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Ten fantastic facts about animals.


1. Albatrosses can fly and sleep at the same time. This is very useful because they sometimes fly for many days over the sea.

2. A cockroach can live for a week without a head.

3. Bees have a language. It is not a language of words but a language of dances. When a bee finds food, it flies back to the other bees and does a dance. The dance makes a shape like an '8'. The size and direction of the '8' shows the distance and direction of the food.

4. When your left eye moves, your right eye moves with it. But chameleons can move one eye up and the other eye down, or one eye left and the other eye right.

5. Mosquitoes are dangerous insects because they bite us. But did you know that only the females bite?

6. Bats always turn left when they fly out of their home at night. Nobody knows why.

7. Some chimpanzees can learn to understand 3,000 words.

8. An archerfish uses its mouth like a water gun. It shoots water at an insect. The insect falls, and the fish eats it.

9. Sand tiger sharks never have more than two baby sharks at one time. Why? Because the two strongest baby sharks eat their brothers and sisters inside their mother before they are born.

10. A hammingbird is the only bird that that can fly backwards.

1. Some chimpanzees .

a) an speak English;

b) can read stories;

c) can learn words.

2. Bats never turn right .

a) at night;

b) when they leave their home;

c) when they fly.

3. Sand tiger shark before they come into the world.

a) all die;

b) can kill;

c) can't eat.

4. A cockroach without a head dies after .

a) a few seconds;

b) a few minutes;

c) a few days.

5. Male mosquitoes .

a) do not bite us;

b) are dangerous;

c) bite only females.

6. An albatross stop flying when it sleeps.

a) can't;

b) doesn't always;

c) has to.

7. The insect falls when .

a) the water hits him;

b) the fish bites it;

c) it sees the fish.

8. Chameleons in two different directions at the same time.

a) always move;

b) can look;

c) can go.

9. A dance like a small '8' means the food is .

a) Near;

b) in the east;

c) very smallest.

10. bird can fly backwards.

a) No;

b) Only one;

c) Every.

C. Choose the correct answer.

1. W aivd arly, to gt tikts.

a) s that we;

b) in order to.

2. It ws long t wait, so w wnt hom.

a) too;

b) enough.

3. Tim and ln hav arivd, and waiting outsid

a) the're;

b) there.

4. Th bo bik I borrowd had forgotten about it.

a) whih;

b) whose.

5. W wnt to th bah a swim.

a) for;

b) so tht.

6. Ann flt lonly no on had invitd h to th party.

a) beus;

b) so.

7. I flt tird, I workd until lat.

a) Despit;

b) lthough.

8. W spnt a lovly holiday th ountry.

a) in;

b) into.

9. Ystrda was old that I stayd at hom.

a) so;

b) suh.

10. the rain, w wnt for a walk

a) However;

b) In spit of.

D. Choose the correct answer.

1. Where is the Taj Mahal?

a) India;

b) Iraq;

c) Iran;

d) Japan.

2. In which country is the Sydney Opera House?

a) Australia;

b) South Africa;

c) New Zealand;

d) England.

3. Where is the best known Statue of Liberty?

a) New York;

b) Sydney;

c) London;

d) Montreal.

4. Where are the famous Pyramids?

a) Iran;

b) Egypt;

c) Israel;

d) Morocco.

5. Where is Buckingham Palace?

a) Windsor;

b) Edinburgh;

c) London;

d) Dublin.

6. In which city are the Bridge of Sighs, St. Mark's Square and the Grand Canal?

a) Venice;

b) Stockholm;

c) Rome;

d) Madrid.

7. In which city is the Eiffel Tower?

a) Berlin;

b) Brussels;

c) Paris;

d) Copenhagen.

8. Where would you find the statue of the Little Mermaid?

a) Copenhagen;

b) Oslo;

c) Venice;

d) Vancouver.

9. In what city is the Golden Gate Bridge?

a) San Francisco;

b) New York;

c) Los Angeles;

d) Sydney.

10. In what city would you find St Basil's cathedral and the Kremlin?

a) Prague;

b) Helsinki;

c) Geneva;

d) Moscow.

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