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1. The International Court of Justice is expected to play an increasingly important role in facilitating the peaceful settlement of international legal disputes.

2. German nuclear plant operators will be expected to use the time to work out deals to cancel contracts worth millions with reprocessing centers in France and Britain.

3. The discussion is expected to focus on four broad subjects: raw materials and world trade, food supplies and agriculture, prospection, production and consumption of energy, and international financial and monetary problems.

4. Apart from trade, the US President will focus on restructuring the US Social Security system. He is likely to enunciate principle to guide reforms, but not offer a specific plan. At the same time, he is expected to propose using part of the budget surplus to start small, individually controlled savings accounts to which both workers and government would make contributions.

5. The U.S.Federal Reserve Chairman noted that the pace of economic growth in the U.S. is widely expected to moderate this year, which the Fed would welcome.

6. While offering no proposal of its own on how to salvage the current arms-inspection system carried by the UN Special Commission in Iraq, the American delegation is expected to oppose monitoring methods that do not allow surprise inspections.

7. The Home Secretary is expected to make a statement next week on the validity of the practice of allowing outside observers, photographers, and television cameramen to be present at the counting of the votes at a parliamentary election.

8. Treasury sources yesterday confirmed that the next 10-year deal over the monarchy's government funding was expected to be significantly lower than the current annual increase, agreed under the last Conservative government.

9. Domestically, the debt-ridden and poorly managed state-sector of China is expected to continue to drag down the consumption.

10. ...no government has ever backed demands for greater efficiency with any sort of clear statement of what exactly the police service is supposed to achieve, a police official stated yesterday.

11. Roads have been built, and by next year every village in Egypt (though not every hamlet) is supposed to have electricity laid on.

12. Foreign secretaries can be useful of course. They are supposed to manage public opinion. They have to keep the House of Commons on side.

13. The US trade representative is said to have reported, in detail, on the latest developments to the EU trade commissioner who plans to visit Beijing for talks on its WTO application next month.

14. True, the euro-group is likely to grow relatively strongly next year. But European financial markets have already been badly buffeted.

15. The US parliamentary revolt against the European Commission was unlikely to get the two-thirds vote needed to succeed.

16. The cutback in housing programmes has been so sharp that the national campaign for the homeless reports that in the next two years no families are likely to be rehoused from the waiting list at all.

17. The Turkish economy, which had been growing at an average rate above 6 percent for the past four years, slowed and is likely to expand by only 2 percent this year.

18. Combine ethnic tensions on the fringes of the Chinese empire with regional tensions along the coast and you have good reason to believe that China /5 more likely to disintegrate than is commonly believed.

19. The report says that it appears that the building industry is unlikely to be reformed from within and that some form of compulsion will be necessary if reasonable standards of construction and finish are to be secured and jerry-building discouraged.

20. No one will refuse to pay less tax, but if they think that by this means they will bribe the electors to vote for them in large numbers, they are likely to be disappointed.

21. The euro is likely to join the dollar as a reserve currency held by central banks around the world, perhaps leading some banks to sell dollars and thereby reduce the value of the American currency.

22. The present fine spell is likely to be brief, predicted the meteorological office last night in its long-range weather forecast.

23. Decontrol alone does not constitute an adequate oil policy. It is not likely to protect the economy against temporary shortages. Nor will it significantly reduce dependence on foreign oil imports in the long term.

24. Petty nations and their petty national demands are thought to be pointless at best; divisive and self-destructive at worst.

25. The epitome of Tory sleaze was Neil Hamilton, a backbench MP who was alleged to have taken a few thousand pounds to ask some questions in parliament.

26. Another intricate problem likely to be reintroduced with the help of a subtle change of name is the problem of medium range ballistic missiles.

27. The three parties likely to take part in a coalition are the Republican People's Party, the Justice Party, and the New Turkey Party.

28. The Minister of Economic Affairs referred today to the statement reported to have been made by the Foreign Secretary on Friday.

29. About 60 people were yesterday reported to have been arrested on subversion charges.

30. The remark, reported to have been made after the announcement of his appointment to London, was widely commented on in the press.

31. The strike, called by the region's main political parties and labor unions, appeared to be one of the largest yet in the troubled provinces.

32. While party leaders still say they support the goals of the program, and promise that it will receive expeditious consideration on Capitol Hill, Democratic anger at many of the proposals appears to be mounting daily.

33. Turnout at the nation's 50.000 polling stations appeared to be heavy.

34. The Bank of England appeared to back off from threats of even more interest rate increases as the slowdown in the economy intensifies.

35. An official investigating the bribery allegations said payments made by local Olympic officials to members of the IOC appeared to have come from the privately funded budget.

36. Just a few years ago, Aum's organization appeared to be wiped out. After the cult masterminded a nerve gas attack that killed 12 people in Tokyo's subway, the Japanese authorities arrested 428 of its members.

