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Now work through the recorded exercise.

Ž”The shirt coordinates styled for Caspani of Milan by Giorgio Caspani are selling well in Europe. The young designer has every reason to believe that the market test being organised by Bellhaven on 5th Avenue, will be successful. After the test has been running for a week, Giorgio Caspani arrives in New York.

FlLE THREE‹ In the days when she was a Junior Buyer, Dawn Batchelder gave Giancarlo Caspani his first order from Bellhaven. They are now old friends. When Signor Caspani's son, Giorgio, arrives in New York, he calls first on his father's friend.

1. Read the dialogue, and then complete the gaps in the conversation using these words:

afraid anyway enough fact glad meet order says sends these too way yet

BatchelderGiorgio, I'm glad to… meet… you at last.

CaspaniThe pleasure is mine, Mrs Batchelder. My father .............(a) his best wishes.

BatchelderThank you. How is he?

CaspaniHe's so-so. He's got a lot on his mind .............(b) days.

Batchelder Yes, I heard that things aren't going .............(c) well.

Caspani They're picking up in Europe now. Our problem is here, in the States. He didn't like it when you cut your ...........(d).

Batchelder Yes, I was sorry about that, but your merchandise just wasn't moving. I'm ........(e) you're working with your father now. He's got a lot of experience, but in fashion design experience isn't .............(f).

CaspaniDon't worry. He knows that. He .............(g) that experience is the comb life gives you when you lose your hair!

BatchelderThat's good. I must remember that.

Caspani............... (h) when our new shirt coordinates are selling in all your stores, the picture will change very fast. By the .............(i), how's the test going? Do you have any information ............. (I)?

Batchelder I do, I got the first figures this morning. They're not encouraging, I'm.........(k).


Batchelder In .............(I), they're disastrous.

CaspaniHow bad are they?

Batchelder In the first week of trading, we sold two sets.

Caspani I don't believe it!

3. Find the expressions in the conversation that have the same meaning as these:

He's moderately well. …………………………….He’s so-so.

a) He's got a lot of problems…………………… c) The situation will change…………………

b) The situation is improving……………………d) The figures are not good…………………

ŒGiorgio Caspani takes a taxi from Bellhaven's Head Office to its store on 5th Avenue. He takes a lift to the Menswear Department on the 3rd floor. He talks to one of the sales clerks.

Sales Clerk May I help you sir?

CaspaniWhere are your Caspani shirt coordinates?

Sales Clerk Pardon me, sir?

CaspaniI'm looking for Caspani shirt coordinates. I understand you stock them.

Sales Clerk We stock a full range of Caspani products, sir, but I don't think we have any Caspani shirts. In fact I don’t think they make shirts.

CaspaniI can assure you they do. They make silk shirts which are sold with matching ties and handkerchiefs. That’s why they're called shirt coordinates.

Sales Clerk (Calling) Debbie, do you know anything about Caspani shirt coordinates?

Colleague No. Have you checked the shirts on hangers?

Sales Clerk They’re silk. They wouldn’t be out on hangers, would they?

ColleagueIf we have them, that’s where they would be.

Sales ClerkThanks, Debbie. The hangers are over there, sir. (She looks on the hangers). I’m sorry about this - we don’t usually put luxury items on hangers. Ah, “Caspani Shirt Coordinates” — here they are! “Styled by Giorgio Caspani” — Oh…I congratulate you on your taste, sir.

CaspaniThank you.

Sales ClerkBut I don’t know why they are not properly displayed.

CaspaniNor do I.

Sales Clerk Normally we flag special items, like these.

CaspaniAre you doing any point-of-sale promotion?

Sales Clerk Not that I know of.

CaspaniIsn’t that unusual?

Sales Clerk Yes, it is. Anyway, would you like to try one on, sir?

Caspani No, thank you. I'm not buying. I'm just checking.

Sales Clerk Checking? Are you a member of staff?

CaspaniNo, I'm not. I work for Caspani. My name is Giorgio Caspani.

1. Later, the sales clerk is asked to write an account of the incident. Which of the following accounts did she write? Tick the box. (ü)

a) At 3.15 pm on December 2nd, a man came into my sales area, looking for Caspani shirt coordinates. He said that he worked for Caspani and that his name was Giorgio Caspani. He said he was the designer of the shirts. He told me he wanted to find out why the new line wasn’t selling. I showed him our stock of Caspani shirt coordinates. He was disappointed that they were not better displayed. I advised him to speak to the manager. Before he left, he bought a couple of shirts. The name on the credit card was Giorgio Caspani. ( ) b) At 3.15 pm on December 2nd, a man came into my sales area, looking for Caspani shirt coordinates. I told him that Caspani do not make shirts, which I thought was correct at the time. He insisted that they do. In the end, I found some in hangers among the standard cotton and wool shirts we sell. The customer was surprised that the Caspani shirts were not better displayed. He asked whether we were doing any point-of-sale promotion. I said we weren’t. He didn’t buy anything. He said he was ‘just checking’. When he left, he said he was Giorgio Caspani. ( ) c) At 3.15 pm on December 2nd, a man came into my sales area, looking for Caspani shirt coordinates. I told him that we did not sell them. He explained that he had heard that we were market testing the product. He asked me to check whether we had any in stock. In the end, I found some on hangers. The customer was angry that the Caspani shirts were not flagged, or properly displayed. I said I would pass on his criticisms. He didn’t buy anything. He said he was ‘just checking’. When he left he said he was Giorgio Caspani.( )

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