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W HEN MARIEL CAME back from her bedroom after changing, Tina was stretched out in all her lengthy height on the couch, hands behind her head, ankles crossed. Her boots were resting near on the floor and the scientist's eyes followed the long stripe of black down Tina's pant leg, lingering a bit on the contrast of that darkness on grey before she caught deep blue eyes. The detective had cleaned up a bit when they first got into the apartment, wanting to wash away the factory and Cirra from her body. Her hair was a little damp from where she had washed her face and even though Tina looked like she could use two days of sleep, she was still very beautiful.

Earlier, they had had a rather scrumptious meal of western omelettes with veggies, some crispy bacon, and juice that the detective had whipped up in less time it took Mariel to wash up. It had been a glorious breakfast and they had feasted on the couch, less inclined to chat and more inclined to eat. Crime fighting worked up a hearty appetite in the young doctor and she had been well pleased with how easily and skillfully Tina had prepared such a delicious meal with the assorted items she had located in the scientist's refrigerator. Certainly, the dark haired detective knew the way to her heart and that was through food. Now she had to smile as Idgie had decided to use the investigator's washboard stomach as a mattress and had curled up on her black t-shirted belly.

"Idgie, get down from there, girl."

Mariel softly called out to the yellow cat who winked open an eye and refused to budge. Tina had an indulgent look on her face as she gazed down her body at the cat and then up to the approaching blond. She smiled as she took in the sight of Mariel, dressed in a pair of dark blue and green flannel sleep pants, thin white lines weaving in between the colors of the pajama bottoms. The scientist had also thrown on a long-sleeved white t-shirt and Tina was able to make out the words "Lilith Fair '98" scrawled in black bordered by a light blue band across the front. Tousled blond hair fell around her shoulders and the detective, in a pleasantly hazy state of tired exhaustion, thought Mariel was quite possibly the cutest damn woman she had ever seen.

Tina watched as the scientist smiled and came over to the couch, sitting on just the very edge of it next to her hip. Reaching out, Mariel gently picked up Idgie and gave her a few loving strokes before she set the reluctant cat down on the floor, chuckling just a bit as the yellow furry one haughtily walked out of the room as if insulted. Holding up her wrist, the scientist smiled down at Tina.

"You know, Tina, as much as I like these handcuffs..."

The detective chuckled, looking at the silver cuffs still attached to one of Mariel's wrists. And as much as she liked them as well, she casually reached down to her belt and pulled out a set of small keys as she spoke.

"Do you promise to behave if I take these off?"

Mariel laughed at the detective's smirk as she felt Tina take her wrist gently and use the key to open both cuffs, letting her fingertips softly rub where the metal had loosely been. Not that the area was sore, but Mariel wasn't going to complain about the contact. Smiling, her eyes found Tina's as she spoke.

"Oh, I promise to be very good."

Tina chuckled as she dropped the cuffs to the floor next to her and settled back further into the couch, very unwilling to move even though she thought she probably should. The scientist was sitting next to her with an arm reaching across the couch above her, a hand resting on the dark green surface. Mariel appeared to be weighing a few options in her head before she looked down at Tina. Quirking an eyebrow, Mariel softly queried.

"Mind if I join you for a little bit?"

The detective closed her eyes and inhaled a deep breath, a lazy smile crossing her lips as she stretched slightly, extending her body and relaxing into the couch. The thought of Mariel joining her was exactly the kind of thing she'd move mountains to have right now. Opening her eyes, she saw a very drowsy set of green eyes looking down at her, the young doctor's gaze warm and inviting. Moving her arms, Tina held them open as if offering herself as one big pillow while she responded.

"Be my guest."

And at that, Mariel gracefully took the offer, stretching herself out and nestling on top of the willing detective, her arms finding warm places to hold. Humming at how comfortable and good it felt, she nuzzled her face up against Tina's neck and closed her eyes. She couldn't help it really, seeing how great the detective looked on her couch all stretched out. Her mind was too tired to feel awkward, her body very much wanting the closeness. The investigator adjusted a bit and brought her arms around Mariel, both of them simply enjoying how nice it felt to actually relax and hold each other.

"How you doing?"

Tina's low voice tickled down against Mariel's ear and the scientist squeezed against the solid body below her, feeling the muscled softness under her hands. With her face against the investigator's neck, Mariel was able to take deep breaths of how wonderfully exotic Tina smelled. It was something she couldn't even describe, feminine, but strong, a hint of leather and cinnamon. All she knew was that she was finding this whole arrangement very, very cozy.

There was a familiar intimacy between them, that much was undeniably true. Mariel knew they both could feel it. Now, whether that was from what they had gone through together or their mutual attraction or who knows what, she didn't know. To Mariel, the 'why' was less important right now...the savoring of it was what interested the scientist most. Murmuring against soft skin, she smiled.

"Mmm...very good...you?"

