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Rewrite these sentences in the passive.

examples: No-one has made the bed. ------ The bed hasn`t been made.

No-one told me about the fight delay.-----------I wasn`t told about the flight delay.

a They put my luggage in the hold.

b No-one has cleaned the room today.

ń Someone has already filled in the form.

d Someone booked the taxi last night.

e They cancelled my flight.

f They gave me a first class ticket.

Match the statements and questions with the responses.

1 Can I have your name, please a A single or a double?

2 I'd like to book a room for Tuesday night. b When's the next flight?

3 I hope you catch the flight. ń I'll send someone to look at it.

4 I've missed my connection. d Yes, of course.

5 Can I pay by credit card? e It's Ahmed Salem.

6 The TV in my room doesn't work f Can I see your passport, please

7 What kind of identification do you need? g Here, please.

8 Where do I need to sign? h Thanks. Wish me luck!

13.Complete the word map. Use the words in the box:

14. Practise the following dialogues:

Mr Maliarchuk is going to have a business trip to London. He is having a meeting with the business partner on 12 November. He is making his last arrangements.

Buying a ticket

Cashier: Good morning. What can I do for you?

VM: I want to fly to London. Are there any seats available on Wednesday, next week?

C-r: Are you flying alone, sir?

VM: Yes.

C-r: What class?

VM: Economy.

C-r: Just a moment, sir... I'm afraid this flight is full. But there are a few seats left for Friday.

VM: Fine.

C-r: What is your name, sir?

VM: Viktor Maliarchuk.

C-r: As a rule, we sell Ukrainian citizens return tickets. You can buy an open return.

VM: O.K. How much is it?

C-r: It's one thousand, one hundred and fifty-five hryvnias, including airport taxes.

VM: May I pay in cash?

C-r: Certainly, sir. Here you are. Flight PS501.

VM: What time is the flight due to depart?

C-r: It leaves at 8.55 a.m., but you must check in one hour prior to departure, sir.

VM: And what time does it arrive in London?

C-r: 10.30 local time. There's two-hour time difference, you know.

VM: Thank you very much.

At the Check-in Desk

Mr Maliarchuk has come to the airport. He is at the check-in desk now.

Clerk: Hello. Can I see your passport and ticket, please?

VM: Here you are.

Clerk: Thank you. Do you have just this one case?

VM: Yes.

Clerk: Do you have any hand luggage?

VM: Just this one bag.

Clerk: Would you like smoking or non-smoking?

VM: Non-smoking, please.

Clerk: Right. Here is your ticket and a boarding card.

VM: Thanks.

Clerk: Your flight will board at gate 14 in about an hour's time. Have a good trip.

VM: Thanks. Bye.

15.Match the words in the box:


visa cheques
foreign department
insurance license
driving documents
credit ticket
travel agent
plane rental company
traveller’s car currency card  

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