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Read and learn the words:

a barrister
to defend
to prosecute
to specialize in
to preside
QC (Queen's Counsel)
to engage in
to advise on
higher court
a wig
a gown
Inns of Court
to be responsible for
to accept a case
to carry on

Read and translate the text:

Barrister is one of the two types of practicing lawyers in England, the other is the solicitor. There are about 5000 barristers in England and Wales. In general, barristers engage in advocacy and solicitors deal with office work.

Barristers are experts in the interpretation of the Law. Barristers advise on really difficult points. Only barristers may appear as advocates before the High Court. In the court barristers wear wigs and gowns.

Barristers are rather untouchable figures. If you need one, you never see him without your solicitor being with him. Barristers do not have public offices in any street. They work in what is known as chambers, often in London. To be a barrister it is necessary to be a member of one of four Inns of Court in London. Inns of Court are four institutions that are historically responsible for legal education.

A prospective barrister must pass some examinations established for the Inns by the Council of Legal Education and must read law and serve his apprenticeship with a practicing barrister for not less than a year. The highest level of barristers has the title QC.

A barrister is required to accept any case for a proper professional fee. A good barrister can earn 30000 pounds a year. Only barristers can become judges in English Court above a Magistrates’ Court. Barristers can not carry on any other profession or business.

Barristers are also found in South Africa and New South West (Australia).


Answer the questions:

1. How many types of lawyers do you know?

2. Are barristers experts in the interpretation of the Law?

3. What do barristers engage in?

4. Do barristers advise on easy points?

5. May barristers appear as advocates before the High Court?

6. What do barristers wear in the court?

7. Why are barristers untouchable figures?

8. How can you meet a barrister?

9. Are barristers members of one of four Inns of Court in London?

10. What exams do barristers pass?

11. How long must they serve their apprenticeship?

12. Do people pay for barristers’ advice?

13. Barristers can not carry on any other profession or business, can they?



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