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B. Name three more newspaper sections.

& 4. Read and study the vocabulary. Translate the examples into


Some types of printed material

name description/definition example sentence
pamphlet small book with a soft cover, dealing with a specific topic, often political The Conservative Party published a pamphlet on the future of private education.
leafle single sheet or folded sheets of paper giving information about something I picked up a leaflet about the museum when I was in town.
brochure small, thin book like a magazine, which gives information, often about travel, or a company, etc. Do you have any brochuresabout Caribbean holidays?
prospectus small, thin book like a magazine, which gives information about a school, college or university, or a company Before you choose a university, you should send away for some prospectuses.  
flyer single sheet giving information about some event, special offer, etc., often given out in the street I was given a flyer about a new nightclub which is opening next month.  
booklet small thin book with a soft cover, often giving information about something The tourist office has a free bookletof local walks.
manual book of detailed instructions how to use something This computer manualis impossible to understand!

Sort this group of eight vocabulary items into two sets of four, one connected with books, the other with magazines. Use a dictionary if necessary.


edition quarterly spine jacket subscription foreword issue binder


Fill the gaps in these sentences with appropriate words .

1. I've decided to do my own car maintenance, so I've bought the ................................... for my particular model.


2. Someone was giving out............................................... in the town centre today about a demonstration that's going to take place on Saturday.


3. I love looking through holiday .............................................. and dreaming about flying off to exotic places.


4. I never read political...................................................; they're so boring.


5. This ...... ......................................... gives the opening times for the art gallery.


6. I've got this really useful............................................ with details of all the local sights.


7. I've read the ..................................................and I like that university; I think I'll apply.

400th birthday of the newspaper

1.Re-arrange the words below to make ten crossword questions.


1. Berlin / in / recently / What / opened / has /? (8,6) What has opened in Berlin recently?

2. War of the Worlds / wrote / Who /? (1,1,5)

3. The / owns / Who / pie shop /? (6,8)

4. Launched / Who / the / space probe /? (4)

5. Has / India / started / in / just / season / Which /? (7)

6. Who / Jennifer Garner / just / has / married /? (3,6)

7. American city / to / Which / wanted / the 2012 Olympic Games / host /?(3,4)

8. Live 8’s / What / the / name / is / of / organizer /? (3,6)

9. What / with / style / is / Luther Vandross / associated / of / music /? (4)

10. C8 conference / organised / Who / the /? (6)





2. Read the news stories on Worksheet B to find the answers to the questions. Write the answers in the grid provided to find the name of the man who produced the world’s first newspaper.


400th birthday of the newspaper



The best medicine

A laughter school has opened in Berlin after a survey revealed that Germans only laugh for six minutes a day (compared with nineteen minutes for Italians). Susanne Maier, laughter therapist and owner of the school, took the idea from a doctor in India who uses laughter yoga as a way of relieving stress and improving the quality of life.


A tight fit

A thief in Romania has been caught red-handed after his attempt to rob a pie shop went wrong. After stealing the shop’s money, the 29-tear-old couldn’t resist helping himself to some pies on the way out. The thief, who weighs 140 kilos, then tried to climb through the window but got stuck. He was still there the following morning when shop-owner Vasile Mandache arrived for work.


Passengers saved

354 people in India have been saved after being trapped in a train hit by flood waters. The passengers had been up to their necks in water for two days, only able to communicate with officials through a single cell phone. As India’s monsoon season has only just begun, the government warned people to expect more floods.



Olympics venue

After a close contest, the International Olympic Committee have decided that London will host the 2012 Olympic Games. The other teams bidding were Paris, New York, Madrid and Moscow.


Probe hits comet

A probe the size of a washing machine, launched by NASA, has hit its target (at 23,000 miles an hour), the comet Temple One. The impact has been compared with a mosquito flying into a jumbo jet. Scientists hope the pictures of the inside of the comet will give them more information about how the solar system was formed millions of years ago.


Spielberg movie

Sci-fi thriller War of the Words, which stars Tom Cruise, took $101.7 million in its first five days in the US, and $204.2 million worldwide since its release. Te film, an adaptation of an G Wells novel, cost a reported $135 million to make. It has received positive reviews and is expected to be one of the major its of 2005.


C8 youngsters

Young people from the poorest and richest nations have gathered in Scotland to host a junior version of the G8 summit. Organised by Unicef, the event aims to discuss issues like poverty, IV/Aids and education. One of the delegates, eleven-year-old Aminata Palmer from Sierra Leone, said “I want the G8 leaders to help stop suffering among children in the world. People are suffering – especially in my country.”



Soul singer des

Soul singer Luther Vandross has died at the age of 54, two tears after suffering a major stroke. During is career he sold 25 million albums and sang wit top stars like David Bowie, Michael Jackson and Aretha Franklin. Vandross had suffered for years from diabetes and hypertension as well as battling fluctuations in his weight.


Live 8 success

The Live 8 rock concerts were last night hailed a great success. Organiser Bob Geldofsaid that the concerts ad been ‘full of hope and possibility and life’. The concerts were held in ten cities around the world including, London, Philadelphia, Paris, Berlin, Johannesburg, Moscow, Rome and Tokyo. They were designed to put pressure on the G8 leaders meeting in Scotland on 6t July when considering Africa’s future.


Ben and Jen

Hollywood actors Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have revealed they are married and expecting their first child. The couple met when they both appeared in the film Pearl Harbour but only started dating in July 2004.




Newspaper headline language


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