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K03.5 Teeth akylosis

K03.6 Dental deposits

Dental calculus:



Teeth deposits:

*betel induced





*because of a cigarette smoking

Teeth coloration:


*not corresponding with WFI


0.7 Changing of the color in teeth hard tissue after their eruption

With the exception: teeth deposits (.6)

0.8 Other defined diseases of the teeth hard tissues

Irradiated enamel

Sensitive dentin

If the identification of the type of radiation is needed additional code of external reason is used (class XX)

K03.9 Uncertain disease of the teeth hard tissues

K04 Diseases of the pulp and periapical tissues

K04.0 Pulpitis


* abscess

* polylus


* acute

* chronic (hypertrophic) ulcerative

* purulent

K04.1 Pulp necrosis

Gangrene of the pulp


K04.2 Pulp degeneration






K04.3 Anomalous formation of hard tissues in the pulp Secondary or irregular dentin
K04.4 Acute apical periodontitis of a pulp origin Acute apical periodontitis (WFI)
K04.5 Chronic apical periodontitis Apical or periapical granuloma Apical periodontitis (WFI)
K04.6 Periapical abscess with a cavity Dental abscess with a cavity Dentoalveolar
K04.7 Periapical abscess without a cavity Dental Dentoalveolar abscess (WFI) Periapical  


K04.8 Root cyst The cyst: * apical (periodontal) * periapical * residual root cyst With the exception: lateral periodontal cyst (K09.0)
K04.9 Other and uncertain diseases of the pulp and periapical tissues
K05 Gingivitis and Periodontal diseases
K05.0 Acute gingivitis With the exception: acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis   (A69.1) Herpetic gingivostomatitis (B00.2)   K05.1 Chronic gingivitis Gingivitis (chronic): *WFI *Desquamative *Hyperplastic *Simple marginal *Ulcerative K05.2 Acute periodontitis Acute periocorontitis Periodontal abscess With the exception: acute apical periodontitis (K04.4) periapical abscess (K04.4) *with a cavity (K04.6) K05.3 Chronic periodontitis Chronic pericoronitis Periodontitis: *WFI *Complicated *Simple   K05.4 Periodontosis Juvenile periodontosis K05.5 Other periodontal disease K05.6 Periodontal disease without a precise definition K06 Other diseases of the gums and toothless alveolar process With the exception: (atrophied) toothless alveolar process   (K08.2) gingivitis *WFI (K05.1) *acute (K05.0)nnnn *chronic (K05.1)   K06.0 Gingival recession Gingival recession (generalized) (localized) (postinfectional)(postoperative) K06.1 Gingival hypertrophy Gingival fibromatosis K06.2 Injuries of the gums and toothless alveolar process, connected with trauma Hypertrophy due to the irritation of toothless alveolar process (hypertrophy due to the prosthetics) If necessary to indentify the reason with additional code of external reason (class XX) K06.8 Other specified lesions of the gums and toothless alveolar process Fibrous epulis Atrophied toothless alveolar process Giantcell epulis Peripheral giantcell granuloma Piogenic gums granuloma K06.9 Lesions of the gums and toothless alveolar process not specified


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