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Professional debates, presentations, conferences

Making articles for magazines

The main purpose of scientific publication is to acquaint the scientific community with research results of the author, as well as identify its priority in the chosen field of science.
The scientific article is a brief, but sufficient to understand the research report and determine its value for the development of this science. It should contain sufficient information and references to its sources, so that colleagues are able to evaluate and verify the results.
The article should clearly and concisely outline the current state of the question, the purpose and the research methods, results and discussion the obtained data. This can be the results of their experimental studies, generalization of manufacturing experience, and analytical review of the information in this field.
In the work, devoted to the experimental (practical) research, it is necessary to describe the experimental methods, to assess the accuracy and reproducibility of the results. It is desirable that the results were presented in visual form: in the form of tables, graphs, charts.
When writing articles, you should follow the rules of scientific publishing and to adhere to the requirements of the scientific style of speech. This provides an unambiguous perception and evaluation of the data readers.

Preparing resume




Signing of the contract

Under the agreement content delivery refers to the set of rights and obligations of the parties contained in the terms (clauses) of the contract. Under a supply contract, the supplier undertakes to deliver goods due during the term of the contract and the buyer to accept and pay for the goods according to the contract prices. The contract shall contain: 1) name and number to be the supply of products; 2) a range or extended range subject to the supply of goods; 3) their qualitative characteristics; 4) complete; 5) requirements for packaging, packing, packaging; 6) General the term of the contract and delivery time; 7) the manner of delivery (transportation); and 8) commodity prices and the total amount of the contract; 9) the procedure and form of payment; 10) payment and postage details of the supplier and the buyer, and shipping address of the recipient, if he is a buyer of products; 11) other conditions that must be provided in accordance with the laws and conditions which the supplier and the buyer recognize the need to provide in the contract.
The total number of eligible supply of goods is defined in the contract as in value (in rubles), and natural (one at a time, in the weight amounts) indicators.
Range (range) is the proportion of species of delivered products (article 467 of the civil code). The range is divided into group and deployed.

Professional debates, presentations, conferences

1. Voice message must be sufficiently complete, comprehensive, accurate, specific, simple and clear.
2. It must be remembered that less than half of the listeners, usually women, so it's best to avoid exaggeration, of emotions, but at the same time this message should be vivid, exciting, without elements of monotony and boredom.
3. Take the time to create a compelling and constructive messages necessary for the promotion of the company and strengthening its position.
In the practice of public relations work there are times when suddenly arise false and harmful rumors, and you receive an urgent need to refute them. In this case, companies have to promptly make a powerful PR campaign, including by organizing briefings, press conferences, distribute PR-message in all media (Aleshin, I. C. Public relations for managers).
Consider the most traditional forms of PR communication, including briefings, receptions, conferences, press conferences, presentations, open days, round tables, exhibitions and speciality.
Press conference and briefing
A press conference is the most effective form of interaction between the company and journalists, as the latter receive information from the first hands of PR-specialists of the company and its management. It necessarily involves leadership or people who are most competent in the matter covered at the press conference. A press conference is conducted, as a rule, in case the need arises to clarify controversial issues with the public and attracting its attention to solving any problem.

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