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Circle the correct letter A, B, C, or D.


On March 5, 2010, I bought a Perfect Muffin Kit from your store at Midfield Mall. The cashier who assisted me was George. George was very friendly and assured me that the Perfect Muffin Kit would live up to the guarantee on the box: “Perfect Muffins Every Time!”

Unfortunately, this product did not live up to its claim. Although the box promised, as I stated above, to provide “Perfect Muffins Every Time,” the muffins I made were far from perfect. I followed the directions included in the package very carefully. First, I removed the bag of mix from the box. Then, I poured it into a bowl. Next, I added the correct amount of water to the mix and stirred it. The directions said that after stirring the mixture, I could, and I quote, “add half a cup of raisins, nuts, berries, or another favorite ingredient.” My favorite ingredient happens to be hot sauce. I find that a dash of hot sauce makes pizza, pasta, and soup taste very delicious. So, continuing to follow the directions, I added half a cup of hot sauce to the mix and stirred it. Finally, I poured the mix into muffin tins and baked it in the oven at 350 degrees for exactly 20 minutes.

When the muffins finished baking, I was very excited to eat the “Perfect Muffins” as promised on the box. You can imagine my disappointment when, upon tasting the muffins, I discovered that they were not perfect. These muffins were, in fact, absolutely terrible. Not even my dog was interested in eating these supposedly “perfect” muffins.

I would appreciate a full refund ($3.99) for this product as soon as possible. Enclosed are the receipt, the empty box, and one of the un-perfect muffins so that you can experience it for yourself. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.


Michelle Bauer

11)This letter is most likely addressed to

A. the owner of the muffin mix company

B. a local storeowner

C. the clerk at a local muffin bakery

D. George, the cashier who sold Michelle the muffin mix


12)The tone of the author can best be described as

A. furious

B. disgusted

C. embarrassed

D. frustrated


13)As used in paragraph 1, which is the best synonym for guarantee?

A. lie

B. warning

C. promise

D. sentence

14)Which of the following best describes the organization of paragraph 2?

A. The paragraph follows chronological order, in which events are presented in the sequence that they occur.

B. The author explains a problem and then proposes a solution to that problem.

C. The author makes an argument and then provides evidence to support that argument.

D. The paragraph follows a cause-and-effect order, in which a series of causes are given, followed by their effects.

15)It can be understood that the author is disappointed by the product because

A. it was worth less money than she paid for it

B. it did not fulfill the promise made on the box

C. the directions included with the product contained a mistake

D. the directions included with the product were too difficult to follow

16)It can be understood that the author put hot sauce in the muffins because she

A. wanted to get a full refund

B. did not read the directions carefully

C. was out of raisins, nuts, and berries

D. considered it one of her favorite ingredients

17)The author’s main purpose in writing this letter is to

A. complain about how bad the muffins tasted

B. obtain a full refund for her money

C. prevent others from making the same mistake she did

D. persuade the company to change the wording on their box

18)Which of the following words best describes the author?

A. shrewd

B. senseless

C. unreasonable

D. careful

19)Instead of hot sauce, which of the following ingredients might the author have reasonably added to enhance the flavor of the muffin:

I. raspberries?

II. banana nuts?

III. chocolate chips?


A. I only

B. I and II only

C. II and III only

D. I, II, and III


20)According to the author, the muffins tasted "absolutely terrible." This is the result of

A. misinterpretation

B. negligence

C. forgetfulness

D. recklessness


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