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EXERCISE ¹ 276. Retell the text in the past.

A Broken Vase

The young man is going to marry a beautiful girl. One day the girl says to him that the next day she will have a birthday party and she invites him to come. The young man is eager to make her a present, so he goes to a gift shop. There he sees many beautiful things. Of all things he particularly likes the vases. But they are very expensive, and as he has very little money he has to leave the shop without buying anything. When the young man is walking to the door he hears a noise: one of the vases has fallen down and broken to pieces. A brilliant idea comes to his mind. He comes up to the counter and asks the salesman to wrap up the broken vase he wants to buy. The salesman is surprised but does what the young man asks him to.

The young man takes the parcel and goes straight to the girl's place. He enters the room and sees that the guests have already gathered. Everybody is enjoying the party. Some of the people are dancing. Others are talking, joking and laughing. Saying “Many happy returns of the day,” the young man says that he has bought a small present for her. With these words he begins to unwrap the parcel. Suddenly he gets pale and says: “I am afraid, I have broken it. There were so many people in the bus …'' But when he unwraps the parcel, he sees that the salesman has wrapped each piece of the vase separately.


EXERCISE ¹ 277. Play a game. One of you is a ghost of a Morgan or any of the characters mentioned. The group should ask “Yes/No”- questions to find out which ghost they see.

Model: Were you a sailor? Did you want to know about your ancestors?

The Morgans

Wally Morgan wanted to know about his ancestors. He looked in old books, and visited churches. He discovered a lot of things about his family.

His father, Willy Morgan, played football for England. He was a full-back. He played against Scotland in 1923. The game started at 3 o'clock on a Saturday afternoon in May. England scored the first goal at 4.15. Then Willy scored two goals-both of them for Scotland. He didn't play for England again.

Billy "Four Eyes" Morgan lived from 1857 to 1886. He moved to the United States in 1879, and in 1886 he became the Sheriff of Rattlesnake Town. He died in a gunfight with Jesse James. Billy fired his gun five times, but he didn't kill Jesse. He killed three horses, a dog, and a Deputy Sheriff. Then Jesse killed him. Billy wasn't wearing his glasses.

Wallace Morgan was a pirate. He lived from 1624 to 1657. He was a sailor at Captain Blood's ship. They sailed round the world three times between 1646 and 1657 without a map. Finally, in 1657 they arrived in England. Wallace died in his bath. He slipped on the soap and drowned.

Sir William Morgan lived from 1413 to 1452. He was very romantic. He loved lady Matilda Potter, the niece of the king. He wanted to marry her and asked her to marry him in 1432. She said "No". He asked her again several times. Finally, she married him in 1452. He died ten minutes after the wedding. While he was crossing the bridge he fell off and landed in the river. He was wearing his armour and weighed 400 kilogrammes.


EXERCISE ¹ 278.The police believe that a certain man took part in a robbery in London last weekend. He told them that he was not in London at the weekend. His alibi is that he was in Scotland.

Fill in the missing words. Use the verbs: travel, see, hire, return, cost, buy, fly, stay, have, catch, arrive, pay, drive, go. Then work in pairs. Ask the “suspect” to close the book and ask questions on the details of the day till you catch him lying.

On Friday I ___ by tube to Heathrow Airport. I ___ some magazines at the airport. I then ___ to Edinburgh on a British Airways flight. I ___ dinner at the Taj Mahal restaurant in Edinburgh. After dinner I ____ a film at the Odeon Cinema. My ticket ____ 5 pounds.

Then I ___ at the Cumberland Hotel in Room 546. On Sunday morning I ___ a car and ___ to St. Andrews. I ___ a deposit of 20.00 pounds. In the afternoon I ___ fishing . In the evening I ___ to Edinburgh. On Sunday morning I ___ the 11.40 train to London. I ___ back in London at 17.50.


EXERCISE ¹ 279. Choose the right answer:

1. I was worried because I hadn't had any news from my friends. They were travelling / travelled around Europe.

2. The tourists were dead tired because they had explored / had been exploring the city all morning.

3. When the friends arrived at the maze, people were already queuing / already queued to get in.

4. We were appalled at the amount of rubbish that people left / had left at the camp.

5. He worked / was working as a service manager when I met him.

6. The growth of AIDS cases started / was starting in the 1990s.

7. We could not visit the temple because the authorities closed / had closed it for restoration.

8. I couldn't go on, my feet really hurt as I had walked / had been walking all day.

9. That love story was absolutely gripping! Once I'd picked it up / I picked it up, I couldn't put it down.

10. It was a shock to realize they had known / had been knowing each other for over a year.


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