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11. Replace the words in bold with their synonyms (AF). One variant is extra.

1. Last winter I went on a skiing holiday to the Alps. We stayed in a small chalet A) huge
2. which had a big fireplace in every room. B) colourful
3. The weather was good so we were able to go skiing every day C) wonderful
4. In the evening we had dinner at restaurants in the village. The food was really good. D) awful
5. There were some greatshops so I bought a nicejumper. We stayed there for a week. We had a fantastic time. E) tiny
F) delicious


12. Match the phrasal verbs (15) with the sentences (AF). One variant is extra.

1) calm down A) The stupid printer has ______ again.
2) gave up B) Brenda looked sad, so I told her a joke to _____her __
3) cheer up C) ______, Mike. Theres no need to yell.
4) break up D) Mark and Kate are always fighting. They should _____.
5) get together E) Everyone from class is going to _____tonight at 7pm.
F) After an hour, Mike ______. He couldnt fix the computer.


13. Match the animal with the picture

1) 2) 3) 4) 5)


A) sloth B) pigeon C) ostrich D) cheetah E) whale F) moose


14. Fill in the gaps with one of the words. One variant is extra.

1) His test results are not good A) as
2) Many children in this class are young to be able to understand it. B) too
3) I'm not as patient your mom. C) so
4) Their teacher was tired that she couldnt say a word. D) up
5) Sonya is a bright student! E) enough
F) such


15. Read the text. Fill in the gaps (15) with the words (AF) given below. One variant (AF) is extra.


But when you start to think 1)______ about traditional British food, you begin to 2)______ that some of it is actually pretty good! Although 3)______ simple and unhealthy, fish and chips is also delicious, as is a Cornish pasty (meat and vegetables in pastry) and any British pie at all! We have a meal for breakfast: the 4)________ combination of eggs, bacon, sausage, beans, mushrooms and bread (the cooked Breakfast), we have a meal for Sundays (roast lunch) with meat, vegetables and potatoes, and we even have a 5)_________for between lunch and dinner (afternoon tea) with the two best things: cake and tea.


A) tradition B) properly C) incredible D) perhaps E) realize F) variety


16. Put the parts of the paragraph in the correct order.

1) supposed to be funny, I find their painted faces

2) but I couldn't watch the clowns.

3) I would go to the circus with my family. I loved all the acrobatic tricks and the magic,

4) I am really scared of clowns. Although they are

5) very creepy and scary! When I was little


17. Read the text and put the paragraphs 15 into the correct order.

1) The four thieves who had stolen the painting, didnt know how much it cost. The first art expert who came to see the painting said it was priceless and couldnt name the exact price.

2) Many stolen paintings have a strange history. But one of the strangest was that of a painting by the famous 16th century painter Bruegel, stolen from the Courtauld Institute in London in the 1980s.

3) The gang telephoned another art expert who told them that the painting cost about 3 million. They then tried to sell the painting back to the gallery from which it had been stolen.

4) A short time later the four were arrested. The police found the painting on top of a wardrobe. When the gang were told they were arrested in connection with Bruegel, one of them said What is a Bruegel? I thought it was rubbish.

5) The gallery contacted the police and a meeting was arranged. The gang asked for the money to be brought in two suitcases in unmarked banknotes. However, the meeting didnt take place.

18. Put the facts from Elon Musks biography in the chronological order.

1. He founded SpaceX.

2. He sold his company to eBay.

3. Musk appeared in an episode of a cartoon the Simpsons

4. He coded his first computer game.

5. His official biography was published.

19. Put the words in order to make a sentence.

1) the receptionist told 2) not to leave 3) the rooms 4) the tourists 5) unlocked

20. Put the ages in the right order starting from the earliest

1) child 2) baby 3) adult 4) toddler 5) teenager

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