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suit: if something such as a piece of clothing, a colour or a pattern suitssomeone, it looks good when they wear it because itís the right colour, style, etc [not in the progressive or passive].

e. g.: Do you think this colour suits me?

Steve was wearing a red scarf that didnít suit him at all.

That blouse would really suit Annie.

You hair suits you like that.


e. g.: Be sure to wear something suitable Ė preferably black.

go with:to look good with something else

e. g.: Helen was trying on her pearls to see if they went with her yellow dress.

This jacket will go really well with your blue skirt.

We saw some wallpaper that we really liked yesterday but it wouldnít go with the new carpet.

match: if something matches something else, or if two things match, they look good together because they are similar in colour, style, or pattern.

e. g.: I canít wear my blue shoes with a black skirt, they donít match.

In the lounge everything matched; the curtains, the sofa, the carpet and the cushions.

For every outfit, Diana has a handbag and shoes to match.

matching: matching pieces of clothing, furniture, etc are similar to each other in colour, style or pattern.

e. g.: The long flowery skirt and matching blouse were just right for the occasion.

In the kitchen was a rustic oak table and six matching chairs.

go together: if two things go together, they look good when they are worn or seen with each other.

e. g.: ďDo you think this sweater and this skirt go together?Ē ďNot really, the colors donít quite match.Ē

Itís funny but the yellow walls and the black floor actually go together quite well.

fit: if clothes fit they are the right size and shape for you when you put them on.

e. g.: ďDo you think this skirt fits all right?Ē ďIt looks as if it fits perfectly.Ē

Iím sure you will be able to find a suitable dress that fits. Youíre a standard size.

Clareís grown a lot. Iím just hoping these boots are going to fit her.

I think a size seven or eight would have fitted you better.

be a good fit:to fit very well and be comfortable to wear.

e. g.: That suit was a good fit, but I didnít like the pattern.

They issued me with a uniform. Luckily it was a good fit and didnít need any alterations.

fit like glove: to fit the shape of your body perfectly.

e. g.: The dress fitted her like a glove. It looked as if it had been made for her.

become: to be right for or suitable to in appearance; to benefit, to suit

e. g.: Modesty suits her.

That hat becomes you

set off: if one thing sets off another thing, it makes it look more attractive and noticeable, for example by being different in colour or style.

e. g.: The brass rail sets off the wooden paneling very nicely.

The dress looks lovely Ė the jacket really sets it off.

Her dress set off to perfection her small waist.

complement: a word used especially in writing about fashion; if something complements another thing, it helps to make the other thing look good.

e. g.: The tie and the jacket complement one another well.

She looked beautiful Ė the white silk of her blouse complemented her skin perfectly.

look good on: if something looks good on someone, it looks good when they are wearing it [not in progressive]

e. g.: Why donít you wear that black dress? It looks really good on you.

I donít think these glasses look good on me, I would prefer some larger ones.

flattering: clothes or style that are flattering help to make someone look more attractive, for example by making a fat person look thinner.

e. g.: High-heeled shoes are flattering but not very comfortable.

The flattering shape of the jacket is emphasized by the broad belt.

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