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READING 2) Palm Desert Mall: Where Dreams Come True!

Shopping : The New Drug Or Choice ?

READING 1) Addicted to the Mall

What do you do for recreation? Do you swim, dance, play cards, garden, or read? Many people today prefer to spend their free time shopping. These people are called recreational shoppers. Recreational shoppers do not always buy something. They really enjoy the shopping experience. Of course, many people like going to indoor malls. However, for recreational shoppers, the mall is more than stores. For them, the mall represents happiness and fulfillment. For these people, a visit to the mall is an adventure. In fact, for many recreational shoppers the art of looking for and buying something is more fun than owning it. Recently, a group of psychologists studied recreational shopping. First, they used tests to identify recreational shoppers. Then they compared recreational shoppers with ordinary shoppers. The psychologists discovered that the two groups were different. Recreational shoppers were usually younger, less self-confident, and more often female. In addition, they were more interested in material things and had less self-control. The recreational shoppers also went shopping when they felt worried, angry, or depressed. Ordinary shoppers didn't. Most of the recreational shoppers said buying something helped them feel better-it made them happy. Their negative feelings went away. Many recreational shoppers also did something unusual while they were shopping. They pretended that they were different people with different lives. Of course, shopping is an important part of our contemporary consumer society. We spend a lot of time in malls. In a recent study, people spent most of their time at home, at work, and in school. Shopping malls ranked fourth. However, in the future, will we think of recreational shopping as an addiction like smoking or drinking?


READING 2) Palm Desert Mall: Where Dreams Come True!

Palm Desert Mall is the biggest and the best place to shop in Southern California! It offers visitors true shoppertainment. At Palm Desert, we combine stores, entertainment, restaurants, and fun. Shoppers say they're addicted to Palm Desert. Palm Desert Mall has over 250 department stores, specialty shops, restaurants, entertainment venues, and carts and kiosks-all under one roof. And that roof is BIG. It is as large as 43 football fields! For entertainment, moviegoers can choose from 53 movies! Palm Desert Mall also has many different special events every week. There are concerts, fashion shows, parties, and parades.

There are restaurants for everyone's taste and pocketbook. Do you want a formal restaurant for a special evening? Try Karen's Kitchen for gourmet salads or Western Grill for delicious baby-back ribs. Are you looking for delicious fish? The freshest seafood is at Captain Ahab's. And Palm Desert, of course, has a Mocha Java for delicious coffee. For informal dining, the Food Court has a world of choices. You can have Mexican tacos at La Salsa, Chinese egg rolls at Panda Express, or Thai curry at The Dusitani. And let's not forget American food. Since its 1996 opening, Palm Desert's Burger Boy has served more than 161,000 hamburgers. Palm Desert Mall welcomes millions of visitors each year. Come and see how we can make your dreams come true!


Reading ComprehensionA. Read the statements and write true (T) or false (F).

__1. All people who shop are recreational shoppers.

__2. Recreational shoppers go shopping for fun.

__3. Recreational shoppers love to own things.

__ 4. Most shoppers dislike shopping.

__ 5. Psychologists compared ordinary shoppers and recreational shoppers.

__ 6. Recreational shoppers go shopping when they are sad.

~ 7. Most recreational shoppers are men.

__8. People spend more time in shopping malls than they do at work.

B. Answer the questions.

1. Compare the two groups and check the correct box.

2. Circle all that apply. While they are shopping, recreational shoppers ...

a. feel upset.

b. pretend they are different people.

c. are excited.

d. steal things.


READING 2.A. Read the statements and write true (T) or false (F).

_ _ 1. Palm Desert Mall is in California.

_ _ 2. This mall has more than 250 different places to spend money.

_ _ 3. The mall has 43 different buildings.

_ _ 4. It has 12 different movie theaters.

_ _ 5. Some restaurants at the mall are expensive .

_ _ 6. Karen's Kitchen is a cook ing store.


B. Answer the questions.

1. Where can you find the inexpensive restaurants at the mall?

2. What can you do at Palm Desert Mall?



1. Would recreational shoppers like Palm Desert Mall? Why or why not?

2. How does the writer of Reading 1 feel about recreational shopping? How do you know?


Vocabulary WorkGuess Meaning from Context

a. identify

b. ordinary

c. material

d. negative

e. pretended

f. contemporary



1. Do you think shopping can be an addiction? Why or why not?

2. Would you like to go to Palm Desert Mall? Why or why not?


PART II Read the next article to find the answers to these questions.

1. According to the writer, are we all consumers?

2. What kinds of consuming do people do?

3. What kinds of experiences are more important-consuming experiences or nonconsuming experiences? Why?

4. How can we change our lives?


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