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You have a devil within. You are a little too flip.






[ e ]




²Activity 1. Listen and repeat the words paying attention to the sound [e].


· bed-ten-get-men-wet-fret-help-tell-hotel-left-kept-crept-peck-metal-petal-end-egg-echo-edge-effort-entry

· head-dead-bread-deaf-threaten-instead-meadow-health-wealth-leather-death-breath-ready-weather-heather-feather

· heavy-leaven-heaven

· measure-pleasure-leisure-treasure

· pheasant-weapon-meant

· guess-guessed-quest

· said: I said, we said, you said, they said


B. neck – necklace feather – feathery fence – defense

deaf – deafness leather – leatherette wealth – wealthy

ego – egoist effort – effortless egg – egghead

entry – entrance threat – threaten red – reddish

render – rendering remiss – remission self – self-help


C. them bedroom pencil dress peppe r

twelve trend pen-friend rector shelf

fence belt shelter selfish treasury

scent cheque ready sense treadle

pen cherry tress sensible realm

beck dealt reckon sensor beggar

²Activity 2. Contrasting Sound Practice

Listen and repeat the words paying attention to the sounds.

A. [e] - [æ]

beg – bag ketch – catch then – than gem – jam

dead – dad ember – amber kettle – cattle tread – track

bed – bad guess – gas met – mat velvet – valid

send – sand set – sad men – man yellow - yap



· bet – bat – bit – beet – beat

· deck – dead – deaf – dad – dip – deal –deep

· pen – pan – pin – peak – peek

· fleck – feather – flat – fifth – field – feat – feet

· held – hat – head – hit – heat – heel

· net – natty – nick – neat – need – niece

· red – rant – ready – ring – ream – reel

· ten – tan – tin – teen – team


Activity 3. Read the sentences. Mind the reading rules.

When the weather is wet

we must not fret.

I guessed our guest was a Frenchman.

It’s a real pleasure to spend leisure

with you.

Well said. Get better.

Mel meant to get ahead.

Ed expects a better weather.

I prefer leather things.

He is an egoist. He never asks about

his friends’ health.

Where is the entrance to the hotel?

Who is the author of the book

“Treasure Island”?

What a terrible essay!

I’m impressed by such dreadful


My head is full of pleasant information.


Activity 4. Read the proverbs according to the reading rules.

Can you find Russian versions for them?


²Activity 5. Read the poem. Mind the sound [ e ].

Grizzly Bear

If you ever, ever, ever meet a grizzly bear,

You must never, never, never ask him

Where he is going or what he is doing.

For, if you ever, ever dare to stop a grizzly bear,

You will never meet another grizzly bear!

Mary Austin

²Activity 6. Listen to the speaker and imitate the tongue twister.

Learn it by heart.

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Listen and repeat the words paying attention to the sounds. | Listen and repeat the words paying attention to the sounds.
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