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Terms of participation

5.1. Each professional or amateur artistic company or individual performer of ethnic music regardless their departmental affiliation interested in participating in the Festival is encouraged to apply to the State Center of Arts and Crafts. Age and number of participants are unlimited.

5.2. The Contestant must provide the following to the State Center of Arts and Crafts(contact information is included in 5.5. of present Provisions):

standard application form (enclosed). The Contestant must provide contact information. This information is necessary for the Promoters and the Contestants to communicate and will be not published without agreement provided by the Contestant;

competitive and presentation materials: video- and audio-records on CD, posters, photographs, promotional leaflets or any other publication materials – in two copies (in electronic and hard copies).

5.3. Requirements to competitive material:

Competitive material should be provided on videotape, DVD or in the format of MP3 and should contain a recording of the 2011-2012 performance which lasts not longer than 20 minutes uninterruptedly (it should be confirmed by the digital timer). Any editing, sound or image application is prohibited.

Live vocal or instrumental performance at the Festival is an obligatory requirement of participation. Usage of “minus 1” type of phonogram as a background music is allowed.

5.4. Receiving of application forms, competitive and presentation materials is conducted through mail, fax or e-mail until 10th of May, 2012. Application forms, received after the deadline, will not be considered.

5.5. Contact information of the State Center of Arts and Crafts:

-address: 660021, Russian Federation, Krasnoyarsk city, 167 Lenina street, with the mark “Music and Crafts of Siberia” Festival”

-fax: 8 (391) 221 78 04 - with the mark “Music and Crafts of Siberia” Festival”

-tel: 8 (391) 221 78 04, 215 01 10

-e-mail: gcnt@krasfolk.ru

Natalia Yushkova – coordination manager of the Contestants and the Participants.

Tel: 8 (391) 211 82 62, cell: 8 902 922 69 42 e-mail: gcnt@mail.ru

5.6. The order of rehearsals and performances, the number and duration of concert events in the period of the 3rd step of the Festival is determined by the working (production) group according to the confirmed program of the Festival and will be discussed with the Nominees not later than June 18th, 2012. Time limit for the Nominees at the main stage of the Festival: for the soloists – 10-15 minutes, for groups – 15-20 minutes. Time-limit for small stages will be discussed individually with each nominee and participant not later than June 18th, 2012.

5.7. The Participants of the Festival have to provide to the State Center of Arts and Crafts (contact information is in the 5.5. of present Provisions) a standard application form (enc. 2 to present Provisions) not later than May 10th, 2012. Application form will be considered by the Promoters. In case of approval the State Center of Arts and Crafts will send an official invitation to the participants not later than June 11, 2012. Being invited as the Participants of the Festival, creative groups and soloists can take part in program performances of the 3rd step of the Festival (performances at small stages and participation in a trade exhibition “The city of crafts”, master-classes, ceremonies etc.).

5.8. Order of rehearsals and performances, their number and duration are determined by the art director of the Festival according to the confirmed program. It will be announced to the participants of the Festival not later than June 18th, 2012.

5.9. There is no any fee for registration of participation in the Festival.

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