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Modifying the Full-Vehicle Assembly

To change the roll angle versus lateral acceleration vehicle characteristic, modify the spring by creating and assigning a new property file.

After you create a spring property file, assign the

newly created property file to the front and rear springs.

1. To create a new spring property file:

1) From the Toolsmenu, select Curve Manager.

2) From the Filemenu, select New.

3) Verify that Typeis set to spring.

4) Select OK.

ADAMS/Car generates a plot of the spring displacement

versus force characteristic in the plot window of the Curve Manager.

5) In the Slopetext box, enter 225.

6) Make sure the extension/compressions limits are set to

-100, 100.

7) Select Apply.

ADAMS/Car modifies the spring characteristic.

8) In the Free Lengthtext box, enter 300.

9) Select Apply.

10) From the Filemenu, select Save.

11) In the Filetext box, enter my_spring.

12) Select OK.

13) Close the Curve Manager.

ADAMS/Car returns to the main window.

2. To modify the springs:

1) In the model, right-click the front spring, ns[lr]_ride_spring, and then select Modify.

The Modify Spring dialog box loads the spring parameters in the text boxes.

2) Right-click the Property Filetext box and, from your default writable database, select my_spring.spr.

3) Replace Installed Lengthwith Preload.

4) Enter a Preloadof 5500.

5) Select Apply.

ADAMS/Car assigns the new property file to the spring.

6) Repeat Steps 1 through 4 for the rear springs.

7) Select OK.


APPENDIX A: ADAMS/View keyboard shortcuts

This appendix shows the keyboard shortcuts for ADAMS/View. Keyboard shortcuts are key combinations that access commands quickly. When you enter a keyboard shortcut, the focus must be in the main window except when entering a keyboard shortcut that works in dialog boxes.

File Operations

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