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Read the text about Karaoke and decide which answer is correct, a, b or c.

1 The phrase Ďempty orchestraí describes

a Kobe.

b Japan.

c karaoke.

2 Artists

a prefer their fans to practice karaoke at home.

b sell CDs with karaoke versions of their songs.

c write new versions of their songs to be used via the Net only.


3 Karaoke has become popular

a on almost all continents.

b thanks to the fansí talents.

c mainly among Internet users.


4 Having karaoke fun usually means

a having a drink together.

b singing with the music.

c meeting family for a good time.


5 The text is

a a review of a recent karaoke event.

b an expression of the karaoke fansí preferences.

c a short article about karaoke popularity.

Read the text again and decide if the statements are true (T) or false (F).


1 _____ Businessmen used karaoke to relax after work.

2 _____ Karaoke is only popular at weddings.

3 _____ Not many people buy CDs with karaoke versions of pop songs today.

4 _____ Karaoke fans can practise singing at home with the help of the Internet.

5 _____ It took karaoke about ten years to become popular all over the world.


Make these sentences negative.


0 Kemal lives in Istanbul.

Kemal doesnít live in Istanbul .

1 They like classical music.


2 Sami lives in Bursa.

_____________________________ __.

3 We like Mexican food.


4 Lenny and Karl play basketball.


5 This train often arrives late.


(5 marks)


Make these sentences into questions.


0 Kemal lives in Istanbul.

Does Kemal live in Istanbul? .

1 They like classical music.

2 Sami lives in Bursa.

3 We like Mexican food.

4 Lenny and Karl play basketball.


5 This train often arrives late.

5 Complete the verbs in these sentences by adding Ďsí if necessary.


0 She lives in Buenos Aires.

1 They play basketball.

2 It often rain in summer.

3 We never go for a picnic in the park.

4 My Dad seldom work on Saturdays.

5 Fatima like to visit her friends.

6 Complete the sentences. Underline the correct alternative.


0 from Montenegro.

a) Iím b) My c) Me

1 from Recife in Brazil.

a) Sheís b) Her c) Sheíre

2 She got two brothers.

a) have b) has c) does

3 Can you the piano?

a) plays b) to play c) play

4 name is Khalifa.

a) It b) Heís c) His

5 I usually eat apple in the afternoon.

A) a b) an c) the

6 Whatís address of your school?

a) the b) an c) some

7 How do you play tennis?

a) ever b) often c) sometimes

8 My hobby is ___________ .

a) photograph b) photo-taking c) photography

9 Do you like football?

a) play b) playing c) plays

10 She often TV all evening.

a) watching b) watches c) watch

11 do you come from?

a) Who b) What c) Where

12 are you always tired?

a) Where b) Who c) Why

13 often does the train go to Brno?

a) When b) How c) Where

14 My brother his car every Sunday.

a) washes b) does wash c) has wash

15 My sister is very ___________ .

a) helping b) helpful c) helps

(15 marks)





Quick 03-04A Around Round and Going Places

Answer the questions with words from the table.

bank church cinema museum
park stadium Post office Railway station
restaurant school newsagentís  

0 Where can you watch a football game?

Stadium .

1 Where can you watch the latest films?


2 Where can you catch a train?


3 Where can you see ancient objects?


4 Where can you eat nice food?


5 Where can you learn to write?


6 Where can you buy a magazine?


7 Where can you go for a walk?


8 Where can you get married?


9 Where can you borrow money?


10 Where can you send a parcel?


(10 marks)

2 Complete the sentences with is, isnít, are or arenít.


0 Is there a cinema in this town?

1 There _______ four churches in this town.

2 There _______ a cinema near the park.

3 There _______ any post offices in this street.

4 _______ there any good museums near here?

5 Iím sorry, there _______ a big stadium in this little village.

6 _______ there any good schools near your new house?

7 There _______ a lot of people at the stadium.

8 There _______ eight days in a week.

9 There _______ one hundred centimeters in a meter.

10 There _______ any milk in the bottle. Itís empty.

(10 marks)

3 Underline the correct linking word; and or but in these sentences.


0 The village is very small and | but it has fifteen banks!

1 It is cold and | but it is raining.

2 It is cold and | but the sun is shining.

3 The restaurant is expensive and | but not very good.

4 She is very clever and | but she doesnít work hard.

5 They like classical music and | but they donít like opera.

6 I can speak English and | but I can speak French.

7 You can buy newspapers and | but magazines at the newsagentís.

8 I like to walk and | but meet my friends in the park.

9 There are lots of things to see and | but not many things to do at the museum.

10 We can wash and | but dry your hair.

(10 marks)

4 Rewrite the sentences adding Ďs or .


0 Tonys workbook is at home.

Tonyís workbook is at home .

1 We can go to my parents house.


2 Where are Andreas CDs? I left them here.


3 The teacher has left all the students books at home.


4 I canít find Chriss sweater!


5 Keiths present is some new black socks.


(5 marks)

5 Underline the correct possessive pronoun.


0 Is that my book?

No, it isnít yours, itís her | hers.

1 Is this Davidís shirt?

No, his | heís has got number 12 on the back.

2 This is our train, isnít it?

No, ours | its is at 14:35.

3 Is that your parents car?

No, hers | theirs is blue.

4 Is that blue house yours?

No the red house is our | ours.

5 Is this your coat or Katyís?

Itís mine | yours. Itís got my name in it.

(5 marks)

6 Write the correct time preposition at or on.


0 Letís have a coffee at 11:30.

1 My English test is __________ Tuesday.

2 My birthday is __________ October 14th.

3 The party is __________ 26th May.

4 The lesson starts __________ 9 oíclock.

5 My work starts __________ Thursday afternoon.

(5 marks)

7 Look at the picture. Mark the sentences true + or x false?



0 The school is opposite the railway station. + .

1 The school is next to the church. _____.

2 The factory is opposite the railway station. _____.

3 The restaurant is opposite the pub. _____.

4 The restaurant is next to the bread shop. _____.

5 The bread shop is next to the park. _____.

(5 marks)



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