

$ caricaturist

$$ governess

$ satirist

The only novel of Emily Bronte was………. ?

$$ Wuthering Heights

$ Jane Eyre

$ Agnes Grey

$ The Tenant of Wildfell Hall

What work by Charlotte Bronte was autobiographical?

$ Shirley

$$ Jane Eyre

$ Vanity Fair

$ The Professor

Which of the following novels by Ch. Bronte was the finest one?

$ Shirley

$ Vanity Fair

$$ Jane Eyre

$ The Professor

What was young Charles fond of?

$ realistic description of life

$ literary form and status of novel

$$ adventure stories, fairy tales and novels

$ ideas of modern thoughts

What language did Dickens write in?

$$ English

$ Scots dialect

$ Standard English and French

$ Norman dialect and Scots dialect

Why did Charles left factory of shoe polish bottle ?

$ because of pollution

$ because of corruption

$$ because of misery of job

$ because of manipulation

The experience of newspaper reporter sharpened Dickens’s ………….?

$ morality and outlook

$$ speech and skill of character portraying

$ as a free person

$ as a religious man

Dickens’s “The Pickwick Papers” describes…………?

$ classical episode of London life

$ Church humorous events

$ romantic stories

$$ slightly eccentric characters

What did mar Dickens’s literary success?

$ systemic education,

$ intellectual beauty,

$$ personal unhappiness

$ feudal political forces

What did include Dickens charities?

$ poor imagination and literary work

$ heavy farm labor and little rest

$$ schools for poor and a loan society

$ good will and charity

Which of the following poems by Dickens describes the life of a poor orphan?

$ The Pickwick papers

$$ Oliver Twist

$ Nicholas Nickleby

$ Barnaby Rudge

What was young Kipling’s life like?

$ realistic description of life

$$ deserted unhappy years

$ adventure stories and novels

$ ideas of modern thoughts

What language was Kipling taught?

A) English and French

B) Scots dialect and English

C) Standard English and French

$$ Hindi language of India

Where was Kipling enrolled at when he was 12?

$ the school of pollution

$ the college of corruption

$ the university of misery job

$$ the united services college

The experience of publishing in periodicals caused………….?

$ his morality and outlook

$ his speech and skill of character portraying

$$ his popularity grew tremendously

$ his religious ideas grew

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