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1. Before embarking on projects like DMU (a defence and military union), the European Union's big job is to bring in new members from the East. That will mean, among other things, more majority voting in the council.

2. A spokesman for the British Foreign Office said the meeting provided useful opportunity for consultations)) before departing for trips abroad.

3. The Belgian Prime Minister offered his resignation to the King in Brussels yesterday after failing to reconcile a cabinet split over tough new economic measures.

The resignation followed a cabinet meeting at which the Premier again failed to gain agreement from his partners.

4. After spending most of the post-war era close to the nest, European women and especially mothers are taking jobs in record numbers.

5. On arriving at London Airport from the UN Security Council meeting, the Foreign Secretary said that he thought a practical and effective resolution would emerge as a result of his talks with African Commonwealth delegates.

6. The national governments will have to stop behaving like pigs at a trough, not just in haggling over cash but also in forming and guiding the EU Commission itself.

7. The President's kitchen cabinet of wealthy advisers, which gave him his start in politics and has played a crucial role in shaping his administration, has disbanded after a controversy over fund raising.

8. In regulating family relations and sexual morality, political democracies may adopt restrictive or permissive policies regarding divorce, abortion, and pornography.

9. He insisted that France was as interested as anyone in bringing the budget and agricultural spending in the EU under control.

10. Ms. Dunn, has long been seen as one of the Republicans' best hopes for broadening their appeal to women, and that is one of the arguments she makes in campaigning to be the majority leader.

11. The US President is able to increase support for his policy by explaining it energetically.

12. The constitution [of France] qualifies many of the president's powers by stipulating that the government should determine and conduct national policy and by making the prime minister responsible for national defence.

13. By failing to agree upon any substantial reform of the Common agricultural policy (CAP), the heads of government have guaranteed that little progress will be made in any world trade talks. They have also made it unlikely that they will keep their own promise of capping spending at the current level in real terms.

14. By putting off the party elections, the Prime Minister will effectively prevent dissidents in the party from mounting an internal challenge to him before general elections.

15. Only by bringing tough measures to control spending, including the runaway cost of farm subsidies, can the EU hope to create the conditions to accept members from Eastern and Central Europe.

16. The IMF keeps itself in business by winkling money out of rich nations such as the US and handling it out to poorer brethren, who usually are poor because of gross economic mismanagement.

17. The opposition Labor Party accused the ruling Israeli government of abusing the state broadcasting authority by masking party propaganda on television as an emergency government announcement.

18. By not losing sight of the long-term objectives they made themselves masters and not servants or victims of economic forces operating in the world.

19. The first lesson, surely, is that the successive Governments added greatly to the public anxiety by declining for so long to give reasonable information to Parliament and the people.

20. There is still time to let every new MP know what the British people want. It can be done by sending resolutions from trade unions and other organizations, and by sending deputations to MPs.

21. They expect that the Prime Minister will try to suppress criticism by pleading that matters are at a delicate stage.

22. Time journalism began by being deeply interested in people, as individuals who were making history. We tried to make our readers see and hear and even smell these people as part of a better understanding of their ideas or lack of them.

23. By agreeing to an Italian proposal that this question be turned over to a committee of U.N. member states for study, the United States lured a number of wavering countries away from the Canadian position.

24. Meanwhile the people and their representatives did what they were told without even the privilege of being informed of the decisions taken by their leaders.

25. European fund-management companies are obsessed with growing their asset bases by entering new markets or raising their profiles in ones where they already do business.

26. The Fed chairman's carefully worded comments about the stock market drew few questions from committee members. They were preoccupied with trying to get him to take sides in the looming battle between the President and Congressional Republicans over Social Security, the federal budget surplus and tax cuts.

27. Out west, where a motorist may travel 100 miles without seeing another car, nine states will immediately jump to at least 70 mph.

28. A new anti-monopoly law could bring more competition to a few industries. Similar efforts would help curb the conglomerates without creating new government-sponsored outfits to replace them.

29. The United States, seeking to ease the plight of the Cuban people without strengthening its government, will allow a greatly expanded flow of cash donations to Cuba, authorize food sales and permit easier travel to the Carribean island, the US President announced Tuesday.

30. The three-point program, instead of preventing decentralization of Canada, instead of being a means of uniting the country was dividing it.

31. Instead of being changed the traditional strategy was merely reasserted and put into operation at the end of the war under the famous and accurate phrase about negotiation from strength)).

32. The US special envoy was scheduled to complete his fourth attempt at mediating the eight-month border conflict between Eritrea and Ethiopia Monday and then return directly to the US.

33. The International Monetary Fund warned that improving economies might tempt Asian countries to put off reforms aimed at strengthening their banks and trimming corporate debt, leaving them open to more shocks.

34. Europe's spirit, Cardinal Martini fears, is in danger of being un-dermined by affluence and egoistical materialism.

35. There is no better time to perform the politically awkward feat of raising taxes than when oil prices are low and the money can be quickly handed back in lower taxes elsewhere.

36. The European Commission's life was cut short by an investigator's report accusing it of tolerating fraud, mismanagement or nepotism.

37. The report stopped short of identifying individuals responsible for various massacres.

38. The president (of the USA) called expanding the western alliance one way of giving other nations incentive to deepen their democracy)).

39. Television, meanwhile, has become a major means of solidifying power and creating or controlling national unity in the country.

40. Greek and Turkish Cypriots appear fundamentally ambivalent about finding a formula for coexistence. They are accustomed to the tensions and conveniences of living apart.

