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Interview with a 17-year-old son David

Interviewer: How do you get on with your parents?

David: I look up to them because (1) ... .

Interviewer: How strict are your parents?

David: They can be very strict at times. I told my Dad I wanted a motorbike, but he said it was out of the question Ė (2) ... . My mother is strict about keeping things tidy. I canít get out of doing the washing up and things like that, unless Iím very busy.

Interviewer: How do you get on with your sister?

David: (3) ... , so we are always arguing. Weíve never been very close, but I get on all right with her. I think Iím much closer to my mother.

1. a) Iím afraid to be punished if I do anything wrong.

b) I know theyíve worked hard to bring us properly.

c) I canít do what I like.


2. a) it wasnít expensive enough

b) I canít ride it very fast

c) it was too dangerous


3. a) Iíve always been very kind to her

b) I never agree with what she says

c) We always see eye to eye on many things

17. Make a small talk about peopleís character and appearance.

1. You will like him if you get to know him better as he is ...

2. He is the kind of man you go for at once ... .

3. Heís got a bunch of bad habits ... .

4. She/he is everything I (dis)like in a woman(man) ... .

5. His brother looks a bit stern but ... .

6. He is not the kind of person you will like at first sight but ... .

7. When you meet her, the first thing you notice is ... .

8. The girl is a little unbalanced but ... .


18. Expand the following dialogues.

1. A: John, could you do me a favour?

B: Sure. Go ahead.

A: I need to send a couple of books to a friend of mine in London. Iíve heard youíre going there tomorrow. If you could take the books with you, he would meet you at the airport.

B: No problem. But how can I recognize him?

A: ... .


2. A: Who is the young man in the picture?

B: Oh, this is Frank Howard, Williamís son?

A:I donít think he took after his father.

B: No, he didnít. He is a replica of his mother. Have you met her?

A: ... .


3. A:Bob, what do you think of Maryís brother?

B: He has got a good sense of humour. Itís a lot of fun to be with him.

A: But he is a very ambitious guy.

B: Do you consider ambition to be a good trait?

A:Ö .


4. A: Itís not necessary to be beautiful to be liked by people.

B: Thatís true. Look at film stars. Some of them are not good-looking at all, but they are so charming that everybody adores them. For example...


19. Work in groups.

Do you think that the proverb ďAppearances are deceptiveĒ is correct? Ask your partnerís opinion. Let him/her explain why he/she thinks so.


20. Give your own ideas on the following problems.

1.ĒThe situation of our youth is not mysterious. Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them. They must, they have no other models.Ē (James Baldwin)

2. Children should be allowed to make decisions about their lives. If they make mistakes, they can learn from them.

3. Give a child his will and he will turn ill.

4. Parents should show love and affection towards their children.

5. Children should always be told why they are being asked to do anything.

6. ďEvery generation revolts against its fathers and makes friends with its grandfathers.Ē (Lewis Mumford)


21. Comment on the following statements:

1. In any nation, the same variety of character types is represented.

2. Thereís no such thing as Ďnational characterí.

3. Face is a letter of recommendation.

4. A beauty lives an easier life.

5. ďIt is a wise father that knows his own child.Ē (W.Shakespeare)


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