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Giving a good first impression is vital in business. So in creating the response 400 combined telephone and answering machine for you, we've given you the means to record your welcome message digitally so it maintains consistent quality no matter how many times it's played.

Easy to use yet with a wide range of advanced facilities, the Response 400 is hands-free, meaning you can hold a conversation and work without having to juggle with the handset. On the other hand, if you want to keep things totally confidential, you can listen to the messages left for you using the handset, so that no-one else can overhear. The useful LCD panel shows you the number as you dial it. You can also use it to time calls if you need to bill call costs to customers.



I. Write a promotional leaflet for The Witness.

You work in the publicity department at Sheen PLC, The leaflet needs to be suitable for use by the sales force, in-store, and as insert in the business press. Sheen PLC has just launched a luxurious new briefcase called The Witness. Featuring a built-in cassette recorder, microphone and speakers, the product is designed for professionals who attend meetings and need an exact record of what was said. The Witness comes in three different models and a range of colours, and retails at between S300-S750. You may invent any additional information you wish.

6. Write a letter of complaint about any damaged item you want and demand your good to be refunded.



2. Solicitors

Read and learn the words:

a solicitor
to deal with something
a will
a client
to increase
to prepare
to work on something
a case
to advise
an agent
to qualify
to include
to pass an exam
a clerk

Read and translate the text:

England is almost unique in having two different kinds of lawyers, with separate jobs in the legal system. The two kinds of lawyers are solicitors and barristers.

If a person has a problem, he will go and see a solicitor. Solicitors can be found everywhere. There are about 50000 solicitors in Britain. Solicitors make up the largest branch of legal professions in England.

Solicitor is a type of practicing lawyer in Britain. Solicitors work on court cases and deal with all the day-to day work. Solicitors give advice, do the necessary work when property is bought or sold. If one wants to make a will the person to advise him is a solicitor. If one gets into trouble with the police one can ask a solicitor to help prepare legal document for his defense.

Solicitors have a right to act in all courts as the agents for litigation or representatives of their clients, but they may appear as advocates only in lower courts. Solicitors can speak in the County Court, when the case is one of divorce or recovering some debts. In the County Court the solicitor wears a black gown over his ordinary clothes.

The education required of a solicitor includes a law school course. To qualify as a solicitor one is to join a practicing solicitor as a “clerk” and to work for him for a period of five years (three years for university graduated) in order to pass the Law Society exams. Solicitors must be British Commonwealth citizens (The Commonwealth is an organization of about 50 countries that were part of the British Empire).

Answer the questions:

  1. How many solicitors are there in Great Britain?
  2. Do solicitors make the smallest branch of legal professions in England?
  3. Where can you find a solicitor?
  4. What do solicitors do?
  5. May solicitors appear as advocates in higher courts?
  6. Where can a solicitor appear as a lawyer?
  7. What cases can a solicitor represent in a court?
  8. What education do solicitors need?
  9. How long do solicitors work as “clerks”?
  10. What exam do solicitors pass?
  11. Solicitors must be British Commonwealth citizens, mustn’t they?


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