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Task 4. Construct questions asking about the words in bold type.

Supplementary tasks

Task 1. Give Ukrainian equivalents of the following words and word


Law office; to train specialist ; the bar; court; notary office; to deal with

human destinies; the Ministry of the Interior; activity; notary; to aim;

to con the people; the attitude; to bring into accord with; interrelations;

morality; to serve; professional training; in contrast to; to be called upon;

servant; to abolish; a fitting position; comradely cooperation; to be in the

forefront; phenomenon; to root out; unfortunately; to wage a decisive

struggle; the survivals of capitalism; to display; criminal phenomena; to

punish; to educate; to eliminate; to reeducate; to carry on; cause; to create;

condition; to prevent crime; a steady decline in crime; to commit a crime;

to investigate carefully and rapidly; inevitability of punishment; responsible

work; to arm oneself with knowledge; general education; to carry out the

work; concrete knowledge; to study thoroughly; to master the theory;

legislation in force; cultural level; to contribute to; community; to keep to

the rules; irreproachable conduct; honest; just; truthful; to join the army; to

stand on guard of public order; to have a feeling of respect; to be proud


Task 2. Make the following sentences interrogative and answer the


1. Law Institutes train specialist for law office. 2. It will be not an

easy job to deal with human destinies. 3. The lawyer is a servant of the

people. 4. The lawyers are waging a decisive struggle against crime. 5. Our

main task will be to prevent crime. 6. There was a decline in crime in our

region last year. 7. They investigated the case very carefully. 8. He found

the criminal who had committed the crime. 9. His work will be very

responsible. 10. She coped with her task.11. They have armed themselves

with good knowledge. 12. She knows the legislation in force very well. 13.

Serov is a person of high moral qualities. 14. They will stand on guard of

legality and law and order.

Task 3. Complete the following disjunctive questions and answer


Model: a/ You are a student of law…?

You are a student of law, aren’t you?

b/ He hasn’t committed a crime…?

He hasn’t committed a crime, has he?

1. He has a good professional training… . 2. She is a highly qualified

investigator… . 3. You will work at the Procurator’s office… . 4. Pavlo

wants to work in the militia… . 5. It’s not an easy job… . 6. You will have

to deal with human destinies… . 7. Olga worked at a notary office last

year… . 8. Your main task is to reeducate the offenders… . 9. The criminal

was strictly punished…. 10. We are rooting out the causes of crime… . 11.

There is a decline in crime… . 12. The crime has been prevented… . 13.He

didn’t investigate the case carefully… . 14. The principle of the

inevitability of punishment will be guaranteed… . 15. He is a person of a

high cultural level… .16. You know the legislation in force… . 17. He isn’t

a person of high moral qualities… . 18.We shall stand on guard of legality

and law and order... .

Task 4. Construct questions asking about the words in bold type.

1. Our lawyers main task is to prevent crime. 2. We must root out

the causes and the conditions of crime. 3. The principle of the

inevitability of punishment must be guaranteed. 4. We must arm

ourselves with good knowledge. 5. We shall stand on guard of the

interests of our state.

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