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Unit II. Dealing with people

Listening script

Unit I. Meeting people

Lesson 1

Fernando Lopez: Excuse me. Do you mind if I sit here?

Sofia Platini: No. Please, go ahead.

Fernando Lopez : Thanks. I'm Fernando Lopez from the Madrid office.

Sofia Platini: Nice to meet you. I'm Sofia Platini from Milan.

Fernando Lopez: Pleased to meet you, Sofia. Is this your first trip to London?

Sofia Platini: No, it's the second time I've been here, actually. I was here last year, too. Actually, I don't travel abroad very much as I work in the IT department. So I'm just enjoying being out and about.

Fernando Lopez : So you keep the computer system working.

Sofia Platini: I look after the software, actually. I make sure everybody has what they need to do their job. What do you do, Fernando?

Fernando Lopez: I'm in charge of Human Resources, so I spend most of my time in the office. It's nice to have this chance to get away! How was your flight, Sofia?

Sofia Platini: Fine, no problems. How about you?

Fernando Lopez: Actually I nearly missed the flight because I left work late. We're very busy at the moment because we're interviewing for two new posts in Administration.

Sofia Platini : It's not a good time for me either because we're installing a brand new program in all the computers, and it's taking longer than we thought.



Lesson 2


Masako: So, welcome to Kyoto, Sue, Heather.

Sue: Thank you very much. This is a wonderful city, really.

Masako: Is this your first time here?

Sue: No, I was here with an Australian trade delegation five years ago. What about you, Heather?

Heather: First time for me, I'm afraid.

Sue: So, Masako, Heather, what have you two been doing since Vancouver last year?

Masako : After you, Heather.

Heather: Well ... I've been learning Spanish Ė

Sue : Really?

Heather: Oh yes, and I've been decorating my house all by myself, and I've been doing a

lot of jogging. Can't you tell?

Masako: Yes, you've lost weight, haven't you?

Heather: I sure have. How about you, Sue?

Sue: I've finally finished my doctorate -

Masako : Oh, well done, Sue.

Heather: That's fantastic.

Sue: Thanks. It was about time! And, what else? We've been looking for a house to buy, but prices are so high these days Ė

Masako: Oh yes, here too.

Sue : And for the last few months I've been helping my daughter a lot with her studies. She wants to start university next year. But anyway, Masako, what have you been doing?

Masako : Well, not much. I've been working too much,... and I've got married.

Sue : What? Oh, that's wonderful news! Congratulations!


Lesson 3

Joanne: So, David, have you ever had a frightening experience on a plane?

David : Sort of. A couple of years ago I was flying from Athens to Tokyo -I was living in Greece at the time, and a friend of mine who was working in Japan had invited me to stay with her. I flew overnight from Athens and had a short stopover at Bangkok - just long enough to have a walk around the airport. While the plane was getting ready to take off, there was a sudden flash in one left-hand side engine.

Tom : A flash of light, or like an explosion?

David : A flash of light, no noise, no flames. And the plane carried on moving. Apparently, the pilots hadn't noticed, but a lot of the passengers were starting to panic. They were getting up out of their seats, calling out to the cabin crew, who also hadn't seen anything, apparently.

Joanne: And what did they do, the cabin crew?

David: They told the pilots, and a few seconds later the plane came to a halt. We had only moved a few metres. And then outside the plane it was suddenly like a disaster movie - you know, flashing lights, sirens, people running around. It was incredible! Some of the passengers were shouting to be taken off.

Joanne: And were you panicking?

David: To tell you the truth, I continued reading my book. I mean, there was nothing I could do. About ten minutes later, they evacuated us off the plane and drove us to a five-star hotel in Bangkok, and gave us a room to rest in, and food. Later - the food, by the way, was out of this world -anyway, later, at three o'clock in the morning, we were called to reception to get onto buses.

Joanne: How long had you been there?

David:About ten or twelve hours. Anyway, we boarded the same plane, and yes, most of the passengers were quite frightened as it started to taxi. But after that we had no further problems, so we finally got to Tokyo about seventeen hours late.


Lesson 4



A: Hello how are things? What's your new boss like? How's she getting along?

B: Really well! It was the right choice to appoint somebody from outside the company. She's so enthusiastic. She's got everybody working well, she keeps us motivated and you know how important that is in our place! It's important that she's goal-oriented too. She always lets you know exactly what she wants to do, which is great! Now you know exactly where you're going and what you have to do. She's good at meetings too. She makes everyone contribute. She's got all of us making suggestions and coming up with ideas. It's not easy to find someone so enthusiastic. Great, everyone's really pleased!


C: How are you getting along with the new manager?

