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Answer the question.

What can weovercome?






Activity 2. A. Put the words in the box into the correct column according to the

Stress pattern in each.


sixty sixteen correct fantasy fantastic advertisement advertise inform information educate education photography photo photographic image imagine significant banana

a b

c   d
e   f

B. Answer the questions about Jane using the words in the box.


1. How old is she? She is ______.

2. What is her hobby? Her hobby is ______.

3. What does she like to eat? She likes ______.

4. What exhibition does she want to organize? She wants ______.

5. What courses does plan to take? She plans ______.









Practise in reading and explain the reading rules.


BIRDS Name the words having:

[i:] [ou] [ei] [Λ] [wכ:]

The peacock is silver,

The eagle is gold,

The wren is a stranger,

The robin is bold,

The dove is a neighbour,

The blue-tit a guest,

The swallow is a traveler,

And the owl a ghost,

The crow is black,

For the greatfields of snow,

And the swan is sailing

For the lakes of tomorrow.

Elena Fearn


A man of words and not of deeds

Is like a garden full of weeds;

And when the weeds begin to grow,

Its like a garden full of snow;

And when the snow begins to fall,

Its like a bird upon the wall;

And when the bird away does fly,

Its like an eagle in the sky.

And when the sky begins to roar,

Its like a lion at the door;

And when the door begins to crack,

Its like a stick across your back;

And when your back begins to smart,

Its like a penknife in your heart;

And when your heart begins to bleed,

You are dead, and dead, and dead indeed.


[i:] [ou] [ai] [e] [æ] [כ] [a:]
  snow         garden

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