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FORMULA BARThis is where you make changes to what is in the cell.

MS PowerPoint Presentation


PowerPoint is a presentation software program that is part of the Microsoft Office group of programs. Many people have seen a PowerPoint presentation before but donít even realize it. PowerPoint presentations use pictures and text to help illustrate what youíre talking about. PowerPoint is usually used with a projector so that everyone in the room can see your presentation at the same time.

PowerPoint is widely used in business and classrooms and is an effective tool when used for training purposes. A PowerPoint presentation is sometimes called a slideshow. While you are talking, a slideshow gives listeners something to look at. The text and pictures in a slideshow can help listeners better understand and remember what youíre talking about.

Presentations made with PowerPoint can be simple or elaborate. If you are a beginner or donít have a lot of time you might want to use a PowerPoint template. Templates are presentations that already include beautiful backgrounds and fonts. You only need to add the text and pictures that relate to your presentation. On the other hand, you can create presentations from scratch without the help of the computer. You can add animation, sound, and even video.

So, why would you use PowerPoint? It is easy to use and offers attractive designs. Having something to look at during your presentation can help your listeners understand and remember the content. All in all, PowerPoint is a useful program for anyone who gives frequent presentations.


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