D: Fine, she's a good listener all right. She seems to be quite open-minded - she hasn't got fixed ideas. She listens to you and wants to know what you think about things. She lets you develop your ideas if she thinks they're good. And then she's very practical and direct about things. She said that she doesn't expect results immediately but she doesn't allow anybody to waste any time. I think everybody is happier than before. She makes you want to do a good job. Everyone seems to get along with her quite well.


E: Hi! How is work?

F: Oh, not too bad. Did you know weíve got a new boss?

E: No I didnít. since when?

F : Since last month. He is new to the company.

E: What's he like? Is he difficult to work with?

F: I still don't really know. He certainly knows his job, but he can be quite single-minded about reaching targets and things. At the first meeting we had with him, he wouldn't allow us to change anything. He seems very ambitious as well. He's got us all talking about profit margins and money. He's making us work all right, but at least you know where you are with him.


G: What's the new manager like? Has he made a good start?

H: Oh yes, I think he has. I mean he's really charming. He makes everybody feel respected and important at work. You know that we have had problems in the office with so many different characters and we used to have arguments all the time. Well, that's all changed now. He definitely knows what he wants to do but he seems to be quite easy-going. If you've got a problem, he just listens and then he lets you do things in your own way. He's good at dealing with conflict and he never gets angry or loses his patience with anyone. No, very good. I think you made the perfect choice!


Unit II. Dealing with people

Lesson 1

Alvaro Gomez:Hello. Iíd like to speak to Susan Crawley, please.

Susan Crawley:Speaking.

Alvaro Gomez:Hello Susan. Itís Alvaro Gomez from Detecsys Systems here. Iím afraid you still havenít paid for the computers we installed three months ago.

Susan Crawley:Ah, yes, Alvaro. We seem to have lost the invoice. Would you mind sending me a duplicate?

Alvaro Gomez:Susan, we've already sent you two duplicate invoices and now we'd like you to pay for the computers.

Susan Crawley:Alvaro, I'm afraid we're having some cash-flow problems right now. Do you think you could wait until next month?

Alvaro Gomez:I'm under some serious pressure from my company to collect payment for this equipment, Susan. We expect you to pay before the end of June.

Susan Crawley:Don't worry, Alvaro. We're waiting on payment of a big project ourselves, and that's the reason for our delay.

Alvaro Gomez:OK Susan, we can give you another two weeks, but if we don't receive payment by then, I'm afraid we'll have to send someone round to pick up the computers.

Susan Crawley:That won't be necessary, Alvaro. I can assure you we'll have the money by then.

Alvaro Gomez:I'll take your word for it, I'll call you again in two weeks if I don't hear from you before then. Goodbye Susan.

Susan Crawley:OK, Alvaro.


Lesson 2

Consultant So, thank you very much for all your help and cooperation during our recent visit to your company. It was a very interesting experience to see so much in such a short time. Now I'd like to go on and outline our initial proposals very briefly. First of all, we would like to propose a change to the company's name. Now we understand that it is the name of the founder of the company but we feel that the name 'Bruston Bicycles and Cycling Accessories' is not exactly a commercial name. We suggest changing to a more international name. Something that's shorter and easier to remember. Secondly, we'd like to propose that you recruit new sales staff. We know that the present sales manager is doing a great job, but she doesn't have the necessary resources. We recommend that you employ three new assistant staff - people with languages and experience in the sector. Our third proposal is to investigate the possible use of the Internet as a marketing tool for your company. We know it's not the answer to everything but we do believe that it could help to develop the company. Finally, we recommend taking serious and immediate measures to reorganize the production side of the company. There are too many long delays and you are losing clients as a result. Are there any questions at this stage before I go into detail about our proposals?


Lesson 3


Man: I can't stand it any longer!

Woman: Why? What's up?

Man : I've just been out for lunch

with Phil and I had to pay for his

meal yet again.

Woman: Well, you could just ask him

for the money.

Man: No, I'd rather not do that. It

would be really embarrassing.



Woman: Why are you looking so


Man: Michelle's smoking again and I

hate it!

Woman: Have you told her that?

Man: No, I'm not sure that's such a

good idea. She is the boss after all!


Woman: I feel really uncomfortable

with Juan.

Man: Mmm. Me too.

Woman: He's always shouting and

swearing, isn't he? Frankly, I've

had enough of it.

Man: I know! Let's do the same all

afternoon and see if he likes it.

Woman: OK. That might work, I



Woman: I've got a headache! Sue's been talking to her boyfriend on the phone again. You can't imagine what they were talking about!

Man: Why don't you turn up the radio when she's on the phone? When she asks you what you're doing, you could tell her you don't want to listen to her phone calls.

Woman: What a good idea! I'll do that next time he calls.

