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What features of communicative teaching can you detect in the following activities?

Activities Features
1. Find the differences between the pictures that you and your partner has without looking at these pictures and only by asking questions  
2. Role play a job interview, in which you want the job as soon as possible while the manager is taking time and is hoping to find a better candidate  
3. Agree or disagree with the given statements by marking them as “true”, “false” or “debatable” and give reasons for every answer  
4. Each of you have heard only a little bit of the announcement at the airport. Put your bits of knowledge together to know what you need.  
5. Hold an opinion poll in the group by asking everybody questions and report the results (every learner has a set of their own questions)  


Communicative teaching is a way of teaching a language through communication. The way towards communicative teaching method can be traced in the chart below:

Method Grammar-translation Audio-lingual method Natural approach Communicative activities
Subject Language forms Language patterns Whole language Human discourse
Learning Language analysis Memorization Exposure to the input Communication experience

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