Smiling to herself, Tina drew her arms tighter around the smaller woman's body, feeling the scientist's weight resting comfortably on top of her. She could feel Mariel move each time she took a breath and could feel the warmth of both of their bodies penetrating through their clothes. It wasn't until Tina was relaxed here with Mariel that she realized how exhausted and a little sore her body was from the entire evening. It felt so good to just...stop moving, stop thinking, stop fighting. Gently rubbing her hands over the scientist's back, Tina's eyes closed involuntarily. Just a few minutes here with Mariel and then she'd get up. The morning sunrise was now barely streaming in through the window above the couch, but neither one of them cared, too drained to deal with drawing the shades. Mumbling a bit in her own tired state, she sighed.

"Yeah...me too.."

Mariel burrowed further against the detective's neck and kissed very softly, feeling the pulse point under her lips beat strong and sure. This....this felt so right. Closing her own eyes, Mariel started to doze under the gentle pressure of Tina's hands on her back. She decided with every ounce of her being that she never, ever wanted to move from this place, never wanted to give up something that felt this good, this special, this....


* * *


Somewhere around mid-morning, Tina felt her hand being pulled. Blinking an eye open, she saw Mariel standing next to the couch looking very sleepy and disheveled, one of the scientist's hands pulling on hers. Stretching, the detective moved her neck, wincing at the stiffness before she murmured up to Mariel.

"You alright?"

The young doctor nodded, pulling harder until Tina realized Mariel didn't want her on the couch. Rising, she stood, trying to wake up as her hand was still held by the scientist. A sleepy voice from the blond floated up to her.


Tina smiled as the young doctor gently led her by the hand into the bedroom. Mariel was pulling her along and Tina was not about to protest. She watched as the scientist climbed into the thick deep flannel covers, displacing Idgie who was not at all happy about the situation. Patting against the side of the bed next to her, the scientist made her wishes known and Tina started to get in bed.


Mariel rolled over to the edge of the bed to where the detective was standing. Reaching out, she pulled against the utility belt of Tina's grey pants. The detective's gun was the first thing she had taken off when they got into Mariel's apartment but she still wore the belt. Now Mariel was looking up at her with a sleepy expression on her face as she questioned.

"Can these go?"

Tina had to smile at that, doubting she had ever seen anyone look so beautiful when they were half-awake as Mariel did. Unbuckling the police belt, she undid the grey pants and let them fall until she stood only in her black silk boxers and black t-shirt.

Mariel blinked, having forgotten the boxers from earlier and the fact that she very much liked them. Seeing the detective standing there with a slight grin on her face, her long muscled bare legs and everything, well, that made the prospect of snuggling up to Tina that much better. She could get used to that idea very quickly.

Moving back to her side of the bed, she smiled as the detective climbed in. After letting Tina get comfortable on her back, the scientist nestled against her, throwing an arm and a leg over the investigator's body, her head finding a nice strong shoulder. She sighed in contentment when one of Tina's hands went to her back and one on her leg. Oh yeah.

"Much better..."

Were Mariel's last words before she sunk back into the warmth of the detective's body and fell asleep, feeling the strong softness of Tina and the comfort of the bed. The detective took a deep breath and settled again, glad for the change of venue as the couch had been nice but not spacious enough for her tall frame. Adjusting the thick comforter over their bodies, Tina sighed. With the scientist draped across her, this made things much more warm...and close. This was definitely good.


That was Tina's last thought as her arms gently held Mariel and she started to fall asleep, marveling in the little part of her brain that was just barely awake that she never used to be able to sleep when someone else was in the bed with her. Mmm...

* * *


Mariel stirred, her eyes blinking open against warm cotton. For a minute she didn't remember where she was and it wasn't until she felt the solid warmth under her hands and against her face that she realized she hadn't been dreaming the whole thing. Tina, a private investigator she had met just days before, was right here in her bed...with her, sleeping. She was in bed with a woman...one incredible woman whose beauty, personality, and understated charm made Mariel realize that she very much wanted to be right here and with no one else.

Moving up on one elbow, Mariel ran a hand through her blond hair and glanced over at the clock on the nightstand, seeing the red numbers indicating it was just past noon. She let her eyes fall back on the sleeping detective's face, tracing the strong lines and gentle slopes. Tina's long black hair fell on the pillow haphazardly and her brows were soft, framing closed lids with dark lashes. The scientist smiled, remembering each look those incredible eyes had given her the night before.

Licking her lips, she smiled. Just yesterday she had kissed and been kissed by Tina. That was what made it all feel like a dream, that all of this had happened to her so quickly. It was as exhilarating as it was scary because, quite frankly, she wasn't exactly sure what she was doing. Looking down, she gazed at Tina's softly parted lips, the same ones she had first kissed on that darkened sidewalk and in thankful relief in the factory. Mariel swallowed a bit at the thought that maybe she wouldn't remember how to kiss them or that she'd forget how that felt. Her heart beat faster as she watched her own hand move up, her fingers shaking when she brought them to Tina's lips. All Mariel knew was that she very much wanted...something, and she wasn't exactly sure where to start or if the detective would even want that too.

With the lightest touch, Mariel let just the very tip of one finger brush against Tina's lower lip, marveling at the softness. She could feel the detective breathing under her body as she slowly moved down the side of a strong jawline. While they had grown close over the days they were together in a way that simply astounded the scientist, she wasn't forgetting that her previous experiences hadn't really prepared her for Tina Amphipoli. She doubted anything could have prepared her for this. But to be honest, everyone and everything that came before didn't really matter.