37. Win or lose, the EU Commission appeared likely to emerge weakened from its battle with the Parliament over charges of graft, cronyism and mismanagement of EU's 85 billion euro ($ 739 billion) budget.

38. Politics is a rough old trade, as Michael Howard, the former home secretary is finding out. A leading contender for the Tory leadership until this week, his campaign now appears to have been fatally damaged by the claim of one of his junior ministers at the Home Office that he misled the Commons.

39. Hydrocarbons (oil) and political volatility seem to go together.

40. Disenchantment with the President appears to be growing. The political scene has been transformed in the past two months to the point where people are openly talking of the possibility: (1) that the President will not seek re-election; and (2) that he might be beaten if he runs.

41. Europe seems to be slowing down faster than most people expected.

42. The most laudable aim of the Maastricht treaty was to knock the Union's machinery into shape to cope with the club's expected new members from Eastern Europe. Yet on most counts the treaty seems likely to prove disappointing.

43. A group of experts seemed to have solved a dispute about putting workers on boards that has for 25 years blocked a proposed European company statute.

44. Spanish authorities have confiscated copies of last month's edition of Working Youth. No reason for the action was given, but it was be-lieved to have resulted from an article discussing sackings in a Madrid motor factory.

45. France had what was believed to be its coldest Christmas for 83 years, and in the Jura Mountains the temperature dropped to minus 28 degrees Centigrade.

46. In Zurich there was a scramble to buy marks and the Federal Bank in Bonn was believed to have bought up to 500 million dollars to prevent the mark going through its official dollar ceiling.

47. The meeting, which lasted just over half an hour, is understood to have taken place at the Prime Minister's request.

48. A Tory MP threatens to name a high-ranking diplomat mentioned as a senior civil servant in the trial which ended last week. He is understood to have held top posts in defence and at one time served in Berlin.

49. Japan's prime minister, is said to have taken bribes in return for favours to Nomura, Japan's biggest securities firm.

50. U.S. officials were said to consider that uncertainty was bound to continue unless some drastic measures were taken.

51. Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan, may be said to have been the birthplace of the first properly organized attempt at a general system of academic instruction in Japan.

52. In matters of sleaze and waste, the EU parliament is commonly said to possess within its own ranks a concentration of practical expertise rivalling any on earth.

53. The Secretary of State was said to have demanded written ground rules laying out foreign policy authority in the administration.

54. The meeting which was said to have lasted several hours on Thursday night, was confirmed Saturday. However, little more than the fact that it had taken place was revealed in the apparently coordinated statements provided by foreign policy spokesmen in the three countries involved.

55. Turkey's rulers were said to fear that expulsion from the Council of Europe might make it more difficult to obtain necessary economic credits and aid.

56. The Titan 4A rocket was said to be carrying an eavesdropping satellite that would have listened in on military and government communications over the Middle East, India, Pakistan and China.

57. There are said to be indications that unless new information)) is obtained, the proof is unlikely to uncover sufficient evidence for legal action.

58. The police arrested a man who is stated to have been trying to sell the miniature and is said to have confessed to having stolen it. He is

slated to have kept it for more than two years in the hope that the theft would be forgotten.

59. His detention without trial is claimed to have been a violation of the European Convention of Human Rights.

60. The experts were felt to have little hope of reducing the differences even if an attempt were made to bring the two parties together.

61. Mexico's worst mine disaster, which is feared to have killed 177 men, claimed another victim today when a distraught relative of a trapped miner ran into the gas-filled pit.

62. The warnings are now shown to have been fully justified: thousands of workers will get the sack.

63. When the Bill reaches Tory peers next week they will either reject it or amend it in a manner certain to be unacceptable to the Government.

64. The German Chancellor is known to feel that Germany has maintained a high level of security spending while many smaller European governments are cutting back their security contributions.

65. The shadow cabinet, most of it strongly opposed to the Brighton decisions, is certain to be granted full weight for its views, and backbenchers will be invited to serve on the sub-committees of the inquiry dealing with the various fields it is investigating.

66. Previously, scholars had believed that the forbidding interior of Chukotka was uninhabited in those ancient times. Chukotka, the area directly across the Bering Strait from Alaska, was found to have a number of sites in its interior which were excavated by the Russian archaeologists.

They found a wealth of different types of stone tools and weapons at the sites, including arrowheads, knives and scrapers.

67. It was unbearable to hear this man speak of friendship with Britain as if nothing of importance had happened.

68. About 1 million farmers flooded the capital to hear the prime minister caution them against pressing for more government aid at the expense of the rest of the country.

69. Some Western officials expected the toughest negotiations on distribution of powers to be left until the very end of the talks.

70. The Premier said he expected other delegations to support the draft resolution before it was debated and voted upon in the General Assembly.

