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E) When will you be working?

«At this time tomorrow they (to take) an exam»:

B) Will be taking



D) The worst


D) Businessmen

Before going to bed I read…:

A) Books


Choose Participle I:

E) Writing

Choose Participle I:

B) Studying

Choose Participle I:

D) Doing

Choose Participle I:

C) Going

Choose Participle I:

C) Taking


A) Chieves

… can answer this question. It is too difficult.

D) Nobody

Children usually … with their parents:

B) Live


A) Children


Do you have … aunts? – No, I have not …:

A) Any, any

Downstairs we have ... living room and ... kitchen:

A) A, a

Does … know where she lives?:

B) Anybody

Did you have … classes yesterday? – No, we have … classes on Saturday:

A) Any, some

Do you play computer every week?:

C) Yes, I do


… England there are many types of houses:

B) In

Every morning students go…:

D) To the University


... family is large:

C) Our

... furniture will you choose tomorrow?:

B) What



B) Better



C) The hottest

Have your grandparents got … house?:

C) A

He has got ... nice view on ... sea

A) A, the

Hobby of my friend:

D) My friend’s hobby

Here is … telephone number:

B) His

He wants to do it for …:

A) Himself

He … a terrible headache today:

B) Has

Have my parents got a countryside house?:

D) Yes, they have

Have you got a lot of problems?:

A) No, I have not

Have you got ... brothers?:

B) Any

He is interested ... collecting pictures of horses:

He has … relatives in Astana:

D) Some

He isn’t very popular. He has … friends:

E) Few

How … time do you need to finish your project?:

E) Much

He has ... friends:

B) Few

He has … relatives in Astana:

D) Some

He teaches his son … he knows:

B) Everything

He ... ... a new car in two years.

E) Will have

His life ... interesting:

D) Is

He ... a teacher of languages:

E) Is

How many students … in your class now?:

C) Are there

How many children … in your family?:

E) Are there

Houses in Samoa don’t have … :

C) Walls

He often … to the cinema:

B) Goes

Houses in England are usually built from … :

B) Brick

Houses in Samoa have … to stop the rain:

B) Blinds

He lives near the office and he usually … there:

C) Works He usually finishes his work at 7 o’clock … :

B) In the evening

««He (to deliver) a lecture from 10 till 12 yesterday»

C) Was delivering

He lives in … USA:

B) The

He lives in … USA:

B) The

««He (to deliver) a lecture from 10 till 12 yesterday»

C) Was delivering



D) The most interesting

… is an experienced lawyer:

B) He

I (to study) English at 4 tomorrow»:

B) Shall be studying

«It (to rain) the whole day yesterday»:

A) Was raining

… is the official residence of President:

A) The White House

I want to ask you … question:

A) -

I spend … hour or two watching … interesting film:

D) An, an

In … evening I often read newspapers:

E) -

I am … good student:

A) A

I’d like to buy ... flowers. We haven't got ... in our garden now:

C) Some, any

I … a wide circle of interests:

E) Have

I’ve got ... interesting books to read:

D) Some

I have ... money:

B) Little

I … as happy as a king:

D) Am

I ... closer to the business now:

D) Am

I get up … seven o’clock every day:

B) At

It was very warm, so I … a window:

D) Opened

I live … Manchester … England:

D) In, in

I … to my aunt last week:

E) Went

I… from London two days ago:

D) Came

I’m a secretary and I live … my office:

B) Near

I live in a house … the sea:

A) Near

I … at 7 o’clock in the morning:

D) Get up

It is really quite a big house ... the seaside:

B) On

I love watching the James Bond film … Christmas Day:

B) On

In the office the secretary arranges business and social … :

C) Engagements

In the morning we


E) Breakfast

In the evening we have…:

C) Supper

In the morning we have …

E) Breakfast

«It (to rain) the whole day yesterday»:

A) Was raining

« It was snowing the whole day»:

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