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List of rivers of the United Kingdom

First reforms- at the beginning of the XIX c.- sultan Selim:



*Tanzimat (1839-1870) ( Reorganization)







The Turkish liberals “ New Osmans” developed a constitution. Sultan Abdul-al- Khamid agreed to adopt constitution in 1876:







3. Foreign policy

During the XVIII c. the Ottoman Empire was almost continuously at war with one or more of its enemies- Iran, Poland, Austria, Russia. At the end of the XVIII century the European countries wanted to use economic decline of the empire.

*Aims of Russia-

Tsar Nicolas I called the Ottoman Empire as THE

the sick man of Europe

Aims of “ European concert”

( England, France, Austria, Prussia)- EASTERN




3. Questions for test

In the XVII- XVIII centuries sultan in the Ottoman empire

A. had only political power

B. had both political and religious power

C. had no power

D. ruled with parliament


“Tanzimat’ means

A. restoration

B. reorganization

C. unification

D. revolution


Result of the Napoleon’s expedition to Egypt for the Ottoman empire

A. the Ottoman empire lost its control over Egypt

B. the Ottoman empire established its control over Egypt

C. nothing had changed

D. Britain established its control over Egypt



4. Task for IWS - Participation of Turkey in the WWI

5. Task for office hours - Political activity of M. Kemal




Golikova V.I.



Hand-outs on the course

“Modern and Contemporary History of Foreign Countries”, part I

for major “ International Relations”


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the minutes #


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List of rivers of the United Kingdom


Longest Rivers in the United Kingdom


River Length (miles) (km)
1. River Severn
2. River Thames
3. River Trent
4. River Great Ouse
5. River Wye
6. River Ure / River Ouse, Yorkshire
7. River Tay
8. River Spey
9. River Clyde
10. River Tweed
11. River Avon, Warwickshire
12. River Nene
13. River Eden, Cumbria
14. River Dee, Aberdeenshire
15. River Witham
16. River Teme
17. River Don, Aberdeenshire
18. River Bann
19. River Ribble
20. River Avon, Bristol
21. River Tyne
22. River Aire
23. River Tees
24. River Medway
25. River Mersey
26. River Dee, Wales
27. River Don, Yorkshire



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