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Ex. 30 Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense form

1. The director (not to allow) the actors to travel by air while they (work) on the film last time.2. When I arrived at the meeting the first speaker just (finish) speaking and the audience (clap). 3. I remember that while I (learn) to drive I (have) ten acci­dents.4. Yesterday he (have) a bad fall while he (repair) the roof of his house.5. While we (fish) someone came to the house and (leave) this note for us. 6. The exam just (begin) and the candidates (write) their names at the top of their papers. 7. I lit the fire at 6.00 and it (burn) brightly when Jane (came) in at 7.00. 8. When I arrived, the lecture (start) already and the professor (write) something on the blackboard. 9. He was very polite. Whenever his wife (enter) the room he (stand) up. 10. What you (think) of his last book? - I (like) it very much. It's the most interesting book I ever (read). 11. When she (leave) school, she cut her hair and (wear) it short ever since.12. Mr. Blake is the bank manager. He (be) here for twenty-five years. He says he (be going) to retire soon.13. We (miss) the last bus. Now we (walk) home in the rain and (feel) ourselves miserable.14. You (know) that lady who just (leave) the shop? She (be) a customer of yours? 15. You (see) my bag anywhere? I (look) for it for ages but I haven't found it yet.16. You are tired. You (drive) all day. Let me drive now.17. That helicopter (fly) round the house for the last hour. You (think) it (take) photographs? 18.The radio (play) since 7 a.m. I (have) a headache, and I want you to turn it off.19. He (study) Russian for two years but he (not learn) even the alphabet yet.20. That house (be) empty for a year. But they (take) down the "For Sale" sign today, so I suppose someone (buy) it al­ready.21. I (phone) you twice yesterday and (get) no answer. Where (you be) and what (you do) the whole day? 22. It (snow) for three days now. The roads (block) if it (not to stop) soon.23. He (sleep) since ten o'clock. It's time he woke up. He (be) to be at college in ten minutes. 24. I only (hear) from him twice since he (go) away. I (not see) him for ages. 25. Sam, why (you make) such a horrible noise? - I (lose) my key and I (try) to wake my mother but she (not to hear) any­thing.26. We (buy) a new flat not long ago and we (move) in very soon. We (not buy) new furniture yet. 27. If you (learn) another language, you will get a better job when you (leave) school. 28. I am sure that I (recognize) him when we (meet) next summer.29. I hope you (understand) everything when you (be) older. Now you (not understand) anything. 30. I'm sorry that the child (see) the accident yesterday. – I (not think) it matters. He (forget) everything soon. 31. He says that they (broadcast) his speech tonight. He (get) ready for it now. 32. She (hire) a typewriter already and she (learn) to type soon. 33. I (plan) already my future for the next ten years. - That is very clever of you. What you (do) when you (leave) univer­sity? - I (not decide) yet. 34. There (be) a phone again. - Take no notice. We (not an­swer) it. 35. They just (take) him to hospital with a broken leg. He (stay) there for a week or two. 36. You (drive), please? I (not like) driving at night. It (rain) cats and dogs now. 37. It is raining. If you (walk) there in this rain, you (get) aw­fully wet. 38. We just (get) to the top in time. The sun (rise) in a minute.39. It is nearly autumn; soon the leaves (change) their colour.40. The ship (leave) in a few minutes and all persons not travel­ling are asked to go ashore.41. I hope you (do) well in the race tomorrow. I (think) of you. 42. I (not take) any photographs for some time because I must repair my camera.43. She (not sing) at the last concert, because she (go) home suddenly. 44. I'm sorry but I (not feed) your dog again. He always (try) to bite me when I come near him. 45. He won't be wearing uniform when you (see) him, because he (be) on leave then, and they (not wear) uniform when they (be) on leave. 46. She promised to phone me in the morning, but it is now 12 o'clock and she (not phone) yet.47. I just (receive) a letter saying that we (not pay) this electri­city bill. 48. How long you (be) out of work? - I (not be) out of work now. I already (start) a new job. 49. You (finish) checking the accounts? - No, not quite. I (do) it in half an hour.50. She (lose) her job last month and since then she (be) out of work. - Why she (lose) her job? – I (not know).51. What (you think) the children (do) when we (get) home yesterday? – I think they (sleep).52. I just (remember) that I (leave) the bathroom taps on. - (I go) home to turn them off or you (do) it yourself? 53. Kate, you (leave) the light on. - Oh, so I have. I (go) and turn it off.54. He (give) me back the book, (thank) me for lending it to him and said that he (enjoy) it very much. 55. Dear Mr. Smith, my family and I (suffer) a great deal lately from the noise made by your guests when they (leave) your house on Sunday nights.56. I (write) to you three weeks ago and (ask) about conditions of entry into your college. But I (not receive) any informa­tion yet. 57. By the time you (finish) getting ready, we (miss) the train! Don't worry. We (take) a taxi. 58. Sally! I (not expect) to see you here! What (you do) in New York? – I come at business. 59. I (hope) to meet you ever since I (read) your first novel. I (read) all the books you (write). 60. If you (come), I (meet) you here in a week's time. We (have) a good time.

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