Biting her bottom lip, Mariel willed herself to stop shaking as her fingertips moved gently up along the side of Tina's face before she brushed across dark brows. The detective felt so soft and so wonderfully warm. Mariel continued to skim across Tina's face before she moved down to the warmth of the investigator's neck. Touching her fingers against a pulse point, she almost stopped breathing when that pulse seemed to jump under her fingers. Looking up, she saw Tina's blue eyes half open, focused gently on her. Mariel took a breath to calm her nerves and smiled almost shyly.

"Good morning...um, well..actually, it's afternoon now."

Tina smiled back, waking up with the scientist touching her had been a rather pleasant thing indeed. Moving her own hand to Mariel's back, she pressed lightly as she stretched, murmuring her own greeting softly.

"Mmmm...did you sleep ok?"

Mariel chuckled, nodding her head as her fingers lightly traced the strong muscles of the detective's neck, unable to resist the temptation to touch against warm skin. And because Tina wasn't making any move to stop her whatsoever, she felt much better that what she was doing was the right thing. Seeing how much more rested Tina looked after some well-deserved sleep, she spoke quietly.

"I slept really well...how about you? Feeling better?"

Casually tangling her hand in the back of Mariel's blond hair, Tina smiled a slow grin and closed her eyes, remembering how damn good it felt to sleep with the scientist tucked securely against her. Her body had been so exhausted and now she felt better than she had in a very long time it seemed. Opening her eyes, she gazed up at Mariel as her fingers threaded through long blond strands.

"I feel great..."

The scientist smiled, still feeling the easy familiarity that had grown between them. Of course, it didn't hurt that she had more or less slept right on top of Tina, the detective's arms more than willing to encircle her gently. It was a little hard not to feel some level of intimacy after the night they had had. Mariel was finding that she very much wanted to feel this way with Tina, to get close to her, to know her better. Everything.

Gazing back down to where her fingertips were resting, she let a light touch move slowly down Tina's neck and across her shoulder and arm until she reached the detective's free hand. Entwining their fingers, Mariel picked up that strong hand and brought it closer to examine, her eyes moved over each finger as she felt the strength just below the surface. She had watched those hands fight and had felt those hands touch her gently. There were so many different sides to this woman and she wondered if she'd ever get a chance to see them all. Looking back up at Tina, she spoke softly.

"We were a pretty good team, huh?"

Disentangling their fingers, Mariel traced her fingertips over the palm of Tina's hand, up each finger and down another, in between and back again, content to get to know this one part of the detective's body very well. Glancing at Tina's face, she saw the investigator thoughtfully lick her lips and smile before replying in a low voice.

"Yeah, I'd say we worked really well together..."

What Mariel was doing to her was so sweet and so soft that Tina had a hard time keeping still. The scientist's gentle touch was reaching deep inside of places she hadn't felt in a long time, hadn't let anyone near in years. When she watched Mariel's fingers move down to her wrist to barely skim over sensitive skin, she took a breath, her body responding to the closeness of this woman. In the back of her throat, Tina made a soft hum as Mariel's fingers trailed up and down the underside of her forearm.

"Would you say we work well together now?"

Mariel's voice was quiet as she gazed up into hooded blue eyes, her fingers continuing their light journey. She could feel Tina's hand move from her hair down her neck to rest against her back. Feeling the muscles in Tina's forearm tense under her fingertips, Mariel swallowed, realizing that her touch was doing things for the detective...good things. She heard Tina respond in a low rich voice that she could feel vibrate inside of her.

"I'd definitely say that, yes..."

Hesitantly, Mariel leaned over and let her lips brush against the inside of Tina's wrist, hearing the sharp intake of breath that followed. Against her back, she felt the dark haired woman press strong fingers between her shoulder blades. Pausing with her lips against Tina's wrist, she whispered.

"Is this alright?"

Tina's eyes narrowed in reflex at the scientist's warm breath against her skin. Mariel had a gentle touch, an almost cautious exploration of uncharted territory. Tina tangled her feet with the young doctor's under the cover and slowly moved her hand down, slipping under the back of Mariel's t-shirt until she was stroking against heated bare skin with light fingertips. She had a feeling that anything this woman did to her would be very nice.

"Mmm..that is very alright.."

Mariel smiled as she gave one last soft kiss to the detective's hand, feeling more comfortable that Tina was very much with her in this. Pulling back, she gently slid over the detective's body, positioning herself with her hands to either side of Tina's head and knees straddling her hips. Reaching up, Mariel ran a hand through her hair to get it out of her eyes, smiling when she felt both of Tina's hands move to her waist. Well, honesty seemed the best course of action now.

"You know, I have no clue what I'm doing here, Tina."

The detective smiled gently as she looked up into green eyes sparkling down at her. Squeezing against the flannel covering Mariel's hips, she nodded her head.

"You're doing everything right, Mariel, believe me..."

