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Brian Jenkins, science teacher at Overton Comprehensive School.



1. In pairs, discuss the questions below.

1 Who was your favourite teacher at primary school?

2 What can you remember about him/her?

3 Why did you like him/her?

Read the text and answer these questions.

1 What kind of pupil was Graham?

2 How did Mr Jenkins help him?

3 What did Mr Jenkins think about Graham?

4 How does he feel about Graham now?

5 Why does Mr Jenkins love teaching?



'Graham Lawrence, 29, science author and TV

Presenter went to Overton Comprehensive, 1981-89.

I haven't seen Mr Jenkins since I left school but he was my inspiration. I wasn't very good at most school subjects. I suppose I was a bit lazy and now I wish I'd done a bit more work, especially in languages. But when I went into Mr Jenkins's; science class to prepare for my GCSEs, I really became interested in a subject for the first time.

Mr Jenkins was full of enthusiasm and made everything interesting. I wish my French teachers had been the same! He used to demonstrate things with lots of practical examples. One day he took us outside and we built a rocket. It was great fun. I wasn't a particularly willing and cooperative student at school. I know I shouldn't have been so rebellious, but it was probably because I lacked confidence. Mr Jenkins made me feel that I could do things. I was interested in astronomy and he asked me to give a lesson to the class. That was really the first time I ever tried to explain science to an audience!: Now, when I'm preparing a programme, I think about how Mr: Jenkins would have done it. Sometimes, I wish I could phone him and ask for his opinion!


Brian Jenkins, science teacher at Overton Comprehensive School.

When Graham came Into my class he was a bit 'difficult'. But when he got interested, it all changed. He was extremely bright and he should. I have done much-better in all of his other subjects. I've read a couple of his books and seen films on TV. I say to my wife, 'Oh Iook I used to teach him! I certainly wish I was as successful with all my pupils as with Graham. It's difficult teaching nowadays. There are discipline problems and not enough money. The government should give more for science education. I also wish the classes were smaller- it is difficult doing lessons in laboratories with big groups. My wife often wishes I had chosen a less stressful career. But I love teaching It's a great feeling when you know you've taught something well. It also makes me proud when I see my pupils doing well like Graham. I feel that I've achieved something


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