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Put the verbs in brackets into correct future forms.

Write your own text after reading the model.


I am going to tidy up my room

I am going to finish my homework

I am going to send e-mails

I am going to cook dinner

I am going to do laundry

I said to myself

but then

I watched TV all afternoon.

  1. Usebe goingto orwillto fill in the gaps.


1. Oh, dear, it’s already 7 o’clock! We… be late. 2. Do you think Nicole … pass her driving test? 3. This chocolate cake tastes so good! I think Christine … love it. 4. It’s very cold. I am sure it … snow. 5. Laura …probably be here by 8 o’clock. 6. I am not feeling well. I think I … faint. 6. He likes painting. He … to be an artist. 7. I am sure Kelly … let you borrow this CD. 8. I am cold. I … put on my jacket. 9. Look at him! He … fall from his bike. 10. Don’t worry! I … call the plumber for the dishwasher.



  1. Usebe goingtoorwillto fill in the gaps.

My name’s Dolly Benson and I’m just an ordinary actress now, but, believe me, I ...be famous. I think my new film Back Door … show you that I’m as goof as any actress in the world. I know I … be bigger that Marilyn and better than Julia.

I … stay in Mississippi for the next year, but then maybe I … live in Hollywood – next door to Brad Pitt. Brad and I … go out to all the best parties. Maybe we …go together, but we … meet there.

All those who don’t know me today …know we next week – I hope!


  1. Look at the diary below.Fill it with different activities. Then, use the present continuous form to say what your arrangements are for this week. Ask your friend about his/her plans for this week. Your friend wants you to visit her/him. Look at your diary and explain why you can’t come.


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday


have a dinner party, buy a computer, take the car to a mechanic, go to the cinema, clean the house, fly to Moscow, meet with …, go shopping, go to the hairdresser’s, move furniture, go to the theater, do my homework, make a chocolate cake, go to the concert, go to the dentist, drive to the supermarket, knit a scarf, go to the bank, babysit, go rollerblading, go to the gym.


A: Can you come on Monday evening?

B: Sorry but I am playing volleyball.

A: What about Tuesday evening then?

B: No, not Tuesday. I …

A: And Wednesday evening?

B: ….

A: Well, are you free on Thursday?

B: I am afraid not. I …



A: What are you doing on Friday?

B: I am busy on Friday. I …

A: Can you come on Saturday evening?

B: I think I can.

A: Sorry but I am busy on Saturday. I …

B: What about Sunday?

A: …




8. Put the verb into the more suitable form,present continuousorpresent simple.


1. I … (go) to the theater this evening. 2. … the film (begin) at 3.30 or 4.30? 3. We … (have) a party next Saturday. 4. The art exhibition … (open) on 3 May and (finish) on 15 July. 5. I …not (go) out this evening. I …(stay) at home. 6. ….you (do) anything tomorrow morning? 7. We … (go) to a concert tonight. It … (begin) at 7.30. 8. Sue …(come) to see us tomorrow. She …(travel) by train and her train …(arrive) at 10.15. I …(meet) her at the station. 9. I …not (use) the car this evening, so you can have it. 10. I am bored with this programme. When … it (finish)? 11. I can’t see you at the weekend. I …(visit) my parents. 12. He … (meet) Lisa for coffee at noon.

Put the verbs in brackets into correct future forms.

1. This time next month we … (lie) on the beach. 2. You’d better take your umbrella. Look at the clouds. It …rain. 3. The plane for New York …(depart) at 9.15. 4. Look at that car! It … crash. 5. I’ll say goodbye now. You …(go) by the time I get back. 6. Dave is so ambitious. I am sure he … (make) a fortune by the time he’s thirty. 7. You’ll know where the party is. We …(make) so much noise! 8. I’ve just got an e-mail from Megan. I … (read) it to you. 9. I’ll lend you this book next time I see you. I … (read) it by then. 10. The train …at 8 o’clock. Don’t be late. 11. I am going to make a success out of my life. You…(see). 12. What time … the plane for Moscow (leave)?


10. Use Future Simple, Future Continuous or Future Perfect.


1. I (to do) my homework tomorrow. 2. I (to do) my homework at six o'clock tomorrow. 3. I (to do) my homework by six o'clock tomorrow. 4. When I come home tomorrow, my family (to have) supper. 5. When you come to my place tomorrow, I (to read) your book. I (to do) my homework by the time you come. 6. Don't come to my place tomor­row. I (to write) a composition the whole evening. 7.I (not to go) to the cinema tomorrow. I (to watch) TV the whole evening. 8. What you (to do) tomor­row? 9. What you (to do) at eight o'clock tomor­row? 10. You (to play) volleyball tomorrow? 11. You (to do) this work by next Sunday? 12. When you (to go) to see your friend next time? 13. How many pages you (to read) by five o'clock tomorrow? 14. Tomorrow I (to begin) doing my homework as soon as I come from school. I (to do) my homework from three till six. My father (to come) home at seven o'clock tomorrow. I (to do) all my homework by the time he comes, and we (to go) for a walk together.



11. Read the letter. What is Jenny planning to do?


Dear Sarah,


I’ve got some great news. Richard and I are going on holiday for a whole month. Guess where – Hawaii!

We’re leaving on 1st June. We both love swimming, so we’re going to stay at a fabulous hotel right next to the beach. I am going to relax as much as possible because I’m quite tired after working hard all this year.

We are coming back from our holidays on 30th June, and I’ve got lots of plans for the rest of the summer. First, I’m going to work at a café because I want to earn some extra money and buy a new car. I am also going to join a gym to lose some weight. Finally, I want to find a better job in autumn, so I’m going to start a computer course.

Oh, I nearly forgot! On 16th August we’re having a garden party to celebrate Richard’s birthday. Please try to come. You’re welcome to spend the night here.

Well, that’s all for now. Hope to see you soon.



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