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Task 16. Put questions to the words in bold type.

1. Criminal cases pass through preliminary investigation before

they are heard in court.

2. The investigators from the Procurator office carry out inquiries

into the gravest crimes.

3. The investigators from the Ministry of the Interior may institute

proceedings against persons who have committed any crime. In cases of

grave crimes they only perform urgent actions.

4. The investigators, job is to detect crimes and to disclose and

expose persons guilty of them.

5. Every person who commits a crime must suffer a just


6. The man you are speaking about is suspected of crime

7. She will be questioned as a witness of the crime.

8. The action is provided for by the criminal procedure law.

9. The main task of the investigators is to prepare a criminal case

for court hearings.

10. All investigators are called upon to facilitate the objective and

comprehensive administration of justice.

11. If the procurator agrees with the investigators indictment he

approves it and transfers the case to the court.

Task 17. Fill in the blanks with suitable words or word combinations

The vocabulary of the topic.

1. In … Ukrainian legislation all …cases pass through the state of …

investigation before they are … in court. 2. The investigators task is to … a

crime, to … persons guilty of crime and to … the case for … hearings. 3.

The investigators found the man guilty of the crime and … criminal

proceedings against him. 4. His guilt has been proved and he will … a just

punishment. 5. Banditry is a …crime. 6. There was not enough … and the

investigator ordered an … examination. 7. In case of grave crime the

investigator of the Ministry of the Interior usually perfumes …actions and

… the case to the investigator of ……. 8.He was a …as a witness to the

crime. 9. If you are sure of his guilt you must institute … … against him.

10. It there enough evidence to prove his … of the crime? 11. The

investigator is called upon to … the objective and comprehensive … of

justice. 12. The procurator did not approve the … and the case was not

transferred to the court.

Task 18. Speak of the work of an investigator using the following key

Words and combinations.

To pass through the stage of … , investigator departments; inquiries

into the gravest crimes; less dangerous crimes; ungentle actions; to transfer

the case; to detect crimes; to expose; just punishment; to have the right; to

provide for; to prepare the material; to facilitate.

Task 19. Learn the text.

Task 20. Learn the dialogue and stage in with friend of yours in class.

Task 21. Describe the investigation of a case.

The Procurator

Under the Constitution of our state supreme supervisory power to

ensure the strict observance of the law by all ministries, institutions,

organizations, as well as officials and citizens generally is vested in the

Procurator – General of Ukraine, who is appointed by the Supreme Council

of the Ukraine.

Procurator’s offices set up in the regions, districts by the

corresponding procurators, appointed by the Procurator General of Ukraine.

The procurator’s activity takes the following forms:

1. supervision of the strict observance of the laws by all ministries,

departments and local government bodies, officials and citizens generally;

2. supervision of the observance of legality by the organs conducting

inquiries and preliminary investigation

3. supervision of the legality of the grounds for judicial judgements,


4. supervision of the observance of the legality of keeping convicted

persons in places of confinement

Let us touch upon some rights and duties of the procurator.

Preliminary investigations or inquiries are conducted in most, criminal

cases before they are examined in court. Supervision over the strict

implementation of the law by investigators is exercised by the procurator.

He must see to it that no citizen is subjected to unlawful and ungrounded

criminal prosecution, or to any other unlawful restriction of his rights. By

law no person can be arrested except by court order or with the sanction of

a procurator.

The procurator discharges important functions in the trial of criminal

and civil cases, but he is not empowered to issue any instructions to the

court regarding the adjudication of a case justice in Ukraine is administered

by the court alone.

Like other participants in the trial (defence council, injured party and

others) a procurator may question eyewitnesses and other persons

interrogated in court, participate in the investigation of evidence in court,

submit fresh evidence in court, challenge the members of the court and

other participants of the trial. As soon as the court investigation is over, he

pronounces an indictment.

If he disagrees with the court’s judgement, he may lodge his protest

in a higher court, which passes a final decision on his protest.

The procurator has broad power of supervision over the observance

of legality in places of confinement: he verifies the legality of keeping

persons in places of confinement, he checks up if convicted persons are

released at the right time, he ensures that the statutory regime rules and the

rules of labor for convicted persons are observed, he supervises the state of

educational work, etc.

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