Tina paused, letting her hands slide along Mariel's t-shirted body. Looking intently up at the young doctor, her face became serious as she continued.

"And you're making me feel really...really good."

Mariel reached out and ran a hand through the dark hair over Tina's forehead, feeling its silky smoothness through her fingers as she whispered.

"I am?"

Tina nodded and closed her eyes when Mariel fingertips traced back over her brows and down along her cheek before ending at her lips. Taking a breath, Mariel felt the detective's lips part as one of her fingers was delicately taken between those lips and gently held by firm teeth. Her heart started to pound wildly as she felt Tina's tongue move over her fingertip. She stared transfixed as the investigator's lips closed around her finger and blue eyes opened to look at her. Mariel drew in a quick breath when she felt Tina begin to suck on her finger, enveloping her in seductive warmth and wetness. And then the detective released her and spoke to her in the one of the sexiest voices Mariel had ever heard.

"I'd like to make you feel just as good...if you'd let me."

Mariel swallowed, the heat rushing to her face and her heart pounding. The detective's hands came to rest against the outside of her flannel-covered thighs. She could feel herself trembling, her legs becoming weaker at the implication of Tina's words. In a halting voice brought on by a mixture of nervous energy and increasing arousal, she let herself look into eyes that were vividly blue and focused completely on her.

"So..um, what exactly would you..do?"

Gently, Tina pressed down until the scientist settled her weight against the tops of the detective's thighs and sat upright. Now, Mariel was looking down at her, blond hair tousled and beautiful, a slight flush coloring her cheeks and neck. Reaching up, Tina touched lightly against Mariel's neck near her racing pulse point as she smiled.

"Well...first, I'd probably make sure you wanted to be touched like this."

To ground herself against the dizzying array of emotions and sensations she was starting to feel, Mariel put her hands down on Tina's t-shirted sides, steadying herself with the solid muscles she felt just under the cotton. Feeling the detective's hand move up her neck and along her jawline, she whispered.

"I do.."

Tina smiled at her before she reached down and took one of Mariel's hands, touching it to her lips lightly before she continued.

"Then I'd probably want to kiss you.."

Mariel felt herself being pulled gently down against the detective's body until she was nestled snug and close, her face inches from Tina's. Looking into blue eyes and farther still, she knew this was exactly where she wanted to be with exactly the right person. And that felt so good.

Mariel took a breath and slowly moved forward, letting her lips barely brush against Tina's. Meeting no resistance, she pressed further as she felt the detective's lips part slightly. Feeling very comfortable with this, Mariel kissed deeper, Tina responding to her and letting her set the pace. Tentatively, she slipped her tongue against the investigator's lips, quietly whimpering at the smooth wetness she found there.

This was how a kiss was supposed to be, Mariel's mind mused, tender, passionate, and just right. And then her thoughts were occupied by the detective's hand moving against her back under her shirt and how good that felt. It made her want to kiss Tina more, to connect deeper. So she did, fully exploring the dark haired woman's mouth in exquisite detail until they broke for a breath. Mariel tried to catch hers as she buried her face against Tina's warm neck, inhaling how great she smelled. Finding one of the detective's ears next to her lips, she breathed into it, acutely aware of hands roaming over her back.

"Mmmm..that was very nice..is there anything else you'd want to do to me?"

Tina smiled to herself, aware of both of them spiraling towards each other and towards something deeper. It would have sent her running from anyone else, but with Mariel she felt like doing anything but leaving this place. Turning her head slightly, she spoke softly into the young doctor's ear.

"Mmm..I think I'd want to see more of you..."

Mariel placed her lips against the detective's neck, feeling Tina's hands slowly pull her t-shirt up, the cool air of her bedroom dancing across her bare back. Kissing against Tina's ear, she whispered.

"Only if I get to see more of you too."

And then she lifted slightly as Tina pulled her shirt up and over her head, the detective smiling at Mariel as she tossed it across the room. Now, she felt very exposed but also very safe..and quite willing to leave what was going to happen in Tina's very capable hands. Those same hands moved through Mariel's hair, smoothing and stroking until the scientist felt them come to rest on her shoulders as the detective gently nudged her to sit up.

Which she did, biting her lip as she watched Tina's eyes lock into hers completely for a long moment. There was a tender trust and understanding settling between them now and they both knew it. Mariel felt her pulse pick up as the detective's gaze moved down, taking in her body with an appreciation that was undisguised. Some of her nervousness disappeared when Tina glanced back up at her face and smiled.

"You know, you're really very beautiful, Mariel."

The scientist smiled back as she reached down, taking the bottom edge of Tina's black t-shirt and pushing it up and over a well-toned stomach and two perfect breasts. Finishing the job, Tina sat up just slightly and pulled the shirt off the rest of the way, tossing it across the sunny bedroom. With her eyes glancing at the detective's face before moving across her bare body, Mariel murmured.

"So are you..."

Putting the palms of her hand flat against Tina's stomach, Mariel smoothed them over warm skin, unable to resist touching any part of this woman. She had a feeling she could get very used to having her hands all over Tina Amphipoli real quick. Laying back down and covering the investigator's body with her own, she closed her eyes at the incredible sensation of bare skin against bare skin.

