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Role-play a conversation between two high school students.

One of them is quite happy in the school and none of the school rules really upsets him / her. he / she likes the way the school is run, he / she likes the teachers and the class­mates. He / she doesn't have any particular ideas about changing school.

The other is not happy in the school. He / she is sure there are many things wrong with the school. He / she finds the atmosphere of the school too much formal and stressful, the school curriculum - too overloaded. He / she has strong opinions about how the school should be run and what its atmosphere should be.

Ex. 3 Read the poem and speak on how a teacher should teach his I her students.


I want to teach my students how

to like this life on earth

To face its struggles and its strife

And improve their worth.

Not just the lesson in a book

Or how the rivers flow,

But how to choose the proper path

Wherever they may go.

To understand eternal truth,

And know the right from wrong,

And gather all the beauty of

A flower and a song.

For if I help the world to grow

In wisdom and in grace.

Then I shall feel that I have won

And I have filled my place.

And so I ask your guidance, God,

That I may do my part

For character and confidence

And happiness of heart.

(by James T. Metcalf) Class discussion


1. Do you agree that in addition to teaching 'the lesson in a book' there are other factors that must be taken into consideration by the teacher? They have more to do with the development of personality than with actual learning, although they are conducive to better learning.

You may enlarge on the following:

- fostering democracy;

- teaching children to work together;

- developing the individual's thinking abilities and creativity;

- promoting self-study.

What else can you add to this list?


2. Someone said that good teaching is one-fourth preparation and three-fourths theatre. Develop the idea.

3. Do you agree with the words that the hardest part about being a good teacher is that you have to do it every day?

Class communication


  1. Act out a conversation between two students of Minsk State Linguistic University. One of them has already decided to take up teaching. The other finds teaching absolutely boring and badly-paid. He wants to use his languages in business or in banking, where jobs are much better paid and there are good chances of promotion.

2. Your partner is the Headmaster of a prestigious school. You are a reporter from a local newspaper. You are going to write an article about this school, its achievements and find out what makes the school so popular and successful. Interview your partner. Use: an effective curriculum, extra-curricular (after-school) activities; well qualified staff; the atmosphere and the environment; to be well supplied with modern equipment; com­puter in every classroom; a well-stocked library; regular visits to places of educational inter­est: effective home - school links; foreign languages, dance, music, swimming tuition, etc.

3. Act out an interview between the Headmaster of a private school and a teacher applying for a job at this school.

Here are some expressions denoting opinions, beliefs, views.

I feel strongly that...

I am in favour of...

I strongly approve (of)...

My own feeling is ...

I am under the impression that...

To mv mind

I am a passionate believer in ...

In my view...

I can't make up my mind where I stand on this.

I suppose they might have a point there.

I presume most people would share this viewpoint.

I must admit...

I'm afraid I'm tempted to agree.

It all seems a bit improbable to me.

If you ask me, nobody is totally open-minded.

I may see eye to eye with them on some of those issues.

Problem solving

Most people understand that teaching is one of the most important and valuable profes­sions. How can you explain the fact that in many countries teaching is regarded as low-status work and that's why it is badly paid?

A group of second-year students were asked to write a few words about their favourite schoolteachers. Here are some of their ideas:


First of all, there was nothing of the conventional in her and her teaching methods were highly individual. Her very vulnerability and inability to suppress anyone turned to her ad­vantage, because the wish to please her and the fear to disappoint her were sufficient boosters.


I never felt any tension which is inevitably experienced in any class. But at the same time she never allowed the major target of studies slip out of her attention, never sacrificed work to a merely good relationship with us.

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