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Match the given newspaper sections to their contents presented below


obituary sport report arts and reviews television preview home news headline appointments gossip column culinary recipes classified ads gardening tips auction report travel and holidays agony column court and social horoscope overseas news new car report caption house hunter’s guide editorial parliamentary report fashion business weather forecast


(a) The word is that Clinton Ross, 32, playboy son of US steel billionaire Dwight Ross, has left his girlfriend, actress Lee-Ann Van Post, 26, and is now in Europe.

(b) Prince Edward (left) enjoys a joke with actor Sam Cool (centre).


(d) He received a number of international literary awards, culminating in the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1986. He leaves a widow and two sons.

(e) Today is a good day to do business but a bad one for romance. Don't take members of the opposite sex too seriously today.

(f) Our front page today gives details of the government's new economic proposals. Our readers may think, as we do, that these measures are too little and too late. We say to the government, not for the first time, it is time ...

(g) Mix two egg yolks with butter in a frying-pan over a low gas. Add sugar and then...

(h) A pair of silver George II candlesticks fetched £17,000. Bidding was slow for Victorian oil paintings but a landscape by Somers went for £55,000.

(i) Robson equalised with a header from five yards just before the half-time whistle.

(j) The cheapest bucket-shop air-return to Hong Kong is now about £480 and Hong Kong is a good base to visit Macao, China and Taiwan. The best season is …

(k) Mr Richard Caulder (West Hull, Labour) asked if the Minister of Transport could inform MPs of train-fare concessions for pensioners. However, the Speaker declared that...

(l) Now is the time to plant roses. Put trees in at least 2' apart, and cover roots with 6" of soil.

(m) A hard-hitting documentary series starts tonight at 10 p.m. Viewers might be shocked at scenes of...

(n) Road holding and fuel consumption are good but otherwise the performance lacks zip.


(o) Adorable and very cuddly yorkie puppies available for pick up. They are regularly wormed and flea treated. They will come with a free food sample & toys. Ongoing support and advice always available. Contact for more details if interested via jessica.terry33@yahoo.com

(p) Modern, stylish apartment for sale in London with an exclusive, well-renovation waiting for its owner. Ready to use, does not require additional cash investment. Spacious living room makes a good impression by well-chosen wallpapers and shades of laminate flooring. Detailed information on request.


(q) Financial Services |£400 – £600 per day| London, United Kingdom. A retail financial services business, seeks an interim Financial Controller to support them through the year and process any subsequent audit.


(r) The bank capital issue will be resolved at the EU level by finance ministers on Saturday. But how, exactly, the recapitalizations are achieved, and most of the other features of this much-delayed breakthrough agreement to save the euro are still up for grabs.


(s) In the course of less than a decade, Kehinde Wiley has come to enjoy the kind of art-world acclaim most young artists can only dream of. He operates out of three studios around the globe (In New York, Beijing, and Senegal). His large-scale portraits sell for up to $2050,000 and have been bought by major collectors as well as such institutions as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Brooklyn Museum, and the Walker Art Center.


(t) Christian Neuman and Virginia Ferreira present their most sensual collection to date for their fourth season at London Fashion Week. Lines of powerful feminine elements and voluptuous shapes are strongly evident throughout a collection of sweeping long gowns, petit cocktail dresses and smart tailoring. Inspiration hails from 1920’s Hollywood movie stars.


(u) A 7.2-magnitude earthquake has hit eastern Turkey, causing deaths and injuries as buildings collapsed. The quake hit just north-east of the city of Van, where Anatolia news agency said at least 50 people were injured. Strong aftershocks have hit the region.


(v) Alistair Darling has acknowledged that it might have been right to try to depose Gordon Brown when he was prime minister, said he had been held back by “residual loyalty”. In an interview on BBC1’s Sunday programme Darling admitted that “perhaps” senior Labour politicians should have “done something” about Brown’s leadership, but said he was held back by a longstanding friendship.


(w) In honor of Prince William’s 21st birthday, Britain’s Royal Mail placed William’s strapping image on over 20 million stamps.


(x) Showers and thunderstorms are possible for much of the middle of the country, wit mild temperatures for most areas.


(y) I’m still in love with my ex-boyfriend. We broke up when we went to college because we didn’t want that extra stress, well more specifically I broke up with him. We dated for 2 years and were each other’s best friend. We knew each other better than anyone. Of cause we squabbled but it wasn’t a big deal…


The News

a. Match the newspaper headlines to the sections. Can you think of any other sections? Which is your favorite section of the newspaper? Why? Which do you never read?



Poland hit by more bad weather UK news
Mobile phone company makes bit for rival world news
Russian satellites launched politics
Poor results force England’s cricket captain to quit business
Cancer screening benefits praised education
TV standards falling science/technology
UK backs peace plan entertainment
Education spending key to next election reviews


I like reading the sports section the most.

I never read the politics section. I’m not interested in it.


b. How often do you buy a newspaper? Is it a daily or a weekly paper? Is it a tabloid (popular press) or a broadsheet (quality press)? What is its circulation?


2. a. The people are reading the newspaper. What section are they reading: entertainment? business? sports? local news? horoscopes? international news?

1. The World Health Organisation will hold a meeting to discuss the effects of tobacco on public health.

2. This is definitely one of the best films to come out of Hollywood this year.

3. The recent increase in oil prices has had a negative effect on the stock market.

4. A new sports and entertainment complex is to be built next to Brentwood shopping centre.

5. Manchester United won the FA Cup.

6. Gemini: Not a good day to make a financial investment. You will hear from an old friend, but do not mistake friendship for romance.

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