"This feels..very nice..."

Mariel softly spoke against the warm skin of Tina's shoulder, feeling the detective's hands resume their sensuous journey across her back and sides, fingertips exciting her very sensitive skin. Then she felt herself being gently turned until her back was against the sheets and Tina was poised comfortably over her, the investigator's long frame stretched out along her own. Looking up into Tina's face, Mariel settled back into the bed, focused completely on the detective.

"If I could, I'd touch along your body..."

Tina's low voice rumbled down to her as the detective's hand followed what her words had said. Lightly grazing her fingertips down along Mariel's arm and back again until she circled the outer curve of one of the scientist's breasts, blue eyes glancing down to where her hand touched before finding Mariel's eyes. The young doctor took a breath, feeling Tina's voice like a soft caress.

"And I'd be very gentle.."

Mariel willed her body to remain still, fighting the urge to press against Tina as the older woman's hand cupped her breast, squeezing lightly. She let out an involuntary whimper at how impossibly good it felt...everywhere. It seemed like her entire body was on fire, each cell connected to the other and wherever Tina touched, a wave of sensation moved through all parts like wildfire.

Tina leaned down and kissed softly against Mariel's neck, her hand feeling the prefect size and weight of the scientist's breasts. The way Mariel's nipple responded to her touch shot a jolt of energy through the detective's body. Knowing that the young doctor trusted her completely made Tina savor each touch. Nuzzling against Mariel's ear, she whispered.

"And I'd really, really like how you felt.."

Mariel reached up and tangled her hands in Tina's long hair, her legs no longer able to resist parting as Tina's thigh came to rest between them. And that sent a whole new set of possibilities running through her mind. Turning her head a little, she whispered.

"Would you want more?"

Mariel's words were hesitant as she felt Tina's kisses become more insistent against her neck and shoulder. She was ready to go wherever Tina took her but needed to be reassured that Tina wanted...her. She bit her bottom lip and whimpered more as she felt the detective's fingers squeeze against her nipple.

"Mmmm...I would...is that what you want?"

Tina's deep voice resonated in her ear as the assault on her senses continued. Mariel would have never thought this could be so overwhelmingly intense. Moving her hand to the detective's lips, she couldn't help herself from slipping two fingers into Tina's mouth. When she felt how positively fantastic it felt to have the detective's mouth and tongue move over her fingers, it no longer became a matter of want.

"Yes...I need that...need you."

Mariel found herself practically begging, needing to feel everything Tina wanted to do to her. It was getting entirely too hot so she kicked off the covers, feeling a mixture of the coolness of her bedroom and the warmth of Tina's body flow over her body. Pressing herself against the detective, her other hand moved to caress one of Tina's breasts.


She barely managed to get the detective's name out in a breathless whisper. Feeling the satiny smoothness of Tina's breast in her hand was doing all kinds of wonderful things to her body. It felt so good, the perfect round shape filling her palm completely. It nearly drove Mariel out of her mind when she felt Tina's hardened nipple brushing against her fingers and hand. Her words came out haltingly as the detective moved against her body more.

"You feel ..so ..soft...and.."

Just when she thought it couldn't get any better, Tina pulled her mouth away from her fingers and kissed her quite roughly, the detective's lips crushing against hers. This was how she imagined someone like Tina would kiss, confidently and very much in control. And she really, really liked that on a level she had never considered. It was clear Tina knew what she was doing and Mariel was very content to go there with her. When the detective's lips finally left hers, they locked eyes, breathing heavily with each other. Tina husked out her words.

"Do you want me to slow down?"

A look of near panic crossed Mariel's face as she cried out.


Tina smiled but did just that as she softly kissed down Mariel's jawline, down her neck and across her collarbone with the patience the scientist didn't have. Mariel was finding it hard to think when the investigator's hand wandered down from her breast to her hip, fingers slipping just inside the waistband of her sleep pants. She found herself lifting up her hips, pressing against Tina's thigh between her legs.

"Don't slow down...please.."

Mariel quietly begged as Tina placed soft, wet kisses across her chest before moving further down. Her hands involuntarily went to the detective's hair, stroking it and feeling it's velvet length slip through her fingers. And then she had to fight not to grasp tightly when Tina's lips covered one of her nipples in warm wetness.


Mariel closed her eyes tight as she heard herself moan at the unbelievable sensations coursing through her body. Tina's lips gently closed around her nipple, her tongue flicking out against the sensitive flesh before she felt the detective softly suck against her breast. And then her other breast was given the same attention, only with the added feel of Tina's teeth gently grazing over her nipple. She decided right then and there that she might possibly pass out. Could a person do that when something felt this good? She'd hate to miss anything though and when Tina pulled back from her nipple and smiled, she was very glad she'd remained conscious. In a knowing tone of voice, Tina spoke.

"Do you like that?"

Mariel lifted her head and looked at Tina, her eyebrows coming together.

"You're kidding, right?"

