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By Michael Skapinker

It is not possible to achieve a balance between work and life if you want to do well in business. To reduce only your workload will fail because in real life success in work depends on achieving targets. In a competitive business environment, leadership takes different qualities and skills Ė including commitment, passion, and of course a lot of time.

A workĖlife balance is not just about people wanting to leave the office at a reasonable time Ė they know that they have to compete against those who are prepared to work until the early hours, on the other side of the world. Take Pavan Vishnakarma, a freelance software developer who lives in Bhopal, for instance. He advertises himself as being available for work at any time.

The answer is surely to look for balance across our whole lives, rather than at any particular time. Life is about deciding what is important to you Ė and sometimes making hard decisions. There are periods when we want to devote ourselves to work and others when the family is more important.

Itís not that a workĖlife balance isnít worth having. It certainly is. _______________ 11. This is that you are not going to rise as high in the organisation or be as rich as those business leaders who have no interest in a workĖlife balance. _______________ 12. However, if you are the sort of person who, faced with a choice between a school play and a crucial meeting, chooses the play, you will fall behind. _______________ 13.

Show me a successful Chief Executive and I will show_you someone who barely_sees his/her children. _______________ 14. We canít. Those who spend more time with their family and friends will be richer in the ways that really matter. _______________ 15.

From the Financial Times

A Complete the article using the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

Obituary: George Thompson

George Thompson was one of the key people who _______________16 (make) the Bridgeport milling machine the fastest-selling machine tool in the world during the latter half of the last century. One Bridgeport machine _______________17 (sell) at that time every three minutes of a working week. The machines _______________ 18 (also find) in tool-making shops and maintenance departments everywhere: one _______________19 (even discover) by an expedition exploring the Amazon.

Two Swedes, Magnus Wahlstrem and Rudolph Bannow, _______________20 (start) making the machines in 1938 at Bridgeport, Connecticut. But it was Thompson, an outstanding British engineer, who _______________21 (be) responsible for producing them in the UK.

UK production _______________22 (begin) to take off, so much so that manufacture _______________23 (outgrow) the capacity available at Leicester. At Bridlington, Thompson _______________ 24 (find) a site which he _______________25 (turn) into what _______________26 (become) the largest producer of milling machines in Europe and one of the most advanced plants of its time.

From the Financial Times

B Complete the gaps with who, which, whose or that.

27 Cultural awareness seminars at Train Us, _______________ the company only started offering five years ago, have become their most popular courses.

28 People _______________ trust their staff are often good leaders.

29 Itís the ideas of the company _______________ are really influencing business practices in this country.

30 Busy N, _______________ is an IT provider, offers a high-quality service.

31 Bix UT is a fast-growing Estonian company _______________ is looking for a new leader.

32 This is the team _______________ achieved record sales last year.

33 _______________car is that outside the plant?

34 Milly Saviour, _______________established the clothing company Citty Slick, travels economy class.


5 Complete the gaps in the presentation extract with one word.

Good morning everyone and _______________ 35 to ACR Ltd. Iím going to _______________ 36 my talk today into two parts. First, Iíll _______________ 37 you an overview of the companyís main research and development activities. After that Iíll _______________ 38 about some recent breakthroughs. If you have any questions, please donít _______________ 39 to ask. So, letís _______________ 40 with our main activities. Could I _______________ 41 your attention to this chart? As you can see ...


A Complete the gaps in the sentences using the words from the box.

lead / goalposts / expectations / field / computer / presence / horse

42 Weíre not making any progress. Itís like flogging a dead _______________

43 My boss keeps moving the _______________ . I never have any idea what Iím supposed to be doing.

44 Itís essential that we establish a _______________ in the Latvian market before our rivals do.

45 Well done! Sales this month exceeded all _______________.

46 DTP is doing well, but the company no longer leads the _______________.

47 I travel twice a month in my job so itís really useful to have this laptop _______________ .

48 Last year we overtook our competitors to become market leader. This year we have retained the _______________ .

B Complete the sentences with the correct alternatives.

49 My boss is really motivating and so _______________ (passionate / ruthless) about his job.

50 Things are going badly and weíve had a lot of _______________ (setbacks /breakthroughs).

51 I give up. Letís go back to the _______________ (drawing board / brainwave).

52 Itís a concept that we have never seen before Ė in fact itís _______________ (groundbreaking / lifesaving).

53 This low-fat productís advertised as being _______________ (beneficial / pointless) for your health.

C Complete the gaps using the adjective form of the noun in brackets. Some may be negative.

54 He cannot choose which supplier to use. He is so _______________ (decision).

55 She really canít wait to skydive. Sheís so _______________ (adventure).

56 My boss never stops to think before opening her mouth. She can be so _______________ (thought).

57 I canít seem to do anything right. Itís just so _______________ (motivation).

58 You have to wear smart clothes where I work. Itís a very _______________ (formality) working environment.

59 She is always rushing around doing things with such enthusiasm. Iíve never seen someone so _______________ (energy).

60 If you want to succeed in business then you must be prepared to take risks and be _______________ (opportunity).


9 You are a buyer for a department storeís toy department and have just seen the advert below in a local newspaper. Write an e-mail (40 to 50 words) to the distributor.

Remember to include the following information:

ē state which products you are interested in

ē request more information about the products

ē ask about prices

Looking for high-quality toys and games?

We are distributing three new ranges of hand-made German products:

ē soft toys for 0Ė3 year olds

ē wooden toys for children aged 3Ė6

ē board games for children aged 7Ė11

For more information, e-mail jack.denton@abc.com

B You work for a PR consultancy. You have been asked to write a press release for the Bright sparks Supermarket chain. Use the notes you made during a recent meeting with the company. Write 120 to 140 words.

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A You are going to read an interview with a midwife. For questions 1Ė5, choose the answer (A, B, C or D) which you think fits best according to the text. | Complete the text by putting the sentences (a-g) in the correct place.
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