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Each field in the table should contain only one element of data. Content field is associated with a particular type of data as text, number, date / time, yes / no. Fields have appropriate properties as: field size, format, common values.


Indexing (with or without allowing duplicates) – provides quicker access to data

Required – fields in which data entry is mandatory

Open an existing table – double-click left mouse button on the name of the table within the object pane Delete table - press right mouse button on the name of the table in the object pane and choose Delete on the quick menu (other database objects are opened and deleted in the same manner!)

- sorting records in a table, query, or a form in ascending, descending, numerical or alphabetical order

View button - change type of table, query, form, report view

 Datasheet view – used for data entry


o Changing the width of a column in the table:


a) place mouse on the delimiter between 2 columns, press and hold left mouse button, "drag" delimiter in order to adjust width and release the mouse button (drag-and-drop method), or

b) select column (field), and on the Home tab choose More option, then choose Column Width and enter desired width


o Find function – type in content (words, numbers, dates etc.) you wish to search for


o To apply the data filter to a table: select the column (field), and on Home tab choose Selection type among listed: “Equals”, “Does not equal”, “Contain”, “Does not contain”


o To remove (toggle) filter press Remove (toggle) filter button.


o Add field to the existing table


a) in previous versions of Microsoft Access fields could be added only through Design View, but in this recent version, empty field can be added through Datasheet view.

b) press left mouse button on the "Add new field" and enter name of the new field; use additional tabs to determine the type of data this field will contain


o Change order of fields – select the field that you want to reorder, press and hold down left mouse button over the desired field, drag the mouse to where you want to place field and release mouse button (drag-and-drop method)


o Validation Rules – set rules for data entry, for example: field in which we wish to allow data entry within next 10 days from "today" ( "today" is the "present" date in the computer system) - syntax:


o Field Validation Message – set the message that will appear if there is an attempt to enter data in a manner that violates the validation rule


o Primary key – distinctive field, a unique identification of a record. There cannot be two or more records with same primary key


o Changing data type note: - If data types are changed, there may be loss of data (e.g. if the record length decreases by a digit)!


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