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Zlo- Wow, I see people in Australia take the doomsday very seriously. I wonder whether the situation is the same in Finland? Mrs Halonen

Taking the time to form an emergency plan with your family and put together a survival kit could literally save your life if the worst case scenario ever did occur.

Zlo- Wow, I see people in Australia take the doomsday very seriously. I wonder whether the situation is the same in Finland? Mrs Halonen

-Hello, eveybody. I am glad to have such a chance discuss this interesting and exiting topic with you, the topic of crucial importance- The end of the world wich is said to place on the 21st of December.

For me, as a ordinary, person this topic seems to be rather interesting. To tell the truth, I EVEN SEARCHED through the internet and studied numerous materials concerning this topic. Being an optimistic person, and having found mismatch in the predictions of the end of the world, I felt release.

But as a politician, I find this topic philosophical. The point is, tht unfortunately, Our world hs proceeded down the violent path,confrontational relationships between countries and Bitter rivalry , outbreaks of rebellions within the countries, crime, shift in human values. We can`t go on like this. This way will prove fatal for us. As a result we already experience economic crisis, corruption, deepening recession of our countries, deficit. I suggest that we renew political dialog in oder to avoid a confrontational relationship and ease tension, sing the long-term security requirements and become allies. These measures will help us to bring equilibrium into our countries and will help to tackle our home problems more effectively.

Zlo- We see your point, thank you. But whats about economic situation? According to GMI 10 major companies are now at risk of bankruptcy. Mr, Geithner, do you think it is somehow connected with 21th of December?

- Before I start I want to ask you: After billions of years the end of the world has to happen on Satturday?really? I still cant believe youre buying this.

As it has been already said people see the signs of the doomsday everywhere, in every sphere of our life! And as I am here today you have probably already understood that the current economic crisis is considered to be one of those signs.

Im not going to lie to you. Yes, were facing the economic crisis and yes a lot of country are in a very difficult situation now.

The USA is in jeopardy of the fiscal clif. It fell to Barac Obama to prevent it and he is clearly showing us that this is a solvable problem. Senators and House Members are sure that almost everything is negotiable -- spending cuts, tax rates, Medicare and Medicaid -- and there's widespread agreement that any deal has to combine spending cuts and tax revenue increases. Actually the negotiations on this problem between the USA president and the republicans are underway and Im sure that they will take a significant step to overcoming mutual distrust and finding fair middle ground to address the nation's most pressing challenges.

As for Europe all attention is of course focused on Greece now as everything depends on this country. I am glad to say that having stumbled over the decision in the past month, the Eurogroup finally forged an agreement on a package of medium-term measures to ease the Greek debt burden by about 40 billion by 2020. Greece already pulled a success after having done its part of the bargain before the Eurogroup meeting. Already on 12 November, eurozone finance ministers had praised Athens efforts to get the economic adjustment programme back on track. The Eurogroup is particularly satisfied to note that Greece has significantly strengthened its segregated account for debt servicing, understood to be a German demand.

As for Spain,the fall in the housing prices is intensifying and that is a reason to rejoice It is obvious that the owners may not feel comfortable with these decreases, but the truth is that as housing prices keep on going down, the end of the crisis in Spain comes nearer. We cannot forget that the end of a crisis doesnt reach its climax until the reason why it began disappears. In Spain, that reason was the credit bubble: it raised housing prices, which led to an excess in real estate transactions. I can go on with a lot of examples such as

* *

Zlo- excuse me, we have a question from the audience. Please, whats your name?

- My name is ololo. Do you really want us to believe that the crisis just coincides with the coming of the doomsday?

-I want you to understand that all these things that are happening in the world economy system now are absolutely normal and we shouldnt be afraid of them. Any system is cyclic and the crisis is just a cycle. You can just remember the Great Depression. The world overcame it then and it will overcome it this time too. It is a problem but the world doesnt cease to exist because of it.

- Do you personally believe in what youre saying?

Yes I do. And I do believe in numbers. I checked the Mayan calendar myself, made some calculation and didnt get the date of 21 of December. There wont be any painful recession, there wont be inflation, there wont be euro crisis and there wont be any doomsday!

Zlo- well we have such a passionate audience today, I think, that we shall give Julia the right to speak on whole-time basis. Please Julia. The word is yours

- - Ok, rightbut I cant just agree with you! The Maya calendar is also figuresso why dont you believe in these ones. Not to everyones astonishment you are always talking about crisis, to my mind its only state ways to let corruption thrive! All these businessmen supportive of such economics regime are ready get everything for a song!


Because of a sense of inevitability I am sure that Mayas were for right about the end of the world. I believe in it not because I want to but because gut instinct rather than reason guides me. Undoubtedly, there is nothing to do in this world. I am a single parent and I do know that things that are happening in the world are not for good future. How can we jump from the grey, stagnating present? Of course, may be the widening in many measures of inequality can be traced in part to changes in marriage patterns, rather than just changes in individual earnings. But on closer inspection I see that even very rich people suffer now. A majority of companies were broken up and pushed into bankruptcy I discredit modern laws now, I and my children dont feel being supported, thats why I see this end for all, rich and poor, singles and families. Its not time to back off. I see that if companies cease to exist it wont change my life or lives of my children. Prime beneficiaries are always yours.

Zlo- Your applauses please to this brave woman.

Zlo-And now its time for questions from the audience! .

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