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Read the text about George Orwell and decide which answer is correct, a, b or c.


1 Where is George Orwell’s place of birth?

a England

b India

c Spain


2 Where did he study when he was thirteen?

a at a private school

b at home

c at a college


3 What did he want to be?

a an author

b a soldier

c a teacher


4 Why didn’t he join the army during World War II?

a Because he moved to Scotland.

b Because he got ill.

c Because he was busy with his final book.


5 What happened in 1945?

a Orwell published his first poem.

b People could read Orwell’s Animal Farm.

c Orwell wrote his first articles about the Civil War in Spain.

Read the text again and decide if the statements are true (T) or false (F).


1 _____ George Orwell had one sister.

2 _____ In 1907 he returned to England with his mother and father.

3 _____ As a child he wrote a book about World War I.

4 _____ He lived in poor parts of London and Paris.

5 _____ He wrote Nineteen Eighty-Four in Spain.

Progress 09-12 A


You are on your dream holiday. Write a postcard to a friend and describe:

  • the place where you spend your holiday;
  • accommodation;
  • weather conditions;
  • your daily activities.


Dear Jane,

Here I am in Greece and I think this is the best holiday of my life. The flight was great. The weather in Chalkidiki is fantastic and the sea is really hot. I am staying at a small hotel by the sea.

Every day I go snorkelling and I sit in the sun. I want to look terrific when I come home. In the afternoons, I go sightseeing. I discovered that it is best to rent a car because some of the places of interest are quite far from the hotel. I often travel with some nice Spanish people I met at my hotel so I can practise my Spanish a bit. They are very friendly. Every night I go to different restaurants and clubs with them. I know my sister would love the clubs! They are really great. Guess who I met at a disco last night? My best friend, Gina! I was so surprised. I didn’t know she was in Greece. We arranged to meet tomorrow morning. We want to look for some souvenirs in the local shops.

One more thing. Two days ago I went to watch the sun go down and I found something on the beach. It’s the most beautiful piece of ancient jewellery.

I can’t wait to see you. I will tell you all about Greece when I come back.



1Read the letter and decide which answer is correct, a, b or c.


1 What does Sophie need to visit the far away attractions?

a some friends

b a car

c hot weather


2 What does Sophie do every night?

a She buys souvenirs in the local shops.

b She practises snorkelling.

c She goes to clubs.


3 Who did Sophie meet at a disco?

a her best friend

b people from Spain

c her sister


4 When did Sophie go to watch the


a yesterday

b the day before yesterday

c three days ago

Read the letter again and decide if the statements are true (T) or false (F).

1 _____ The hotel is far from the beach.

2 _____ Sophie visits tourist attractions in the afternoons.

3 _____ Sophie can practise Spanish because she is studying in Greece.

4 _____ Sophie met Spanish people at the hotel.

5 _____ Gina told Sophie about her trip to Greece.

6 _____ Sophie wants to show Jane something special after she comes home.


Progress 13-16 A


You want to collect money for a charity. Write an email (about 100–120 words) to a potential sponsor and:

  • explain who you are;
  • shortly present the organisation you want to collect the money for;
  • say what the charity is for and when you want to collect the money;
  • express your hope to gain a financial support from the sponsor.



Karaoke was created thirty years ago in the city of Kobe, Japan. It actually means ‘empty orchestra’ and was originally popular with businessmen who wanted to relax after a day’s work. With time, however, karaoke has become extremely popular and it is now a hit in bars, restaurants, hotels, parties and even at weddings!

Today a lot of karaoke fans prefer to buy CDs including special karaoke versions of the songs by their favourite artist. They also often use karaoke players available on the Internet. That way, they have the opportunity to practice singing at home before they show their talents in front of others.

In twenty years karaoke’s popularity has spread far beyond Japan and it has got to the rest of the Far East, North America and Europe. It appears that the rest of the world also enjoys the idea of having a drink and singing songs among friends! Anywhere friends or family meet for a good time, they enjoy holding the microphone and singing along with the music. It is so much fun!

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