And then she smiled at the softly chuckling detective, letting one of her hands move to Tina's cheek where she stroked against the warm skin. The sun was shining in through the window and she could hear the faint blowing wind outside. Sunlight reflected off the mahogany highlights in the detective's hair and fell across her face, bathing her in a golden glow. Feeling Tina's hand on the bare skin of her waist, she took a breath at the detective's voice.

"I'd like to kiss you more..."

Mariel's face became serious as her eyes found blue and held them. Running a hand through Tina's hair, she quietly spoke.

"You would, huh?"

Tina leaned down and placed kiss between the scientist's breasts and another one lower, gently moving down Mariel's smooth muscled stomach. Hovering over the young doctor's navel, the detective lifted her head and looked at Mariel.

"Mmm..I would..."

Tina paused as Mariel watched her dip down with her tongue and swirl it around her bellybutton. She flinched in sensitive reaction, unable to contain a small whimper as the detective spoke, warm breath covering her skin.

"...very much.."

The dark haired woman paused again, her hand slipping the flannel covering Mariel's right hip down just a bit so that the smooth curve and indent were exposed. Moving over to kiss gently over the scientist's hip bone, she lifted her head slightly and spoke again.

"...like to kiss you.."

Mariel felt her head spinning at the feel of Tina's lips on her skin and her hair brushing across her bare belly. She lifted her hips up in pure reflex as her hands tangled into the detective's hair. She felt herself taking deep breaths at how intense what Tina was doing to her felt and how the investigator knew exactly to do. One side of the waistband to her flannel sleep pants moved further down her hip and thigh as Tina lightly licked against her skin. She closed her eyes briefly and held her breath when she felt the detective's hand slip to the other side and slowly slide the flannel down.

Tina moved smoothly until her eyes took in the irresistible sight of blond curls. From where she was, she could easily tell that Mariel was very much affected by what she was doing to her. And that thought made Tina's mouth water as she leaned down and exhaled out a quiet word as her mouth nestled into the impossible softness.


Mariel moaned, feeling Tina's mouth resting where the line of her belly met the start of her hair. With one hand in the detective's dark silkiness, Mariel's other hand softly went to the side of Tina's face. She felt the building pressure of needing to have the detective...everywhere and more. When Tina turned her head to the side and captured her fingers once again, she cried out.

"Oh God...Tina...please.."

Mariel was vaguely aware of her pajama bottoms sliding down and she tried to help as much as possible, but what the detective was doing to her fingers was making everything unsteady. Once she was free, she instinctively bent one of her knees as Tina lay draped between her legs. When her fingers were released from the sweet warmth of the investigator's mouth, she looked down her body and caught Tina's eyes looking back at her.

Mariel looked absolutely beautiful. Tina took in the sight of her very flushed skin and the look of intense arousal in green eyes that had misted over with need. The scientist had given over control completely and was trusting Tina with the most intimate of experiences. This was as much about something deeper as it was about something physical. For both of them.

"Can I have you?"

The scientist took a breath at Tina's words, the low timbre of her voice soaking into every pore of Mariel's being. She was about to surrender to a woman unlike anyone she had ever met before. 'Trust your heart, Mariel', soft lilting words drifted through her mind as she looked into deep blue. With a whisper, she breathed out.


Tina's eyes flickered at the word, taking on an almost violet shade in the morning sun. And then she let her lips sink down into the most welcomed softness she could imagine, Mariel's whimpering moan accompanying her kiss. The detective's senses were flooded with all that surrounded her mouth, tasting lightly, inhaling deeply, touching fully.


Mariel panted out at the exquisite feeling of the detective's mouth covering her completely. Every nerve ending sang as Tina's tongue danced over her softly. She couldn't keep her hips still as she moved against a feeling so intense, it made her shake inside and out. Clutching the detective's hair, she felt Tina's lips and tongue move down one side of her and up another before coming to rest against the most sensitive and aroused place on her body.

"Yes..right there..right there.."

The words tumbled out of her mouth as she looked down to see Tina moving against her, the pressure swirling in perfect rhythm. Blue eyes were fastened on her and she moaned when she felt one of Tina's hands slip between her thighs and a finger gently press against where she was all liquid.


Now Mariel found herself begging and needing all at once. She cried out at the feel of one of Tina's fingers slowly slipping inside and the sensation of her hand nestled against the outside of her. The detective's mouth never stopped, the insistent way Tina was licking against her and kissing and sucking was all rushing her rapidly towards something brightly hot. Her hips seemed to have a mind all their own and they moved faster against Tina's face, trying to increase the sweet contact and pressure.

"I need this...please...I need...you..Tina..."

Each word coming from her mouth was punctuated with a panting breath. Mariel felt herself racing towards a place she very much wanted to be with Tina. When she felt the detective's hand begin to press inside her deeply, just the fingertip moving against her, she knew that she wanted nothing more than to feel this good forever. Mariel stepped closer to the edge as Tina picked up the sensuous rhythm, both of them moving together.


Whatever it was she was going to say was completely wiped from her mind as she cried out, feeling the deep movement of Tina's finger inside and out, her tongue and mouth sucking against her in such a perfect way. And when she saw the detective's eyes on her, so focused on pleasing her, Mariel gave up, letting go of the last bit of control she had and crying out loudly against the feeling. Words were inadequate for what she was feeling as a long moan of pleasure was ripped from her body.