Lesson 4


1. Managing director: Right, OK, well, before we start, I'd just like to say I'm very pleased with how successful our stand was at the trade fair on Friday. The stand looked pretty good - and, Jane, you did very well to get such a good location. It made such a difference.

Jane: Yeah, I think it did.

Managing director: Well done, Jane. And Alan - you spent most of your time looking after visitors. Well, we've been quite busy with email and phone enquiries already this morning. In fact, I can tell you that we've already taken several large orders from people who visited the stand!

Alan: That's excellent!

Jane: Yeah, that's really good news.

Managing director: Great. Well done everybody!

2. Jenny: Hi Tim. How are you getting along?

Tim: Well not bad - it's quite difficult to remember everyone's name, but I'm getting there!

Jenny: Oh, don't worry. By the way, I want to tell you how much I enjoyed your presentation yesterday. You did a great job.

Tim: Really?

Jenny: Yes - absolutely! In fact, everybody thought it was absolutely fantastic! We've already tried out some of your time-saving ideas in our department. It's really going to improve efficiency.

Tim: Well, I was fairly pleased with it. Anyway, thanks for your support!

Jenny: You're welcome!



3. Boss: Ah, John, thanks for stopping by. Hope you're not too rushed?

John: No, it's fine.

Boss: I just wanted to mention ... I've been chatting to Philippe in Paris, and they're already asking if we can send another pack of brochures through. They're extremely popular there, it seems.

John: Oh, really? That's a surprise.

Boss: Well ... maybe, but I really liked the way you included the customer stories. Anyway, they love it - you've done very well.

John: Well ..., if you think so!

Boss: I do! Anyway, can I ask you to give Philippe a call in Paris? He'll be in for the rest of the day.

John: OK, and thanks!


Lesson 5


Derek Phew! Busy night, isn't it?

Ayse It's like this every Friday and Saturday You should be happy, Derek, can I speak to you for a moment, please?

Derek Yeah, yeah, what is it?

Ayse Derek, I had a phone call this afternoon from Turkey ...

Derek Ah yes, everything OK?

Ayse No. There's a big family problem at home.

Derek I see. Go on.

Ayse And I have to go back to help sort it out.

Derek What! Hang on, hang on - how long would you be away for?

Ayse I can't say - I really can't.

Derek Well, give me an idea.

Ayse I can't say - I don't know ...three weeks, maybe four...

Derek Three or four weeks! When would this be?

Ayse As soon as possible. Tomorrow maybe ...

Derek Ayse, you're not serious. You can't do this to me. If you went for that long - so many weeks -you'd be leaving me in a terrible mess. You know this is the busiest month of the year.

Ayse Yes I know, Derek. I'll take leave without pay, so it won't cost you anything. And I'll come back as soon as I can. I don't want to lose this job, but my family needs me. And I can't say no. I have to go.



Derek Look Ayse. If you went now, I'd be without my manager for -what did you say? - a month? You must know that that's impossible.

Ayse Derek, I know it's inconvenient...

Derek Inconvenient, Ayse! It's more than inconvenient!

Ayse There's a family crisis in my home. I am part of my family. If I didn't go now, what would I be? What would they think of me? They need me. Can you understand?

Derek You know most of the staff are new, and they don't speak much English. I don't speak Turkish. We've got three restaurants - this one's only been open for two months. I can't let you go so soon, for so long. If it were any other time of the year, it would be OK, but...

Ayse I know it's a busy time of year, I do. I appreciate it from your point of view. But put yourself in my shoes - imagine if it were your family and you were in Turkey, what would you do?

Derek OK, OK, Ayse - this is what I suggest. Let's both sleep on it and I'll phone you tomorrow morning, and we'll talk about it, and see if we can reach some sort of compromise. Is that all right?

Ayse I'll be here at 9.30.



Ayse Izmir restaurant. Good morning.

Derek Good morning, Ayse. It's me.

Ayse Hello Derek.

Derek Right, er... I've been doing some thinking, and I understand that it's necessary for you to be with your family for a while. On the other hand, I need someone with your experience and ability with the staff and the customers, and the accounts and the orders. So what I suggest is - if you went in four days' time that would give us time to show the ropes to someone else - a bit...

Ayse What ropes?

Derek I mean, explain how things work, train up one of the waiters to do the cash, and then if you could promise me you'll only be away for - say - two weeks...

Ayse OK, I'll stay and - what is it? -show somebody the ropes for four days, if you give me a bit more time away. Two weeks just isn't realistic. You don't know my family. Let's say I'll stay here for four days if you let me have two and a half to three weeks away depending on flights. And if you can't accept that well...

Derek All right, Ayse, let's agree to that then. I suppose I could come in some nights. And I'll lend you the money for the flight and expenses if you like.


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