41. The conference was supposed to end its work next month, but the United States made that impossible. The U.S. administration insists on reviewing all the decisions taken so far.

42. A Senate labor subcommittee is discussing a measure to permit firms with U. S. contracts to avoid paying overtime for 10-hour, four-day work weeks.

43. The American press did not cover reports, speeches or resolutions on UNESCO's basic activities)) such as fighting illiteracy, developing alternate energy sources and sponsoring research in food production, the study said.

44. Fisheries ministers failed to meet a year-end deadline on formulating the policy after a Franco-British dispute erupted over France's demands for access rights for its trawlers up to the British coast.

45. The new leaders in Washington appear to be bent not on rectifying but on multiplying the errors of the previous administration, facilitating not a lessening of international tension but its growth .

46. Even in specialized fields such as diplomacy and trade, Americans' ability to deal with foreigners in their own tongues lags enormously behind the mushrooming growth of countries that are insisting on communicating in their own language. The globe may be getting smaller in terms of the time it takes to get around it, but its babel keeps expanding.

47. In keeping with his anti-statist philosophy, Mr.Murdoch hands very little of his profits to governments.

48. The government finds it difficult to strike the right compromise. Old-style nationalists in parliament are vocal in accusing it of selling the family silver cheap to greedy foreigners. But others charge it with merely trying to make a quick buck from selling small chunks of its property, without any ideological commitment to privatisation as a good thing in itself. (Egypt)

49. Oil companies are barred by agreement with the government from making any public statements of their revenues or the amount of oil they are exporting.

50. The Home Secretary threatened yesterday to cut the budgets of police forces that failed to meet his targets for recruiting black and Asian officers.

51. The first prime minister of independent Zimbabwe received a rousing welcome from the UN General Assembly as he thanked the international body and the world for assisting the Zimbabwean people in achieving their political independence.

52. A National News Council study of U. S. newspaper coverage of a UNESCO conference in Belgrade criticized the press for concentrating on controversial proposals dealing with the media and ignoring stories on the agency's deliberations on social and humanitarian issues.

53. European fund-management companies are obsessed with growing their asset bases by entering new markets.

54. Although no decision has been made, informed sources said that a number of senior administration officials, including some in the White House and Pentagon, are in favour of selling the jets and that there is strong feeling among them that it is important for the U.S. to maintain the friendship of Taiwan.

55. The Germans have grown sharply more critical of the EU and its inefficiency since they started noticing that their $ 12 billion net contribution to the budget was paying many of the bills.

56. There are countries who would be ready to sign agreements with the developing nations for training some of their people over the next five, ten years.

57. It is nonsense for its supporters to claim that the present policy is a success. It has succeeded in increasing the number out of work, and in reducing production.

58. The report also wants to stop newspapers and broadcast from publishing a public opinion poll on the likely result of a parliamentary election during the 72 hours before the poll closes.

59. Containment has been successful so far in keeping Saddam Hussein from posing a military threat to neighboring countries. But of course the policy has been- successful only to an uncertain degree in denying him the means to build weapons of mass destruction, and it has not been successful at all in accomplishing the one policy goal that counts the most: his departure from power and his replacement by a government that owes its authority to the Iraqi people.

60. Welfare benefits are now several times higher in generous states, such as Vermont, than they are in places like Wisconsin. Wisconsinians take pride in shortening their welfare rolls and seeing those who were previously dependent doing a proper job.

61. Throwing a rope around Brazil's huge budget deficit now thought to be approaching 9% of national output is the key to containing further currency erosion.

62. Avoiding a death sentence depends a lot on having a good lawyer.

63. The European Parliament is set to begin debating amendments to legislation that would impose a 20% withholding tax on income from savings and certain bonds.

64. Far from doing anything to reduce the number of jobless, the Government is planning to throw more out of work with its rail and pit closures.

65. Far from helping the low-paid the Prime Minister has hit them hardest of all.

66. By and large, Mr.Blair seems not merely to accept his economic inheritance, but to welcome it. Indeed, far from wanting to turn back the clock, Mr.Blair says that he wants to speed it up. Modernization)) is his motto.

67. There are three main reasons why the markets are so bullish about state banks. First, buying bank shares is the easiest way to profit from the overall expansion of India's economy.

68. Yet the way men define their role has remained remarkably consistent. Surveys show that being a good provider is at the top of the list.

69. Talking is better than trading threats, something the two have done all too frequently in recent months.

70. How splendid if European commission appointments depended on merit and not on nationality. But spoils-sharing is so far the iron law of international organisations.

71. Giving Taiwan's unofficial offices more access to officials, and perhaps allowing Taiwanese visa-free travel to Asian countries, would be seen as friendly gestures.

72. In the large-scale political democracy of nation state, or city, citizens participate in the political process in many ways other than through voting, but voting is the central act in influencing policy formation.

73. Concentrating resources in specialist hospitals is essential if health care is to be rationalised and savings made, according to the King's Fund, an independent research organization.

74. The TV viewers may not have votes in the Republican conference, but looking good on television sends a post-election message to their colleagues that the time has come to pick leaders with a wider appeal to the public than Messrs Gingrich and Armey have ever had.

75. Government borrowing [in Ireland] was so badly out of control in the ten previous years that public debt soared from 65% of national income to nearly 120% (exceeded in Europe only by Belgium). Today borrowing has fallen to almost nothing.

76. Privatising social spending [in Texas] could enrich big business at the expense of widows and orphans. This argument would be more convincing if public sector employees were really so high-minded, and did not often care more about keeping their own jobs than helping the poor.

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