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Complete the text by putting the sentences (a-g) in the correct place.

a) They think it also helps you to be more successful in meetings and negotiations.

b) In 1923 she read a book by the famous psychoanalyst, Carl Jung and started thinking about testing peopleís personalities.

c) It has been translated into more than thirty languages.

d) For this reason, every year new companies are training their staff about MBTI.

e) In meetings, if you know the other person is cautious, you probably donít want to be too assertive or too much of a risk-taker.

f) She created a list of questions.

g) Today, if you want to make a psychological test you have to depend on lots of tests and research. Mothers and daughters can not just tests things with their children.


  The Myers-Briggs Indicator Introduction Companies all over the world today use the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to train the managers of the future. Many companies believe that Myers Briggs helps managers to understand their workers. 0_a___ A mother-daughter team: Katherine Cook Briggs was always interested in how people were different. Her early work was studying biographies but this led to an interest in personality differences between people. 1_____. She tried to sell Jungís ideas in the United States but was not successful. In 1941, Isabel Briggs Myers, Katherineís daughter and originally a writer of novels, also became interested in using Jungís ideas. She wanted to help people find the best job for their character. She had no knowledge of how to make something like this so, helped by her mother, Isabel taught herself how to make a way to measure people. 2_____.You could find out your type of personality by answering these questions. Isabelís children took these questions to school and tested them on their friends. 3_____. There are now more than 100 books on MBTI training and regular training workshops to teach people how to use it. 4_____. It is also used by many companies in Australia, Britain, Canada, Korea, New Zealand, South Africa and elsewhere. What does this mean for companies? If you are sensitive then you probably donít want to be in a stressful job. If you are ambitious, you will want a challenging job. 5_____. Companies believe that the MBTI helps people find out if they are right for a job and also prepare well for meetings. Many managers around the world talk about how they changed their style and won a contract thanks to MBTI. 6_____. Although there are many arguments for and against the MBTI, many companies still believe it can make the difference between success and failure. Try it, maybe it will tell you something about yourself.
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2 Complete the text with the correct prepositions.

Sorry I didnít ring you with my answer last night. I had to stop 0_off_ on my way home to see Asli. Sheís just arrived in England and depends 1_____ me to help her get used to living here. She needs to improve her knowledge 2_____ English. She has little fluency 3_____ the language and without this, she has few prospects 4_____ finding a job. Sheís my sisterís best friend so I feel responsible 5_____ her. Anyway Iím spending a lot of time right now looking 6_____ a job for Asli so I will get 7_____ to you when I can.

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3 Complete the dialogue with the correct form of the verb in brackets. There may be more that one possible answer.

A: Good afternoon. 0Have_____you_come___ (come) far?

B: No, for the last two weeks, I 1________________________ (live) with my friend ten minutes away.

A: Thatís lucky. Alright, a question we like to ask all our candidates is ĎWhy 2__________you______________ (want) this job?

B: Thatís a very good question. I 3________________________ (take) many courses on writing software at university and really 4________________________ (love) it. When I finished university, I 5________________________ (not find) a job in software. Since then I 6________________________ (write) thirteen programmes. In fact you 7________________________ (buy) all of them. I 8________________________ (think) you like my work.

A: Thatís true. In fact I, 9_______just_________________ (look) at your programmes and we 10________________________ (think) for a long time that you would work well here. One final question. Last week our best designer 11________________________ (go) on a one-year holiday and we have to finish a programme quickly. When can you start?

B: I 12________________________ (meet) the owner of my house today but I can start tomorrow.

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4 Listen to the dialogue and correct the sentences.

Track 1

0 Sheís had three cups of coffee this morning.

Sheís had two cups of coffee this morning.

1 Her train will leave at 11.30 tomorrow morning.


2 Sheís done a lot of charity work.


3 Sheís been to the Alps six times.


4 Last year she worked as a personal assistant.


5 She went on two expeditions last year.


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5 Underline the odd word or phrase.

0 stressful generous repetitive satisfying

1 carry on ex-boss outrun discomfort

2 rewarding misbehave underrated dislike

3 abroad travel destination workstation

4 get back see sights set out stop off

5 assertive bossy outperform sensible

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