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8. a) If you complete the puzzle “Sports and Games” correctly, you will find the mystery word that denotes a long race in which people run and jump over fences, water etc.




1. A man who plays several different sport.

2. Someone who is watching an event or game.

3. Failure to win or succeed.

4. A game for two players who move their playing pieces according to particular rules across a special board to try to trap their opponent’s.

5. A competition to find which player is the best in a particular sport.

6. A sport in which two people fight by holding each other and trying to make each other fall to the ground.

7. A man physically strong and good at sport.

8. A heavy flat circular object which is thrown as far as possible as a sport.

9. Sailing, travelling or racing in a yacht.

10. The activity or sport of moving around on skates for fun or as a sport.

11. A game played indoors between two teams of 5 players in which team tries to win points by throwing a ball through a basket.

12. A competition in which players compete against each other in a series of games until there is one winner.

b) Prepare your own puzzle (at least 10 words) on the topic “Leisure and Sports” using a dictionary. Give a definition of your mystery word.

9. a) Fill in the blanks with the correct word from the box and you’ll learn about animals in sport. Write figures and appropriate words.

greyhound racing shooting fishing hunting

hare-coursing foxhunting angling horse-racing


Traditionally, the favourite sports of the British upper class are (1) ________, and

(2) ________, (3) _______. The most widespread form of hunting is (4) _______ – indeed, that is what the word 'hunting' usually means in Britain (Foxhunting). This is a popular pastime among some members of die higher social classes and a few people from lower social classes, who often see their participation as a mark of newly won status.

Killing birds with guns is known as 'shooting' in Britain. It is a minority pastime confined largely to the higher social classes; there are more than three times as many licensed guns for this purpose in France as there are in Britain. The birds which people try to shoot (such as grouse) may only be shot during certain specified times of the year. The upper classes often organize 'shooting parties' during the 'season'.

The only kind of hunting which is associated with the working class is (5) ______, in which greyhound dogs chase hares. However, because the vast majority of people in Britain are urban dwellers, this too is a minority activity.

The one kind of' hunting' which is popular among all social classes is fishing. In fact, this is the most popular participatory sport of all in Britain. Between four and five million people go fishing regularly. When fishing is done competitively, it is called

(6) ______.

Apart from being hunted, another way in which animals are used in sport is when they race. (7) _______ is a long-established and popular sport in Britain, both 'flat racing' and 'national hunt' racing (where there are jumps for the horses), sometimes known as 'steeple­chase'. The former became known as 'die sport of kings' in the seventeenth century, and modern British royalty has close connec­tions with sport involving horses. Some members of the royal family own racehorses and attend certain annual race meetings (Ascot, for example); some are also active participants in the sports of polo and show-jumping (both of which involve riding a horse).

The chief attraction of horse-racing for most people is die oppor­tunity it provides for gambling. (8) ______, although declining, is still popular for the same reason. In this sport, the dogs' chase a mechanical hare round a racetrack. It is easier to organize than horse-racing and 'the dogs' has the reputation of being the 'poor man's racing'.


10. a) Complete the advertisements from the sports magazine using the words in the box and you’ll find what things sportspeople are offered. Write each word with an appropriate number.

track running spikes; body surfing; basketball shoes; running shoes; noseclips; team kits; snorkelling masks; rims; football boots; nets; fins; balls; basketball backboards; football kits; swimsuits; goggles; aquashoes; armbands; fins; body surfing; hoops; armbands;    



A. If you are preparing for a holiday abroad or if you just enjoy your swimming, we have everything for those who enjoy the water: (1) __, (2) __, (3) __, (4) __, (5) __, (6) __, (7) __, (8) __ , (9) __ , (10) __ , and (11) __ .

B. If you want to play basketball like the professional, then you need to use the quality basketball equipment. We have (12) __, (13) __, (14) __ , (15) __ , (16) __ .

C. We hold a wide range of athletics shoes and athletics equipment for both amateurs and professionals. If you are looking for (17) __ or general (18) __, you will find an excellent selection here.

D. Whether you are a Sunday League player or a professional footballer, we have a fantastic choice of (19) __ , (20) __ , (21) __ , and (22) __ .


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