Tina felt Mariel's release against her mouth and her fingers, the young doctor's body clutching and gripping tightly. The detective rode out wave after wave of rhythmic pulsing, her tongue pressing firmly down on sensitive nerves as her finger moved deep, coaxing every last bit of Mariel's orgasm from her body. When she heard the scientist panting out and whimpering, she gently removed her mouth and let her hand remain still, leaning up and kissing against Mariel's deeply heaving abdomen. Tina felt the scientist blindly reaching for her and she moved up, easily pulling the younger woman into her arms and holding her tight. With Mariel's face pressed against her neck, the detective held on while she caught her breath, murmuring softly.

"I've got you, Mariel..I've got you..."

Taking deep breaths as her body simply hummed with the energy of her release, Mariel tasted the salt of Tina's neck against her lips. With the detective's arms around her, she felt completely in tune with the woman who had just made her feel things she had never felt before, at least not with anyone else. Lifting her head up, she looked into Tina's eyes with something akin to gratitude mixed with longing.

And before she could help herself, Mariel was kissing Tina, all over her cheeks and lips and chin and neck and anything she could reach. The whole idea that the detective had cared enough to slowly move them into intimacy and had done so with such skill made Mariel want to give this woman the same in return. Tasting herself on Tina's mouth only fueled that desire.

Rolling a bit, Mariel moved on her side, pushing Tina to her back as she kept kissing the detective. She felt hands moving over her back and over her hip, the investigator touching her bare body. Sucking against Tina's bottom lip and releasing it, Mariel pulled back, a fiery look in her eyes as her hand moved restlessly over the detective's breast. The fever of wanting Tina threw all modesty, uncertainty, and patience out the door. Of course, with some things, Mariel had never been one to curb her passionate nature. With her own low growl of sorts, she squeezed gently against Tina's breast.

"I want everything.."

Tina smiled at the transformation in the scientist until she felt Mariel's hand move down to her boxers and lightly touch against her thigh. Seeing the look on Mariel's face, the detective realized that what they had shared had really aroused Mariel even more and that arousal was directed at pleasing her. Licking her lips, she tasted this woman there and was reminded of her own need, rekindled.

"Let me touch you.."

Mariel whispered, feeling the silk slide of Tina's boxers against her hand and the heat under them. Leaning down, she kissed against the detective's breast, the new sensation of a nipple in her mouth causing her to moan against Tina's flesh. She couldn't even begin to explain how much she needed the detective to respond to her, needed to feel and hear Tina enjoy her touch.

Moving her hand up the inside of one of the detective's thighs, she felt the heat of her skin. She could also feel Tina's body tensing under her, trying to keep still and in control even though the detective's breathing was coming quicker. Stilling her hand against the detective's thigh, Mariel took a breath to calm herself and placed one more kiss against Tina's breast. Moving up to the investigator's ear and kissing against it, she spoke softly into it.

"Will you let me have you too?"

Tina steeled herself against the incredible feeling of Mariel's hand on her thigh and the scientist's body, still slightly covered in a sheen of sweat, pressed against her. Giving a lover pleasure was one thing, letting someone else touch her so completely was another. This stopped being about physical intimacy a long time ago. What made it more intense was knowing that this was the last thing separating her from Mariel. And Tina really wanted to open herself up to the scientist's gentle understanding if she could only find her way there.

"It's alright..."

Mariel gently spoke against Tina's ear. She could sense what the detective needed and used her feelings to guide her. With a light kiss on Tina's cheek, she moved until she was looking down into dark blue unreadable eyes. Whispering, her hand moved from the investigator's leg and took hold of one of her hands.

"I won't hurt you, Tina...you know that, right?"

The detective smiled, threading a hand through blond hair. It was time to reach out to someone again and she couldn't imagine that person being anyone but Mariel. Taking a breath, she spoke quietly.

"I know."

Bringing Tina's hand to her lips, Mariel kissed against the detective's fingers before she gently felt her way to this woman.

"Can I please touch you?"

Tina took the scientist's hand and pressed it against her breast, feeling how small and yet steady Mariel's hand was against her. This hand would show her the way. Looking up into green eyes flecked with golden hues in the sunlight, Tina nodded.


Mariel gently moved over Tina's breast, taking the time now to feel how heated the detective's skin was. With Tina's hand rested lightly on top of hers, the scientist trailed light fingertips down a trembling stomach.

"Do you know how good you made me feel?"

Mariel whispered, her eyes locked into Tina's as she slowly brushed over warm skin, her fingers pressing lightly against the detective's sides and across her abdomen.

"Kissing me just right.."

Tina tuned into Mariel's voice, the rhythm and sound of it lulling her into someplace safe and very warm. Feeling the young doctor's fingers ease under the waistband of her boxers, she took a breath as Mariel moved across her belly from one side of her hip to the other with a soft touch.

"It felt so good.."

