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I. Reread the text and answer the following questions.

1) What are sociologists particularly interested in, while investigating a problem of human behavior? 2) What is a theory and what makes any theory especially effective? 3) Why is it very important to examine the relationships between bits of data gathered through research? 4) How are theories classified? 5) What levels of analysis in sociology do you know? 6) Is sociology really a new science? 7) Who are the two founders of sociology? 8) What other important theorists in sociology do you know?

II. Define the following key terms and memorize the definitions:
1) theory, 2) sociological theory, 3) macrosociology, 4) microsociology.

III. Speak on the sociological theory and its aspects in brief and illustrate your report with situations or examples of your own.

IV. Speak on the origins of sociology, famous theorists of the past and their contributions to the scientific study of society. Name some contemporary sociological scientists both foreign and in this country and discuss their impact on this academic discipline.

V. Comment on the increasing incidence of suicide in modern human society and factors that cause it viewing the problem from the sociological perspective and theory.

VI. Provide sociological explanations for the causes of criminal behavior in Ukraine employing macro-level and micro-level analyses.

Revision Exercises on Unit One

I. Revise the active vocabulary and the definitions of the key terms of unit one and translate the following into English.

II. Reread the texts of unit one again and discuss the problem-questions given in the learning objectives in the introduction to the unit.

III. Comment on the following quotation thinking like sociologists:
«To attempt to understand human behavior is ... the most exciting intellectual challenge in the world» (Milton M. Gordon «The Scope of Sociology», 1988).

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