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It will be no exaggeration to say that shopping for clothes is a revealing experience for me. Some people find it boring, but Im really keen on shopping because it is a good distraction from everyday routine. It stimulates my imagination thats why going on a shopping spree is always refreshing. Even if I dont have an intention to buy anything at all, I may go window shopping. I mean I love walking up and down in front of shop windows, looking at the goods on display.

In big cities nowadays it is very easy to lose count ofthe places where you can get clothes. Many shops generally deal in certain goods displayed in shop windows and a lot of stores called department stores sell various items of consumer goods under one roof. Department stores are a great convenience for customers because they save our time. You can find there clothes for the whole family in such departments as ready-made clothes for men and women (if need such items as shirts, trousers, suits, coats, waistcoats, overcoats), childrens wear (if look for some staff for children), sports goods (it is usually supplied with trainers, T-shirts, bathing trunks, bathing suits, sports shoes and spots equipment), hosiery( it handles socks, stockings, pantyhose as well as knitted goods, for instance, knitted underwear, cardigans, jackets, jumpers, pullovers, sweaters), haberdashery(deals in handkerchiefs, lace, ribbon, tape, thread, needles, safety pins, umbrellas, braces, mufflers, shaving-sets, electric razors ), drapery (here you can get a length of cloth, for example, linen, cotton, cotton print, pure silk, rayon, nylon, velvet, wool cloth) and so on.

In big department stores they have information bureaus, where a customer can inquire about any goods he would like to buy.

Of course if you want to splash out on something new for a special occasion and you can afford it you may go to various boutiques which are abundant in our city. They will help you to dress up. Undoubtedly, clothes there cost a fortune, but generally they are of a high quality, wear well for a long time and keep their form. These clothes are also beautifully-cut, so it means that if something is your size it is neither loose nor tight on you and you neednt waste your time and money to go to the tailor to let it out or to take it in, to let it down or to take it up. Apart from that boutiques sell their own designs and havevery few items in stock, which guarantees that you wont come across a person wearing the same clothes as you as soon as you leave home. So these clothes are worth buying if you want value for money because they are a perfect combination of price and quality.

It should be pointed out that boutiques frequently give special offers, discountsand seasonal sales, where you can always snap up something, especially if you look for bargains.

Im fond of stylish and fashionable clothes and I try to follow the fashion trends. But at the same time it is very important for me to show that I have my own style. Everybody can achieve it easily with the right combination of colours and matching accessories. Im strongly convinced that you are well-dressed but with a shade of your own style it affects the attitude of other people to you and it gives you confidence in yourself.

To conclude, Id like to say that when you buy something from a shop, you are making a contract. You pay to get the goods you need and you receive a receipt which confirms the purchase. If a shop sells you faulty goods, it breaks its side of the bargain. In this case there is no merchantable quality and you have the right to exchange it for something of equal value or ask for a complete refund. Though, of course, in certain cases one should remember about the so-called warranty period and service life. Anyway, the customer and the supplier must negotiate a reasonable settlement.


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