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The Head of the Shushensky district The order of the Ministry of culture

of Krasnoyarsk region of Krasnoyarsk region

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International Ethnic Festival “Music and Crafts of Siberia”

General Provisions

1.1. International ethnic festival “Music and Crafts of Siberia” (hereinafter – the Festival) is to be held on July, 11 – 15, 2012 in Shushenskoye, a village in Krasnoyarsk region.

1.2. The founders of the Festival are the Ministry of culture of Krasnoyarsk region, the Administration of Shushensky district of Krasnoyarsk region (hereinafter – the Founders).

1.3. The Festival is supported by the Ministry of culture of Russian Federation.

1.4. The Festival is organized by “The State Center of Arts and Crafts of Krasnoyarsk region”, “The Center of International and Regional Cultural Relations”, The Department of culture, youth policy, physical culture and sports of the Administration of Shushensky district (hereinafter – the Moderators).

1.5. The partners of the Festival are “The Krasnoyarsk kinograph”, “Krasnoyarsk Cultural Historical Museum Complex”, “The Historical and Ethnographic Museum-reserve “Shushenskoye” (hereinafter – the Partners).

1.6. All the information about the Festival is available at websites www.festmir.ru and www.krasfolk.ru, and by phone - 8 (391) 221 78 04, 8 (391) 215 01 10.

Festival Aims and Objectives

2.1. Aims of the Festival are:

To preserve non-material cultural heritage of Russia

To preserve, promote and develop Siberian ethnical cultures

To develop Russian industry of music

To perform outreach activities, to culturalize people at large and introduce the cultural diversity

to them

2.2. Objectives of the Festival are: international exchange of experience, advancing the qualification

of creative groups, support of new ethnic music performers, development and strengthening

international cultural cooperation.

Festival organization

3.1. Organizing Committee is established by the Founders to prepare and hold the Festival and consists of the Founders’ representatives, the representatives of the Promoters and the Partners.

3.2. Organizing Committee is established to: appoint an art director, confirm a program of the

Festival, establish working groups, appoint production team, to determine members of the Council of Experts of the Festival (hereinafter – the Council of Experts), to invite honorary guests, to determine the judges of the Festival contests (hereinafter – the Jury).

3.3. In order to implement the Festival Aims and Objectives, the Organizing Committee determines and includes in its body the Art Director of the Festival.

3.4. Working groups implement the decisions of the Organizing Committee and the Art Director,

cover the process of preparation and execution of the Festival. Organizing Committee assigns

working groups and coordinates their interactions during the preparation period and during the Festival.

3.5. The Art Director of the Festival, taking into account the opinion of the Council of Experts, determines the artistic content of the Festival, elaborates its program, including the content of concert programs, workshops, the list of participants, the issues to be discussed at open discussions within the Festival, as well as the topics of public lectures, round tables and other events which are held within the Festival.

3.6. The Council of Experts can include Russian and foreign specialists in the area of music, representatives of mass media and music producers. The Council of Experts performs independent assessment of the level of preparation of the Festival as well as the level of its execution and its qualitative composition.

3.7. The Jury determines the nominees, winners and the Festival Grand Prix winner (ethnic-musical “MIRA” Award (hereinafter – the Award) from the number of creative groups and soloists, who has applied to participate in the contests within the framework of the Festival.

3.8. The Jury can include musicians, specialists in art, culture, folklore, ethnography of Russia as well as near- and far-abroad countries. University professors, who teach folklore, the heads of creative groups and representatives of music community, can be chosen as members of the Council of Experts and the Jury.

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