Mariel breathed deep, remembering what her words were saying. Somehow she knew that she needed to keep connected to Tina, to talk her way deep inside of this woman. Knowing that the detective was responding to her gave her the confidence to go with her instincts.

"Did you like that too?"

Tina stroked her fingers through Mariel's blond hair, the other hand still holding on to the scientist's as she felt one of Mariel's legs move between hers. Growling a little at the memory of her mouth against Mariel, she answered in a low deep voice.

"Yes I did.."

Leaning down, Mariel kissed against Tina's lips, licking a little as her hand moved down, her fingers threading through the detective's hair. When she felt wetness against her fingertips, she inhaled a breath and pulled back, looking intently into Tina's eyes. They both were responding to each other in a deeply profound way. Mariel swallowed as she looked at the need in Tina's eyes before she whispered.

"You feel so soft.."

And then the scientist felt Tina's hand press against her wrist, pushing her down further. Easily, her fingertips slid through wet warmth and the softest, smoothest part of the detective she had ever felt. Seeing Tina clenching her jaw at the feeling, Mariel kissed her lightly on the lips before speaking softly.

"Please let me have you.."

After she spoke, Mariel let her fingers glide down and then up, taking in the entire feel of Tina under her touch. The silk boxers were cool against her arm as her leg nudged the detective's thighs apart. She wanted to feel every inch of the woman under her hand. With the detective still holding on to her wrist, Mariel let one of her fingers rest against a slick opening, waiting for Tina to let her inside. Leaning down, the scientist's lips came to rest just barely against Tina's own as she whispered.


At that, the last of the detective's walls came crumbling down under Mariel's sweet request. It was time to feel again, time to let someone else inside. Instead of talking, she let her body communicate for her. Tina was at the breaking point from arousal and Mariel's incredible touch as she tangled her hand in the scientist's hair and pulled her down to her lips, kissing roughly against the younger woman.

Feeling the detective's hand grip her wrist, Mariel slipped a finger inside as her mouth was fully occupied by Tina's deeply aroused kisses. The sensation of the dark haired woman's body clutching tightly against her finger made her whimper into the rough kisses. When Tina's hips began to move against her hand, she tore her lips from the investigator's, breathlessly taking in how Tina was looking at her, aroused and needful.

"Kiss me again.."

Mariel pleaded, the detective pressing against her wrist as she touched deep inside of Tina. The scientist heard a low growl as she moved against Mariel. Tina's hand tangled deeper into her hair and pulled her back down for another devastating kiss. Feeling the force of the detective's arousal made her want to hear and feel Tina let go of everything.

With Mariel's lips against her mouth and hand touching her, Tina felt herself trembling, unable to maintain control any longer. Tearing herself from the kiss, she pulled the scientist against her tighter, the smaller woman's body molded up and down the length of her, both of them moving in time to her need. Finding Mariel's ear, she breathed in it, no longer able to keep from moaning out the scientist's name at the overwhelming sensation of this woman moving against her.


The young doctor kept up the pace, reaching deep inside and pressing against where Tina was most sensitive. She could feel the detective shaking under her and the way Tina was breathing, it wouldn't be long before the investigator let her in completely. Mariel knew that it was her touch that was making Tina feel this good and that thought drove her on.

"That's right..let me touch you.."

Tina heard Mariel's words against her skin, soaking deep. Closing her eyes tight, the detective's hips moved faster, feeling the exquisite tension building in her body as the friction of Mariel's hand moved inside and against her. Letting go of the scientist's wrist, she wrapped both arms around Mariel and held on tight.

"That's right, Tina...let go..."

At Mariel's words, the detective moved her head, finding the scientist's lips one final time as she kissed her deeply, her body unable to resist this woman. Tina needed Mariel more than air itself right now. And then, as if a bolt of pure energy moved through her, Tina's body remembered this touch, this feeling. Instantly, she cried out against Mariel's lips, shaking as she released.

For a timeless moment, Mariel felt what it must be like to want something so profoundly that it hurt one's heart to finally be given it. Tina trusted her enough to let herself be vulnerable, to open herself up to a touch so intimate, Mariel couldn't even being to describe the depths of it. Feeling the detective giving up control and letting Mariel take her to this place was something she would never, ever forget. Stilling her hand against incredible warmth and wetness, she closed her eyes at the feel of Tina's body still pulsing against her, the detective breathing heavily against her lips.

And then she felt the lightest kiss as Tina brushed her lips against her own. Everything they had been through in the past couple of days, the sheer magnitude of it finally came to her, making this feeling of being close to Tina simply overwhelming. Sinking into the detective's arms, Mariel closed her eyes tight and took in a halting breath as Tina kissed softly all over her face. She wanted to cry, it felt that...intense...and that familiar. Mariel opened her eyes and looked down at Tina, searching the depths of blue and finding the look she recognized.

And it was there, crystal clear highlighted in violet just for her.

Gently putting her hands on the side of the detective's face, she whispered in complete relief, emotion filling her voice.

"I finally found you..."

Tina smiled softly and nodded, her arms holding Mariel close to her. Seeing the scientist's eyes spark to a deeper green, she whispered back.



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