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Means of Communication

The means of communication help us to send our messages and ideasfrom one place to another. In the modern world the means of communication have become very important. In old days it was very difficult to send our messages and receive messages from far-off places. This sending and receiving messages and ideas is known as communication. The following are the main means of communication.

Post and telegraphs. The Government of our country has a department of Posts and Telegraphs. It has thousands of post offices all over the country. The postal department carries our mail, money orders and parcels to all parts of our country and the world and delivers it to our friends and relatives for whom they are meant. The mail is sent by road, rail or air. Letters are the cheapest means of communication.

Radio, television and the newspaper are mass-communicating media. Through these means we can communicate with thousands of people. There are a lot of radio stations in our country. These stations broadcast radio programmes. Radio broadcasts news, music, plays, stories, agriculture information, speeches, advertisement and other important announcements. Television provides news, information, education, music and entertainment to people too. The difference between radio and television is that the latter uses moving pictures to convey the message. Almost every home has a radio and television set. They bring us useful information about the latest events in the country and the world. Newspapers, magazines and books are good means of mass-communication. This is a printed medium which travels far and wide. The newspapers have a very wide circulation and every literate person tries to go through them. They bring us the latest news, advertisements and other information. Hoardings and billboards are used by the Government and advertisers to inform the public.

Nowadays, we canít imagine our life without Internet. Internet is the source of information of our world. Internet is the latest means of communication. It is a network of computers around the world. E-mail helps us to send messages through computers. When the mail is delivered to a userís mailbox, the user reads the mail, composes a new one and responds to it.

Recently cell phoneshave become popular. This type of telephone has no wires and can be carried by a person wherever he goes. Millions of people are connected to each other with the cell phones. With a help of a cell phone we can make a call to any country in the world at any time. We can use our cell phone to send short message (SMS).

I donít read newspapers very often. I read them only if anything very important happens or if I found there anything what I am really interested in. I listen to the radio quite often. Despite the music they are playing, I can find a lot of information there. I think the Internet is the best way of communication. There is a lot of information there and you can also watch TV through Internet or listen to the radio and you can read a newspaper or a magazine too.


1. What means of communication do you know?

2. How do we call the governmental department that deals with our mail, money orders and parcels?

3. How can our mail be transported?

4. Letters are the cheapest means of communication, arenít they?

5. What programmes do radio stations broadcast?

6. What is the difference between radio and television?

7. How does Internet help people to communicate?

8. Mobile phone is wireless, isnít it?

9. What is SMS?

10. What means of communication do you prefer to use? Why?


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