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Tick the correct sentence.


Fill in the blanks using will or be going to. Use the verbs in brackets.


Erna Hart 1 _________ (swim) across the English Channel tomorrow. She 2 _____________(set out) from the French coast at 5 o'clock in the morning. Erna is only 14 years old and she hopes to set up a world record. She is a strong swimmer and many people fell that she is sure to succeed. Erna's father 3 _________ (set out)with her in a small boat. Mr Hart has trained his daughter for years. Tomorrow 4 ______________ (watch) her anxiously as she swims the long distance to England. Erna intends to take short rests every two hours. She 5 (have) something to drink but she 6 __________ (not eat) any solid food. Most of Erna's schoolfriends 7 (wait) for her on the English coast. Among them 8 ________(be) Erna's mother, who swam the Channel herself when she was a girl.

Choose the correct verb form.


1. Workers ________________ the new roads by the end of this year.

a. will complete b. will be completed

2. Everybody __________ anxiously as the new buildings go up.

a. will have been watching b. will be watching

3. We__________ never_________ the heroes who gave their lives for our country.

a. will ... forget b. would ... forget

4. He said he __________to London the next day.

a. will go b. would go

5. By the end of the year I ____________ five English books

a. will have read b. will read

6. Don't ring her up at three o'clock. She _________ a letter to her mum.

a. will be writing b. will write

7. At this time tomorrow the girls _________ the X-mas tree

a. will decorate b. will be decorating

8. I expect we_________________ problems with bad weather.

a. ‘ll have b. are going to have

9. When we get back we ______________

a. will have traveling_________ b. will be travelling

10. This time next week we _________________ down Costa del Sol.

a. are going to travel_________ b. will be travelling

Finish the sentences. Use the future forms.


1. I think Jane_______________

2. Can you repair Peter's car? No, ________

3. At 10 o'clock tomorrow _________________

4. It's nearly autumn and soon ________________

5. I expect _____________________

6. At the moment Lorna and Jack _________________

7. When they come to the theatre ______________

8.. They'll probably be hungry because ___________

9. When you arrive_____________________

10. By the time you come back

Tick the correct sentence.


1. a. John will begin his new job tomorrow.

b. John will be beginning his new job tomorrow.

2. a. By 2001 he will work for ten hours.

b. By 2001 he will have worked for ten hours.

3. a. He will be staying with us as often as possible.

b. He will stay with us as often as possible.

4. a. From two till three he will be working in the garden.

b. From two till three he’ll work in the garden.

5. a. He said he'll be in the south the next week.

b. He said he would be in the south the next week.

6. a. What is she going to do on Friday?

b. What will she be doing on Friday?

7. a. Computers are going to be important but they are not going to replace teachers.

b. Computers will be important but they won't replace teachers.

8. a. If I have time I'll go.

b. If I have time I'll have gone.

9. a. Where are you going to stay in Paris?

b. Where will you have stayed in Paris?

10. a. What time will they be returning home?

b. What time will they return home?

5. Match the two parts of the sentences.

1. I will play volleyball unless ...

2. I hope ...

3. He will be working in his office ...

4. I'm going to stay ...

5. I'll be seeing them ...

6. Don't be afraid ...

7. They are a good team, I think ...

8. He'll do some shopping ...

9. I don't know ...

10. I'll have been living there...


a. ... I won't insult him.

b. ... when I'll come back.

c. ... from ten till five.

d. ... and then he'll have lunch.

e. ... at home today.

f. ... I have as headache.

g. ... when I've finished with you.

h. ... they are going to win the match

i. ... for 15 years next April.

j. ... you'll phone me regularly.


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