71. The analysts expect the next government in Turkey to continue policy reforms and drive down real interest rates.

72. The rapidity with which people are arming themselves with tear gas worries a number of law enforcement officials. Some officials say that they expect the disabling spray to be used increasingly by criminals bent on robbery, rape or assault.

73. At the opening, OPEC's public information director told the journalists: We don't want to manipulate you, but we need you, the media, to help us get our message across to the man in the street.

74. A private fund-raising group headed by close friends of the new President may disband following a published report that it used strong-arm tactics to get corporations to contribute $50,000 each for a televised gala featuring the President.

75. The crisis is hitting Western Europe several months later than the United States. This will react on the U.S. economy. It will tend to cause the crisis and depression to go deeper and last longer than most economists expect.

76. The United Nations General Assembly, defeating all Western opposition, declared the use of nuclear weapons to be a direct violation of the U.N. Charter.

77. The Spanish prime minister wants Spain to throw off the sense of inferiority caused by its past century's history, and not least by the Franco period.

78. The President now says he wants negotiations on trade to open markets in once off-limits areas including services, manufacturing and farming.

79. The prime minister says that he wants Britain to emerge from the fringes and play a leading role in the European Union.

80. It seems that the Right Wing in the Labour and trade union movement is not prepared to consider anyone who disagrees with them a human being.

81. In a document released today a Harvard University Professor discloses that studies he made in one medium-sized U.S. city showed mayors, police chiefs and other officials to have been on a gambling syndicate's payroll for many years.

82. An association of lawyers says that many owners prefer their own property rather than nearby land to be swallowed by a motorway.

83. Polls repeatedly show that many Britons believe the EU to be remote and democratically unaccountable.

84. Time and again the Prime Minister has assured them that the Government doesn't want to hinder the making of profits. He has done his damnedest to get the trade unions to agree to wage restraint, which would put still more profits into the pockets of the employers.

85. The Prime Minister has decided to get the Cabinet to make an earlier than expected decision on the budget.

86. Public opinion compelled the Government to get the German leaders to arrive at a settlement.

87. The issue is how to make the institutions of democracy work properly, not whether they should exist. Trade barriers are being pulled down, internal markets freed, state industries and services privatized.

88. The report calls for the monarchy in the UK to become professional and accountable.

89. Classification of political systems allows for qualitative judgements to be made in relation to political structures and governmental forms.

90. A National Security Council official said last week that the NATO theologians are codifying fresh visions for their favorite organization, and the spin doctors see colossal opportunities for the president to bestride TV screens.

91. Whilst we read the report with interest, any issues of constitutional reform would be a matter for Parliament to decide.

92. The United States and Britain on Friday set a month-long deadline for Libya to surrender two suspects wanted for the 1988 Lockerbie bombing.

93. For the reform forces to pull off a majority on council, all their incumbents will have to hang onto their seats.

94. Mr Tao says it would be technically feasable for the Hong Kong government to declare overnight that all Hong Kong dollars held in banks and in circulation would be converted into US dollars.

95. To say that the wages fight is not the only issue, or that higher pay will not on its own solve the crisis, only emphasizes the need for unions like the engineers' to get stuck into the all-round fight for the alternative strategy now developed within the movement.

96. The President was closeted in the White House today preparing his so called ((Economic Renewal package, as pressure from unemployed millions across the nation continues to build for federal action to provide jobs.

97. Chips are harder for hackers to modify than software.

98. Elitists highlight the tendency for political power to be concentrated in the hands of a priviliged minority.

99. In Japan, the ultimate way for a student to repay his teacher is to beat him at his own game. And having learned so well from the West, it is flattering to the Japanese to be told that the West may now have something to learn from them.

100. For Europe to drive forward it needs leadership.

101. For Egypt to get anywhere near its growth target, it will have to persuade Egyptians to save and foreigners to invest.

102. The rise of homeless emphasizes the desperate need for the Government to fulfil its pledge to meet the problem with a lower rate of interest for housing.

103. Although the Minister of Health yesterday did not accept the conditions described as typical, the revelations made it hard for reassuring phrases like best in the world and tremendous step forward)) to avoid having a slightly hollow ring.

104. In these circumstances the party leaders had no plan for the Prime Minister to make a unity appeal when he attends today's party meeting.

105. An Atomic Energy Authority spokesman said it was not unusual for one or two reactors to be shut down at weekends under normal conditions. But in view of possible staff shortages it had been decided to close down three.

106. And having made this guess, he thought it completely in order for an MP to announce it, as if it were a hard fact provided by a government official.

107. There is too much slackness in many key industries. Too many employers complain of short order books and too many firms give notice of redundancy for there to be any complacency among trade unionists.

108. A first group of more than 50 immigrants was freed from detention centres in Sicily yesterday, hundreds more to follow in the next few days.

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