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In each sentence decide whether one, or both, of the alternative verb forms given are appropriate. Write O for one or B for both.


a) In those days, I always used to get up/got up early in the morning.

b) When I got to the cinema Jack had been waiting/was waiting for me.

c) We would always have/were always having breakfast in bed on Sundays.

d) Mary was always falling/always fell ill before important examinations.

e) My sister used to own/would own a motorcycle and sidecar.

f) Pay no attention to Dave's remarks. He wasn't meaning/didn't mean it.

g) I felt awful after lunch. I ate/had eaten too much.

h) Brenda left/had left before I had time to talk to her.

i) The explanation was simple. In 1781 HMS Sovereign, on her way back from India, had sighted/sighted an empty boat drifting off the African coast.

j) Pauline has changed a lot. She didn't always use to look/wasn't always looking like that.


Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given.


a) I intended to call you yesterday, but I forgot. going   I call you yesterday, but I forgot.
b) Sylvia asked if I wanted more pudding, but I said I couldn't eat any more. had   When Sylvia offered enough.
c) Owing to illness, Sally was unable to sing the solo, as arranged. have   Sally was but she fell ill.
d) Diana wasn't always as rude as that. be   Diana rude.
e) We've changed our minds about going to Rome, as originally intended. intending   We we've changed our minds.
f) When I lived in London cycling to work was part of my daily routine. used   When I lived in London I day.
g) I might possibly go to the theatre tonight. wondering   I going to the theatre tonight.
h) I had to go past your house so I decided to drop in. passing   I so I decided to drop in.
i) About 100 people were waiting for the late bus. arrived   By about 100 people waiting.
j) What were you doing at the moment of the explosion? occurred   When what were you doing?


Complete the text by writing one word in each space.


When I was a young man I spent a year in France, studying French at the University of Grenoble. Every Friday I (1) eat at the Alps cafe. I didn't (2) to spend much money, as I (3) not afford it, but it was a little tradition of mine to eat there. Anyway, I'm going to tell you a true story which happened on one occasion when I (4) eating there. I remember I was having a pasta dish at (5) time. A beautiful girl came up to me and said, 'I was (6) if you wanted to walk with me in the park?' I had never seen her (7) , so I was rather taken aback. I was (8) to go with her when I noticed a tough-looking man was watching our every movement. (9) my discomfort, the girl whispered to me, in English, 'Park - five minutes!', and then disappeared. Well, my bill (10) ages to arrive, and by the time I (11) to the park, there was no sign of the girl. I asked an old lady (12) was sitting there if she (13) seen a young girl waiting around. I described the girl to her. The old lady said that the girl (14) had to rush to the railway station, and that I (15) to follow her there urgently. She had also left me a note. It said, 'I will explain everything. Meet me on platform 6.' 1.

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